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  1. Great ideas for sensible spending or savings. Just blowing that money when you Gabe debt or little retirement savings especially is silly.
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  2. It’s funny how what seems like common sense isn’t that common among people. I bet that there are some people who will read this and still blow their refund on clothes a trip or stuff for their car all while not paying their rent or other bills.
    Jay recently posted…Feelings of Being the Noncustodial ParentMy Profile

  3. hi jason; some good suggestions. i like number four best. 🙂 one of the things i love doing the most on my other site the midway marketplace is helping people wanting to start a second business with a hot dog cart bounce house or catering equipment. good post, max
    maxwell ivey recently posted…7 Tested Tips for Finding and Making Time for YourselfMy Profile

  4. Good ideas, we sometimes to throw our tax refunds at our mortgage. It’s not much but it helps bring the balance down a bit faster 🙂
    Thomas @ i need money ASAP! recently posted…Make Money Online Now With These 9 WebsitesMy Profile

  5. These are all great ideas. I know I won’t always get a refund around tax time as my income will certainly increase over the years but I always make sure I do something productive with my refund each year. This year, I’m going to use it to pay a lump sum on my debt, half of my car insurance premium, and put the rest in my emergency fund or slush fund checking account.
    Chonce recently posted…Finding the Right Side Hustle For YouMy Profile

  6. This makes a lot of sense. I like the one about paying off debt first but here in Canada we have a tax-free Disability Savings account for eligible people. You can put in $1500.00 a year and the Government tops it up by $4,5o0.00. Pretty sweet deal and that’s where our son’s tax refund always goes.

  7. Great idea for managing budget and then paying off the debt. Debt is such a thing that keeps you in tension all the time, until you finish it.

    All the best with your planning and I hope you will get rid of it soon.
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  8. Great advice Jason

    You sure listed great tips on how to save. Even though in my country, we aren’t used to taxes, I have taken note of some insight from this post. Thanks for sharing

  9. I always try to use my refund wisely, unfortunately, this year I worked an extra part time job, as a result I broke even on the federal and owed a little for State.
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  10. Ah, I wish I was getting a tax refund. Totally not the case for me. Having said that, you provide some excellent advice. Many people look at their tax refund as play money and blow it on something frivolous. All your suggestions basically create more money in the end which is always a good thing.
    Erica recently posted…Why I avoid Vitamin Water, Alkaline Water and other fad health drinksMy Profile

  11. All wise ideas. Since both my wife and I earn 1099 income which doesn’t have tax withheld we have to make estimated tax payments thoughout the year. So if I have overpaid I usually end up applying it to the next year so I can lower my estimated payments.
    Ken Dowell recently posted…The 1890 Travel Blogger: Mohonk Mountain HouseMy Profile

  12. All good ideas Jason with paying off debt being the most important to building a good financial foundation; especially credit card debt.
    Tim recently posted…Training to TravelMy Profile

  13. Great advice on using your refund wisely. Afraid I’m not looking for a refund this year.
    Beth Niebuhr recently posted…Taking Advantage of MistakesMy Profile

  14. Jason, now you tell me that the last posts was about BAD uses of my tax refund. What am I going to do with all these losing scratch tickets now?
    Kire Sdyor recently posted…Fashion NightmareMy Profile

  15. I think people overlook the “start a business” idea. If you get a sizable tax return it’s a GREAT opportunity to invest a little into a business idea. Worst case scenario you lose the money, but more likely than not you will create a new income stream!
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…How to Balance Your Full-Time Job and Your Side HustleMy Profile