100 Things to Sell on eBay

100 Things to Sell on eBay

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Good morning everyone. By now, you probably know that eBay is one of my favorite side hustles. I enjoy flipping items a lot. It’s fun and easy to do. I’ve had a decent amount of success selling on eBay, and I only do it part time Recently, I’ve begun to get some questions concerning different things that you can sell. In today’s post, I want to share with you 100 things to sell on eBay. After you read this epic list of items to sell on eBay, there should be no reason for you not to be making money.

1. Tennis shoes

Tennis shoes are one of my favorite things to sell. I’ve done well selling Old Jordan’s. Other types of Nikes will make you some money as well. Before you just start listing shoes, make sure that you do your research.

2. Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads are another one of my favorite items. A lot of people collect them all over the world. Sports bobbleheads, for the most part, are can’t miss things.

3. Blank CDs

People will purchase your blank CDs if you list them.

4. Books

Some people make a killing off of books. Finding the right ones will take a little time. You have to research and see what titles are popular and how much they are going for on the market.

5. Sports Jerseys

This is another can’t miss item. Jerseys are another good selling item. I’ve made money from selling basketball, baseball, football and soccer jerseys. One of my earliest eBay sales was that of a Dwyane Wade Miami Heat jersey. I found it at a thrift store for $3. I was able to sell it for $45. The $42 profit was nice.

6. Sports Tags

Sports fans are everywhere. They will buy multiple items that represent their team. Sports tags are n exceptions.

7. Blank Cassettes

Some people love nostalgia. Blank tapes sell well in lots (groups).

8. Working Cell Phones

Cell phones can be expensive if you purchase them from the provider’s store. People sell them on eBay for a little cheaper and still make a lot of money.

9. Coffee Mugs

There are thousands of coffee mug collectors out there. Many mugs sell very well. If you manage to find some Starbucks coffee mugs, you could have potentially hit the lottery. Many of those mugs sell for more than $30 a pop.

10. Team Flags

This is another sports related item that you can sell.

11. VHS Tapes

VHS tapes are another item that sells well in lots. The more that you package together, the more that you will make from your sale.

12. Old Cell Phones

You can still make money off old cell phones. Some people enjoy using older phones because they may be easier to navigate to them. Others purchase them for the parts.

13. T-shirts

Some t-shirts sell pretty well. Before you list the shirt, check eBay to see if there is a market for it.

14. Jackets

Jackets sell pretty well depending on the brand.

15. Records

Records are another item that people collect. The better the artist is, the better your chance of having that album sell will be. A couple of years ago, I made $20 off The Eagles “Hotel California” album.

16. Gift Cards

People get gift cards that they don’t use all the time. If you’re in that situation, you can list it on eBay. I’ve listed $25 gift cards for $23.99. They are quick sellers.

17. Polo Shirts

Polo is a very popular brand. All types of people wear the shirts.

18. Fitted Hats

Fitted hats can be pretty expensive at stores like Lids. You will find a lot of buyers looking for them on eBay.

19. DVD’s

DVD’s are another item that sells in lots. If your DVD’s haven’t been opened yet, you will get a little more cash for them.

20. Sports Cards

Many people all over the world collect sports cards. If you have some that you don’t want, you can list them on eBay.

21. Dress Shoes

People love dress shoes. They may not be able to find a certain brand in their area, so they look for it on eBay.

22. Sports Posters

Posters are another item that sports fans love to collect.

23. Star Wars Memorabilia

People love Star Wars. There are hundreds of Star Wars related items that you can sell such as toys.

24. Remote Controls

People break or misplace remote controls all the time. You’d be surprised, but there is a real market for reselling remote controls.

25. Koozies

There are millions of beer drinkers out there. Some of them keep their beer cool with koozies.

26. Halloween Costumes

People can’t always find their Halloween costumes at their local costume store. They may look online for suggestions.

27. Coupons

Coupons sell pretty good on eBay. People are all for saving money. Coupons will help you do that. Coupons sell better when it’s more than one of them.

28. Watches

This item can sell for good money depending on the brand of the watch. I’ve sold a couple of watches before for a pretty good amount.

29. Board Games

Selling board games can be hit or miss. I’ve sold some for about $10-$12, but I’ve also sold a couple for over $40 as well.

30. Cologne

Cologne makes great gifts. There is a good market for it on eBay.

31. Socks

You can list regular socks or sports related socks.

