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Do This Before You Turn 35 Years Old

I didn’t create this list of things to do before you turn 35 years old, but it’s pretty damn good. After going over this list, I believe that everything on this list could probably be done before you turn 35. … Continue reading

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June 2015 Life Update

May was a GREAT month for me. As of right now it was the best month of 2015. I had the most amount of page views EVER for the site. After going 11 months without any affiliate sales I’ve had a … Continue reading

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April 2015 Life Update

First and foremost I want to thank everyone who entered my 2 year blog giveaway last month. I had way more entries than I expected. The winners of the giveaway can be seen below. March was a great month for … Continue reading

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October 2014 Update

On my previous post titled 31 Life Tips, my last tip was “Never Give Up.” After seriously looking for full-time employment since February, I start a new job the 1st week of November. I never gave up looking even though … Continue reading

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8 More Tips For College Freshmen

I’ve written a couple of posts where I give some tips to upcoming college freshmen. You can find one of them HERE. Below are eight more tips for college freshmen. These are a little more honest and “real” than the other tips. … Continue reading

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