10 Posts That Every College Student Should Read

10 Posts That Every College Student Should ReadCan you believe that it’s already August? For college students, that means that the summer break is almost over. Hopefully, you had a chance to make some money and travel if you’re a student that’s reading this. In a few weeks, it will be time to put your game face on and get focused on your classes. Whether you’re a new freshman or if you’re a returning student, it’s time to get ready. For today’s post, I want to share with you some of the best college related articles on my site. Let’s get started with the first post.

Back to School Tips For College Students

I was in school for 5.5 years. During that time I learned a few things. In this post, I share with you nine back to school tips. They include things such as making sure you know where your classes are located the day before and establishing rules with your roommates. These tips will help those first few days in college go smoothly.

10 Things Every College Freshman Should Have in Their Dorm Room

I created a list of 10 items that I think every college student should have in their dorm. Dorms tend to have some furniture such as beds, desk, and chairs, but that’s about it. I share with you ten essential items that every student should have in their dorm. Most of the items are very affordable.

Saving Money on College Textbooks

College textbooks are expensive. Many of them cost over $100. That’s ridiculous. With tuition already being expensive, you’d think students could get a break on the books. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. The good thing is there are ways out there for you to save money on the textbooks. You just have to know what you’re doing. In this post, I share five ways that students can save money on textbooks. There is no reason that you should pay too much for your books every again.

7 Tips For College Freshmen

Many first-year students are wide eyed and lost when they get to college. Thankfully, I had a mentor to help me out and put me on game. Many people don’t have that. A lot of individuals are first generation college students. They have to learn things on the fly. I wrote this post to give freshmen a head up. The seven tips that I discussed will help them get through the first few weeks of college.

5 Ways to Have a Good Semester

Most of my semesters in college were good. I passed my classes most of the times. There were a couple of semesters where I struggled. I was focused on the wrong things and lacked discipline. I don’t want students to make that mistake. In this post, I share five ways that students can have a good semester. The things that I have listed should be common sense, but not everyone does them. During the couple of semesters that I struggled, I didn’t do them.

More Scholarship Search Websites

I’m a financial aid counselor at my full-time job. The number of students that take out student loans is ridiculous. The US student loan debt is over 1.2 trillion dollars. To keep it real, we will never pay that debt off. A lot of folks will have student loan debt forever. I don’t want that to be the case for you. I shared thirteen different scholarship websites in this post. If you are a student check them out and if you qualify for any of them, apply. Your future depends on it. I don’t want you to have crazy amounts of student loan debt. As of this writing, I have a little over $62,000 worth of student loan debt. I could do so much more with my money if I didn’t have it. Apply for those scholarships today!

8 More Tips for College Freshmen

Earlier I shared with you a post on seven tips for college freshmen. After I had written that post, I realized that there were a lot more tips out there. I put together a list of 8 more tips for the students. I didn’t hold back on this one. I kept it real about topics such as friends and the dreaded long term relationship.

Why Some Students Get in Student Loan Debt

I hate student loan debt (What’s up Sallie Mae). I do understand that for a lot of students that they have to get it though. Some colleges are so expensive that students have to take out multiple loans. Depending on your background, college is a safe haven for you. In this post, I detail a few reasons why some students get in student loan debt.

5 Ways Students Can Make Extra Money

I hear many people say that they were broke college students. For many people in college, that is the case. They don’t have that much money, and they are living on Ramen Noodles. Luckily, I didn’t have to go through that. I never really experienced life as a broke college student. I always had a hustle or a part time job. As a freshman, I sold candy and mix CDs. I did that all throughout college. I also had a great part time job at Paula Deen’s Restaurant. In this article, I share five ways that students can earn some extra cash. I can imagine that eating Ramen all the time would get boring.

The Do’s & Don’ts of College Refund Checks

I’ve seen people do some crazy stuff with their refund checks. Students get that money and splurge like there is no tomorrow. I received several refund checks when I was in college. For the most part, I didn’t go on a spending spree or make it rain. I also didn’t send the money back to the loan company like I could have done either. You live, and you learn. I discuss some things

4 Last Minute Exam Tips for Students

The final post in this round up is a good one. Every student will have to deal with final exams. Not every student knows the best test taking strategies. In this post, I share with you some last minute tips that will help you do your best. I know that everyone isn’t a good test taker. I know that these tips will help students out though.


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