4 Reasons Why I Like Lavar Ball

4 Reasons Why I Like Lavar BallIf you’re a sports fan, I’m sure that you’ve heard of Lavar Ball. If you haven’t you will shortly.  He’s the father of Lonzo Ball, who was the number 2 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. Lavar Ball has been all over the sports world for the past few months. When I first started hearing about Lavar Ball, I was thinking to myself, who the heck is the cocky guy? He was all on ESPN and other sports stations making wild statements. Lavar said that his son was better than Steph Curry. He also stated that he could beat Michael Jordan one on one in a game of basketball. I figured that this dude was crazy so I stopped paying attention to him for a few weeks. I still saw that the media talked about him weekly on the sports shows.

One of my friends told me to check out an interview that Lavar Ball did one the show “Undisputed.” I told myself that I was done listening to anything he had to say, but I reluctantly watched the interview. At times, Ball was loud and boisterous, but the more the interview went on, the less crazy he became to me. He wasn’t the villain that the media was trying to make him out to be. Instead, I say an entrepreneur that was trying to get his family set up for success. Today, I want to go over four reasons why I like Lavar Ball.

Actively In His Sons Lives

There’s a narrative going around that says that black fathers don’t take care of their children. The statistics show otherwise, but certain segments of the media like to portray that they don’t. As far as I can see, Lavar Ball is very active in his son’s lives. Unfortunately, that’s not the story that the media wants to show us. They’d rather focus on the outlandish statements.

Teaching His Sons to Be Owners

In my opinion, we are in entrepreneurial golden age. Now, more than ever, people are becoming entrepreneurs. Lavar Ball started “Big Baller Brand” in 2016. Big Baller Brand is a company that sells sports apparel, footwear, and other accessories. People laughed when Lavar started promoting his son’s shoe; the ZO2 was a few months ago. He was selling them for $495! Nobody thought that anyone would buy them. Lavar Ball proved everyone wrong.  He made $150,000 on the first day that the product was launched. I don’t know about you, but I’d take $150,000 in a heartbeat for the first day of a launch. In my opinion, the sky is the limit for Big Baller Brand.

Lonzo Ball could have signed with Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour, but he didn’t. He decided to sign with his father’s brand. Sometimes you have to bet on yourself. I think Big Baller Brand will do just fine.

Taking Advantage of the Publicity

As much as the media says that they don’t like Lavar Ball, he sure is on TV a lot. In every interview that I’ve seen him on, he is wearing his brand. He’s a genius. More people are seeing the BBB logo and are recognizing it. Many businesses would kill for this type of promotion.

On June 26th, Lavar, Lonzo, and LaMelo Ball were all on the WWE Monday Night Raw wrestling show. They had a hilarious segment. At one point the ring was decked out with mannequins that had on Big Baller Brand t-shirts. BBB was promoted to thousands of new potential buyers. I wish I could have a segment talking about The Butler Journal on there!

Speaking Things into Existence

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I’m a fan of “The Secret.” I’ve seen things manifest in my life by using Vision Boards and by speaking things into existence. On several occasions, Lavar Ball talks about how he knows that Lonzo will play for the Lakers. I can remember hearing him say this in April before the draft. In June, Lonzo was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers with the second pick. Of course that wasn’t the only reason that Lonzo, went to the Lakers, but in my opinion, it was part of it. If you haven’t done it before, try speaking things into existence. Watch the manifestation happen if you’re focused and sincere.

Lavar Ball might be loud and boisterous at times, but I don’t have a problem with him at all. I hope Lonzo and the Big Baller Brand has success. Hopefully, Lonzo Ball continues to shake the table. Society needs people to disrupt the norm every once in a while. Lavar Ball is definitely doing that. As Lonzo continues to get better, I’m sure the hate for him and Big Baller Brand continue to grow. On the flip side of that, they will continue to be successful as well.

Are you a fan of Lavar Ball? Why or Why not?

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  1. Tobias Hill

    Great read! I thought I was reading an article in sports illustrated… speak it😎

  2. I haven’t paid as much attention to the NBA and college basketball as I have in the past, but this guy sounds like he’s a marketing genius. I think athletes have a massive opportunity to cash in on their publicity, and while Lavar isn’t the star here – his son is – he is helping both of them. I doubt people would talk as much about Lonzo if it wasn’t for his Dad, as wild as that sounds! And you’re totally right, as much as people say the media doesn’t like someone he sure gets a lot of coverage.
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