Getting Your Credit Score In Order


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What do you think of when you hear the word credit score? Some people have good thoughts, while others try not to even think about it.  According to a credit score is a numeric expression of a person’s creditworthiness that is used by lenders to access the likelihood that a person will repay his or her debts. A credit score is a number that is between 300 – 850.  The higher your score, the better the opportunity is for you to get a credit card or loan with good interest rates.

Your credit score consists of five categories. They are your payment history, the length of credit history, amounts owed, types of credit used and new credit.

I check my credit score at least once a month. Ever since it increased by 168 points in 9 months, I’ve been addicted. I like to know where I stand and what I need to work on. If you don’t have the best credit score, there are a few things that you can do to increase it.

Free Copies

You can request 3 FREE copies of your credit report. The three major credit bureaus are Transunion, Experian, and Equifax. Each credit bureau will allow you to get your free credit report once a year. It’s important to get your report from more than one company because there could be discrepancies on there. Take the time to review each report. If you see any inaccuracies, contact the credit company immediately.

Make On-time Payments

Make sure that you are making on-time payments for all of yours bills. 35% percent of your credit score is your payment history. That’s more than a third of it. If you pay your bills late each month, you have to change that. Besides the effect on your credit score, paying your bills late will cause you to have late fees. Late fees can be anywhere from $20 – $50. Imagine having to pay that one several types of accounts. Pay attention to your due dates and pay your bills online.

Pay Your Credit Card In-Full Each Month

Another thing that will help you when you are getting your credit score in order is to pay your credit card in full each month. I’m not going to lie. For some people, this one will not be easy. Some people tend to use their credit card for all their shopping and only make the minimum payment each month. If you want your score to get higher, you have to develop a little bit of discipline and watch your credit card usage. If you have a high credit card balance, you should do whatever you have to to pay it down. Once it’s at zero, use it wisely and pay it in full each month.

Credit Sesame

I also use a website called Credit Sesame. It provides you a credit score and so much more. It differs from Experian, Transunion, and Equifax in the fact that it provides recommendations. For example, it shows you credit cards that you could qualify that has a low APR. It also shows you an overview of your total debt. It allows you to see everything in one place. For more info, sign up here. (It’s free.)

If you are working on getting your credit score in order, I want you to know that you can make it happen. I’m living proof. My credit score was flat out bad at the beginning of 2015. I was able to get it better. Make sure that you use a website that says you can get your credit report for free. There are others out there, but some will try to charge you money to see your score. Don’t be a victim and pay for something that you can get for free!

What are some ways that you are working on getting your credit score in order?

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  1. My identity was recently compromised. So I had free access to the credit reports through my credit card company. It is a good idea to check it periodically whether you are looking for credit or not.
    Arleen recently posted…How To Reboot and Get Back to BusinessMy Profile

  2. Last year I entered a rent-to-own program through a realtor. Part of the initial process was for the credit repair company they work with to send all the dispute letters to get anything fixed. It’s a long process having to wait 30-45 days to see the updates. I was able to start the mortgage process in half the time as they originally deemed.
    Cassi recently posted…Halfway to SlimMy Profile

  3. Today, I heard on some TV news program that lenders are now looking at who your Facebook friends are as a factor in determining your creditworthiness. I’m really not sure how that would work, but if it’s true, it’s kind of ridiculous. Right?Or am I missing something? For one thing, you can’t pick your relatives and most polite folks don’t go around asking their FB friends about their credit histories.
    Suzanne Fluhr (Just One Boomer) recently posted…First Day of College — First Day of the Empty NestMy Profile

  4. So many people do not realize how important your credit score really is. I have always tried to maintain the best possible credit score I can. If I could teach young adults one thing it is to be financially responsible and maintain a good credit score. 🙂
    Susan Cooper recently posted…Priming The Pump: Story (Podcast)My Profile

  5. Thank you for this informative post, Jason. I was brought up with the understanding that credit cards are for emergency use only and I try to live within my means. I never actually checked my own credit score but recently moved into a new apartment and apparently, the credit check they did to see if I qualified, turned out just fine. It is good to have those websites handy for future reference.
    Michele Harvey Author recently posted…It’s Hard to Place a Hat on a Headless CowboyMy Profile

  6. I will admit as a young adult, I did not see the importance of my credit score. I never applied for any credit cards (thank goodness) so I was not dinged for credit card default or high APR. on the flip side since I didn’t have a credit card history, I didn’t have a strong credit score. You have to be able to build and maintain your credit in order to be in good standing.
    Elizabeth Scott recently posted…Bloggers Day CampMy Profile

  7. Thanks to good decisions, but my husband and I have excellent scores. It’s something a person should always be conscious of, plus we just refinanced our house, so a good score is always such a bonus then. I don’t think young people are taught enough about how to manage their finances.
    Jeri recently posted…Author Interview: A.C. HauryMy Profile

  8. Having a handle on your credit score is bery important. I’m 22 and just earlier this year I decided to take build onto my credit score. Within a few month mt score shot up over 100 points. I was able to get approved for a credit card and all to build some trust for thw future lenders. Im quite proud of myself.

  9. A Great post. All readers will definitely like this post. Looking forward for your next post.

  10. Good tips. Since the process to correct a mistake on a credit report (the dispute process) can take 30 days, it’s important to start it when mistakes crop up. Otherwise, correcting a mistake when you need to apply for a mortgage or car loan can cause a denial of the loan because the mistake has not been corrected yet.

  11. I have been working on my credit. I am excited by personal results. Paying down my credit card as soon as possible is now something I really work on.