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10 Things Every College Freshman Should Have In Their Dorm Room

I know a lot of my upcoming college freshmen are enjoying their summer vacation right now. Before you know it, it will be time for you to start that new chapter in your life known as college. It will be … Continue reading

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Saving Money on College Textbooks

As education prices continue to rise students are trying more now than ever to save money. After paying for tuition the last thing a student wants to do is pay another $1500 for books. School bookstores tend to overcharge a lot … Continue reading

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5 Ways Students Can Make Extra Money

College students typically don’t have that much money. A lot of them remain content and continue to live the broke student lifestyle. Between classes and other activities, a lot of students may think they don’t have the time to make … Continue reading

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My Student Loan Hero Review

  Student Loan Hero is a free website that allows you to manage and organize your student loans. I’ve been hearing about Student Loan Hero for a while. I decided to sign up with them a few weeks ago.  This … Continue reading

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What Not To Do In College?

In the past, I’ve written post sharing tips about what students should do in college. Today’s post is different. I will be discussing things that I think students shouldn’t do in college. Take 18 Credit Hours or More Unless it … Continue reading

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10 Tips for New Graduates

For a lot of college seniors, May is a great month. They have the opportunity to walk across that stage and get their degree. The years of hard work have finally paid off. You are now a college graduate! Be proud of … Continue reading

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5 Things Students Should Do Before The Spring Semester Is Over

Can you believe it? Another Spring semester is almost complete. Summer break is almost here for you college students. You guys and girls will finally get the chance to relax if you want to. I’ve put together a short list … Continue reading

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