32. Dress Shirts

I’ve sold a few dress shirts before. Some brands can go for a good amount.

33. Playing Cards

Playing cards are the next item on the list. I’ve sold some regular cards as well as some Uno cards.

34. Suits

Everyone dresses up from time to time. I sold a suit that I never wore on the site. It sold for nearly $50.

35. TV’s

All types of TV’s are listed for sale on eBay. If you have one that you don’t want, you should list it.

36. DVD player

Even though they are not as popular as they used to be, DVD players are still sold for a decent amount. I sold one for $35 a few months ago.

37. VCR

Some people like nostalgia. That is the case for many people that use VCR’s. Some brands like Sony can sell for a couple of hundred bucks.

38. iPad

People love their Apple products. There is a lot of money to be made from them including IPads.

39. iPod

This is another Apple product. It doesn’t matter the generation; they will generally still sell.

40. Broken electronics

There are some crafty people out there. They can fix broken electronics, or they can use them for parts.

41. CD Players

Another retro item that people love is CD players. Surprisingly some of them are selling for hundreds.

42. Walkman

Walkman’s were clutch back in the day. People still love them. Depending on the condition of it, you could make nearly one hundred dollars.

43. Empty Tissue Rolls

These sell well in lots. Teachers buy and use them for art projects.

44. Vases

Vases are another item that can be considered as a collectible.

45. Pottery

Pottery can be a collectible item as well.

46. Shot Glasses

Shot glasses are the next item on the list. Many folks love to collect them.

47. Shades

This is another item that people love. Finding some good shades isn’t always the easiest. There are thousands listed on eBay.

48. Picture Frames

People collect picture frames. The one that you list can be the next one that sells.

49. Jeans

Jeans are another clothing item that people are always looking for. Heck, I need a couple of pair of jeans myself.

50. Blazers

Blazers are the next item on the list. Men and women both wear blazers for work and for going out.

51. Necklaces

Necklaces are another hot item that can be sold pretty quickly.

52. Old Camera’s

Old cameras are sold on eBay by the masses. People purchase them for their parts.

53. Discontinued items

If you have something that was discontinued, there is a good chance that the item is already listed on eBay. If the item is selling for a good price, you should list yours. I’ve seen discontinued clothes, shoes and even food sold on eBay.

54. Dresses

This is another item of clothing that you can flip if you know what you are doing. I’ve never attempted to sell a dress.

55. Earrings

This another piece of jewelry that you can sale

56. Women’s Hygiene Products

Believe it or not; there is a market for women’s hygiene products.

57. Greek Wear

If you are in a fraternity or sorority, you can sell your items on the site.

58. Laptops

Whether they are working or not, laptops are a popular item that is sold on eBay. A couple of years ago, I was able to flip a broken laptop for nearly $60.

59. Chargers

Chargers get misplaced, or they break all the time. If you have some extras, you should list them.

60. Hard drives

People love to install or fix hard drives. If you have one that you’re not using, try listing it.

61. Empty Boxes

I don’t know why, but sometimes empty boxes sell.

62. Airline Lounge Passes

When traveling, some people want to get a break from the crowds. They may want to go to the airline’s sky lounge to get away. You can get in those clubs if you have a certain credit card., a certain amount of airline points or you can buy a day pass. If you have some passes to the lounge that you are not using, post them on eBay.

63. Belts

Everyone needs a good belt from time to time.

64. Custom Shirts

If you make custom shirts, then this is another place for you to sell them.

65. Headphones

Headphones are another thing that people need.

66. Sweaters

In the winter, sweaters are a favorite article of clothing.

67. Tools

Fellas always need good drill or hammer just in case they need to fix something.

68. Antiques

If you do your research, you can sell antiques for hundreds of dollars. Make sure you pack them well when you are getting them ready to ship. You don’t want any to break.

69. Ink Cartridges

This is another item that sells well in lots. People will buy your ink cartridges even if they are expired.

70. Wallet

Wallets can be good gift items. They are always in high demand.

71. Purses

Women love their purses. If you have one that you’re not using list it today!

72. Helmets

Several types of helmets are sold on eBay. Football and motorcycle helmets are just a few that you can flip.

73. Souvenirs

List any souvenir that you have and don’t want.

74. Tennis Racquet

Tennis is a popular sport. Serena Williams recently won another Grand Slam. Your tennis racquet can go for a decent amount depending on the brand.

