Should You Allow Sponsored Posts?

Should You Allow Sponsored Posts?When I started blogging there were a lot of things that I didn’t think or know about when it came to monetizing. I’ve learned that you can make money from advertisements, affiliates and sponsored posts. Many bloggers have no problems with making money from ads and affiliates.

Sponsored posts are another story. Some bloggers like them, while others don’t deal with them at all. I allow sponsored posts on my blog. They have to meet specific standards. Below, I will be sharing some of the stipulations that sponsored posts should pass if I plan on putting them on my site.

Provide Value

For me to put a sponsored post on my website, it would have to provide value. Many of the companies or individuals that reach out to me are nice, but a lot of them just don’t offer value. I’m not sure that all of them have even checked out my website. I’ve been offered posts that don’t appeal to my demographics at all. If you don’t know what I talk about on my blog, why would I possibly put your post on my site? Providing value to my readers is something that I feel very strongly about. I refuse to let the quality of my website go down for a couple of dollars.

Good Articles

The next stipulation that I have for sponsored posts is that the company or the business should send me good articles. My grammar isn’t the best, but y’all should see some the stuff that I’m e-mailed. People send me articles that are 200-300 words at times. What am I going to do with that? It doesn’t provide any value. They just want an easy way to get some exposure. The sponsored posts that I accept are good.

Something That I’d Consider Using

If it’s a company or product that I’d consider using, I will accept the sponsored post. I’ve received some posts from some outstanding companies. There have been some products that I’ve started using because the company reached out to me. If it’s a business that I’m already familiar with, there’s a good chance that I’d post sponsored material from them.


As my blog continues to grow, I have to make sure that I’m being compensated correctly. I don’t accept anything less than $100 for a sponsored post.  Letting companies know this in advance eliminates most of the lowballers. A few companies will still try to offer me less than that. Two days ago, someone offered me $20 to post something for them on my site. I politely declined. These companies are reaching out to me, so I’m in the position to come up with the price that I want.

I accept sponsored posts if these stipulations. I get several e-mails a week from people wanting me to put something on my website. I can’t even imagine how much bigger blogs get. If you have a site, you have to have some stipulations in place when it comes to sponsored posts. If not, you’d be accepting all type of foolishness on your site. You’d be getting paid, but your website would suffer because the quality of the articles would not be good.

Do you accept sponsored posts? Why or why not?

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  1. I completely agree that it is wise to have some standards for accepting sponsored posts. When your own work is of high quality, why should you expect less from a sponsored post? Good article!

  2. There was a time that I wasn’t accepting sponsored posts. I have become WAY more selective with the sponsored posts that I do accept. I prefer to work with more established brands that I’m familiar with.

    Just like you though, I still get “spammy” offers including one today offering $10.

  3. I agree with all of this! I work hard on my blog. I’m not accepting $25 just because you want to low ball me in hopes that I’ll boost your brand. Doesn’t work that way. You follow the same principles I do! Good for you for sticking to your guns.

  4. I receive spammy offers now and again but I’m glad I declined. I agree that we need to accept blogs of a certain standard otherwise it devalues website. Good tips.