5 Holiday Shopping Options


It's about that time. Thanksgiving will be here in a few weeks. That marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season.This post may contain affiliate links. We may receive a commission on purchases made through links at no extra cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting this site. Read the full disclosure here

It’s about that time. Thanksgiving will be here in a few weeks. That marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Many people will flock to the mall to do the majority of their shopping. Some people don’t like those crowds. I don’t like those crowds. There are some other holiday shopping options out there for you. In today’s post, I will go over five holiday shopping options.


Amazon is an online marketplace that has thousands of items to choose from. You can pretty much find anything on their site. Whether you’re looking for books, computers or even clothing, Amazon should have it. Items on Amazon are usually priced well meaning that you should be able to find some bargains. They also have multiple shipping options so if you happen to be that last minute shopper, you can still receive your items before Christmas.


eBay is another online marketplace that you should check out. As you know, I’m a seller on there, but I buy from time to time as well. They have pretty much everything that you need as well. They have two shopping options. The 1st option is that you can bid on an item. Most auctions last between 5-7 days. Whoever has the highest bid wins the auction and gets the item. The other option that is out there is that some items have a buy it now feature. The buy it now feature allows you to purchase the item without having to bid for it. Note, the buy it now price may be higher, though. It just depends on the particular item.

Thrift Stores

You can find some great items and some great deals in thrift stores. I shop at thrift stores from time to time. I have found some good things in there such as brand new shirts, toys, and furniture. The Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and Value Village are a few thrift stores that you should check out. If you are planning to go to a thrift store, make sure that you go early in the day because items sell out fast.


I know I’m not the only person who gets gifts that they don’t use from time to time. Instead of throwing those things out, you should consider re-gifting it. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with re-gifting. It definitely saves time and money. Just make sure you don’t gift that gift back to the person who gave it to you! That would be an awkward situation, to say the least.

Favorite brand websites

Your favorite brand’s websites are always a good place to check for gifts as well. You can do that on any computer. The Monday after Thanksgiving is a great day to check for sales. Cyber Monday, as it is called, has just as many deals as Black Friday does. During this time of the year, the brand websites may have deals up until Christmas Eve. For example, if you know someone that likes books, you can check Barnes & Noble’s website for deals. Make sure that you sign up for their e-mail list. They will e-mail you when they have deals.

These are just a few holiday shopping options. Whether it’s Amazon, eBay, or going to a thrift store you have the opportunity to get your shopping done without being bombarded by people. In 2017, there isn’t a reason you that you have to go to the mall unless you want to.

What other holiday shopping options do you have?


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  1. Never under estimate the power of food gifts. I’m gradually branching out from the ol’ Hickory Farms catalog. This year I plan to send my dad some bacon from the Loveless Cafe since I stopped there in Nashville this past summer. I also like to send gifts via wine.com.
    Jeri recently posted…Editing Sample: Lessons from an Ordinary LifeMy Profile

  2. Billy

    Jason, I totally agree with you about the thrift stores. Many of them even have 1/2 off sales on certain days. I have found name brand expensive suits for as little as $6. Most items are in perfect condition and simply need to be tailored and dry cleaned. Black Friday I used to do with the family but there is no real reason to do it now. Most items can be found on the website for the same price without getting stepped on or losing sleep. Keep doing what you doing. The site looks good!

  3. Great advice. Don’t forget Craigslist. There are some great deals to be had as people are trying to get rid of items to buy gifts for the holidays 🙂
    Chris & Angela TielandtoThailand.com recently posted…9 Myths About Thailand That Worry Your FamilyMy Profile

  4. Great thrifty gift ideas! I’ve always been afraid to give someone a gift from a thrift store, but I think if it’s something you can personalize and make “new” again, or if it really suits the person you’re giving it to, it will be appreciated. I know I’d love to receive a gift like that, no matter where it’s from.
    Meredith Wouters recently posted…Making a List (And Checking it Twice)My Profile

  5. Re-gifting is interesting isn’t it. I don’t know why people say it is just not the right thing to do.
    Becc recently posted…How to set your Christmas table for under $100My Profile

  6. Great shopping list! I love Amazon and eBay for gifts. Also, Tuesday Morning. I regift things too. Might as well otherwise it would sit in my closet getting no use.
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  7. It’s kind of ironic how far we’ve come as a society that classic retail stores don’t even make the list! I will be checking out Target and Home Depot for sure. I’m about to make a big purchase on home supplies so I’ll be keeping my eye out for deals.