75. Bracelets

Bracelets are another traditional jewelry item.

76. Cuff Links

This item can be a nice compliment to a man’s suit.

77. Comforters

A good comforter can make the sleeping experience so much better.

78. Plates

As long as they are not paper or styrofoam, feel free to list your plates.

79. Bowls

Bowls are another dish that can bring you a quick dollar. I sold a collectible set of Kellogg’s bows for $30 last year.

80. Saucers

Small saucers are another good item.

81. Microphones

There are several kinds of microphones that you can sell.

82. Guitars

There are thousands of musicians out there. Many of them need a place to purchase their instruments. eBay can be a place where they can get their instruments for a good price.

83. 8 Track Tapes

8 track tapes are slowly becoming collector’s items. If you have some lying around the house, you should list them.

84. Calendars

Yes, calendars do sell on eBay.

85. Autographed Pictures

Collecting autographs is pretty big for some people. There is a huge market for them, especially for sports stars.

86. Ties

Ties are a good seller, and they are very easy to ship.

87. Old Magazines

I recently sold some magazines that I purchased from a yard for $20. I only paid $1 for the group of 10.

88. Magnets

Magnets are another item that people collect.

89. Tote Bags

Tote bags are another item that people like.

90. Sports Banners

Besides jersey’s and hats, team banners are another item that sports fans love.

91. Puzzles

Make sure your puzzle has all of its pieces before you list it.

92. Action Figures

A lot of action figures from back in the day are becoming collector’s items. If you have some rare ones, list them today.

93. Legos

You can’t go wrong selling Legos. They sell in complete sets, mini figures, mixed lots and more.

94. Video Games

Newer video games sell well by themselves. If you have a lot of older games, your best bet would be to sell them in lots.

95. Video Game Consoles

People need something to play those video games that I mentioned above on. Whether it’s a PlayStation or an X-Box, you will be able to sell it on eBay.

96. Stuffed Animals

Kids love stuffed animals.

97. Beanie Babies

This is another item that many folks collect.

98. Sports programs

Sports programs can be worth a lot of money. If you have any programs from championship games, you might make a pretty penny.

99. Vehicles

You can sell cars, trucks, and motorcycles on eBay.

100. Fit Bit

Fit bits are very popular right now. Everyone is trying to maintain the health.  Fit Bits help people track things such as the amount of steps that someone takes.

Wow! Are you still with me? You’ve just read 100 things to sell on eBay. As you can see, you have a lot of things to choose from. If you’ve been on the brink of selling, but you weren’t sure about what to sell, use this list as a guide. This really is an epic list of items to sell on eBay.

Take a look at my Amazon page. There are a few tools (boxes, bubble wrap, etc) that you can use to help you become successful with your sales.


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What are a couple of things that you have sold on eBay? How many of the 100 things to sell on eBay have you sold?

List of items to sell on eBay

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  1. This is quite a list! The only things I have sold on eBay have been home decor related. Although I have sold a lot of things on this list on other sites, I just never got into eBay much.

  2. I’ve never sold anything on Ebay, although I have so many items that I could sell!
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  3. Amazing list! Thinking about a garage sell on ebay for years! Maybe I need a start!

  4. Who knew there were so many things that you could sell on Ebay? Great list, thanks for sharing!

  5. Great ideas for things to sell! Do you receive any type of discount for shipping these items?

    • I don’t, but if you print your stamps at home, through the USPS, you can get a discount. I will start doing that once I get a scale.

  6. Tracey

    I have enjoyed reading a few of your posts. I just wanted to let you know your list of 100 things to sell on ebay has a duplicate. Records.#15 and #83

  7. Carolyn

    I am sick at thinking of all the stuff I’ve given away. I could have made a fortune! I just started selling on eBay a couple of months ago and still finding my way in what sells. Thanks for the list!

  8. That t shirt is too funny!

  9. I have personally never sold anything on Ebay, but this is mostly because I wouldn’t know where to start! What do people like? What would people actually buy? This post is very helpful and I love that you put these items in a list format. Thank you!

  10. Michelle

    Thanks for the list. I sell a few of these things now, but many I never thought of as big sellers.

  11. What a comprehensive list! I’m just back into ebaying, last week selling 4 pairs of winter boots that I didn’t use enough! Fantastic to have the money coming in rather than gathering dust in the wardrobe!

  12. Ali Mohamed

    Thanks for the list. How can I figure out the shipment cost ?