The Butler JournalMay 10th 2008 was one of the greatest days of my life. It was the day that I graduated from college (Savannah State University). After five years I could finally call myself a college graduate.

Fast forward a couple of years. Having numerous ups and downs after college, I realized that I needed to get serious about some things. Paying debt was one of them. At the time of this post, I have over $63,000 worth of debt. I can’t make any power moves in life having to owe that much money to loan companies and credit card companies. Something had to change.

I created The Butler Journal for a few reasons:

To document my debt reduction journey. I want y’all to go through this journey with me.

To talk about travel. I love to travel. It is my anti-drug. I’ve been able to visit wonderful cities without going broke. You can too.

To share different side hustles that people can use that will help them make extra money.

I don’t look at myself as a typical writer. Honestly, I wouldn’t even call myself one. I’m just a young man trying to help people not to make the same mistakes I did.

Make sure you guys follow my journey by signing up for my newsletter below. By doing so, you get my free eBook titled “20 Ways to Make Extra Money“. Since I’ve been working on my debt repayment plan, I’ve been trying to find different ways to make extra money. This eBook offers 20 different ways to help you make more money. Enjoy.

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  1. Sirahn

    This site is helpful. Just like the old saying “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

  2. Happy One Year Anniversary. Quite an accomplishment and a reason to cheer. So very glad we have crossed paths in the blogosphere. A mock toast. – KP
    Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger recently posted…Blinded by the Peaceful SoldiersMy Profile

  3. Congratulations on graduating. I was the first in my family to go to college too. It was worth it!
    Christine Berry – Wealth Way Online recently posted…5 Perks of Being an Online EntrepreneurMy Profile

  4. Nice work and best of luck on your journey! Work your ass off, pay off that debt and then start saving like a madman. Full throttle ahead New Friend!!
    Mr. 1500 recently posted…Performance Update 27/50: March badness and saving like a Wookie!My Profile

  5. Great job, keep pushing forward and don’t let the shiny objects (cars, clothes, and nightlife) distract you like it did me. Seven years ago I managed to pay off $30K of student loan debt and my car on a salary less than $30K a year at the time. After a few career promotions I thought I “deserved” a few money sucking items such as a fun car and house that was too big. I wasted 4 years and close to six figures of cash trying to keep up with everyone else.

    I’m now moving into a small apartment and just sold my car even though I make more income than I was even a year ago. It feels liberating to not be strangled by debt or material possessions. I’ll buy a house again but only when I can do it with cash or at least have that amount saved in a few different funds. Being free of financial worry is so important but so lost on many of us Americans.

  6. Good stuff, man. My wife and I are paying off some major debt too, so I wish you the best! Great idea to chronicle your personal journey.
    Shawn recently posted…Trans Fats are Outta Here!My Profile

  7. Steph

    This is hands down the most inspiring blog for debt I’ve found!!! It’s refreshing to read posts that are relatable and real. Can’t wait to follow your journey, and congrats on what you’ve accomplishes so far 😊

  8. Found you through the Rockstar Finance directory. My grandmother was Savannah State’s first homecoming queen. For that reason alone I’m rooting for another Savannah State alum.

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