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2 Years Into My Debt Repayment

Two years ago, January 2015 to be exact, I restarted my debt repayment. I was beginning month number 3 at my current job. This was my first full-time position since I quit my old job in June of 2013. I … Continue reading

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April 2016 Debt Update

Happy Friday everyone. For those who are new here, I’ve been actively paying on my debt since January 2015. Below is my April update: April 2016 Create column charts My total debt decreased from $69,146.07 to $68,887.38. That was a … Continue reading

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May 2014 Updates

Can you believe that it’s May already? I’m looking at the date on the computer screen and really can’t believe that it is May 2nd. The time is going by fast. It seems like January was yesterday. Does the year seem … Continue reading

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January Debt Update

It’s time to get back on the debt repayment plan. My current debt is at $72,244.81. I’m not worried or even angry though. I am making strides. My bill me later account has been paid off. Other accounts have been … Continue reading

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5 Tips To Help You Settle Debt

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope all is well. Today I will be having a guest post from Michelle Blackmore. Enjoy Debt can be a rather pressing issue and if you’re one who’s carrying a huge debt burden upon yourself, then … Continue reading

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November Debt Update

Here is my November debt update.   Debt November 2013 | Infographics This month my total debt actually increased from $71,838.97 to $72,066.36. I’m kind of pissed. I did well with payments, but interest on my student loans caused the … Continue reading

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