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January 2018 Debt & Life Update

This post contains affiliate links. Feel free to view my disclosure¬†here. January 2018 has been a great month for me. The side hustles are going pretty well. I feel like I’m the most focused that I’ve been in a minute. … Continue reading

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6 Easy Ways to Stay out of Debt

The amount of debt that the US has is over 16 trillion dollars. That amount is ridiculously high. As I previously posted I have some debt that I am working on paying off. In the next few months, I will … Continue reading

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What Is A Good Credit Score?

This post is sponsored by our friends at CreditRepair.com. As you work to build your credit score, it pays to gain knowledge as to what is regarded as bad, good, and excellent credits score. This will give you an idea … Continue reading

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2018 Goals

2018 has already started out well. My eBay business is booming. I’ve sold seven items already. I have a feeling that this is about to be another great month for me. Overall, 2017 was a good year for me. I … Continue reading

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20 Blogs to Motivate You in 2018

Happy New Year! 2018 is going to be a great year. Many people have set goals to do better financially, but they aren’t quite sure how to do that. In today’s post, I will be sharing twenty personal finance blogs … Continue reading

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December 2017 Debt & Life Update

This post contains affiliate links. Feel free to view my disclosure¬†here. December was a good month for me. It was pretty busy because of the holidays and stuff. I’ve been off work since the 20th, so I’ve had time to … Continue reading

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How to Improve Your Eligibility For Personal Loans

Hello everyone. There have been whole lots of concerns on how to improve personal loan eligibility. In today’s article, we shall discuss how to improve your eligibility for personal loans. I will be going over four main points. Good credit … Continue reading

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