4 Tips to Save Money When Traveling

4-tips-to-save-moneyBy now, you probably know that I love traveling. It’s nothing like visiting another city or country. This year alone I’ve been able to travel to places such as San Diego and San Jose, Costa Rica. I’m far from a baller. I take the time to plan my trips. Doing so I’ve been able to save money in the process. Today I want to share with you five tips that will help you save money when you’re traveling.

Discount travel sites

My first tip is to book your vacation on a discount travel website. There are a lot of different sites to choose from. Some of my favorites are Priceline, Expedia, Hotwire, and Orbitz. A lot of these sites have cheap vacation packages as well as other deals. My personal favorite is Priceline.

Priceline has saved me a lot of money over the years. They have this feature where you can name your own prices for flights, hotels, and rental cars. If your price is accepted your flight, hotel or rental is then booked. There is a small catch, though. When you are using this feature for flights you don’t know the airline or the time of the flight until after its book. The only thing you know is that your departing flight could be anytime between 6 am and 10 pm. When you use this feature with hotels you know the area of the city that you will be in and a number of stars the hotel has, but not the hotel brand. I’ve used the name your own price feature a lot of times. I’ve never had a problem with it.

I used it to book a book a night in San Diego a few months ago. The hotel that I stayed in was in a good area. I saved about $20 but using the name your own price option.

Low-Cost Airlines

Traveling with a low-cost airline saves you a lot of money. Most of the time their prices are lower than the large airlines like Delta or United. Some of the low-cost airlines that fly in the US are Frontier, Spirit, and Southwest. If you choose to fly with a low-cost airline please make sure that you check their policies. Some of those airlines charge for carry-on bags so you want to make sure you are getting the best deal. A lot of folks despise Frontier and Spirit. I have no problems with either of those airlines. Check out my reviews of Frontier and Spirit when you get a chance.

Ditch the hotel

In the past staying at a hotel or motel was the only way to lodge if you didn’t want to stay with family while you traveled. That isn’t the case anymore.  People all over the world rent out vacation homes, apartments and even rooms in their own house to travelers these days.  In many cases, these homes and apartments are cheaper than hotels in that area.  Two sites that you should visit are Airbnb and HomeAway. They are two of the leaders in this new type of lodging. I’ve used both of them before. I didn’t have any problems. If you’re interested in using Airbnb sign up here and get $35 in travel credit for your first trip.

Travel Dates

The final way to save money traveling depends on your travel dates. It typically costs more to travel during a holiday or big event weekend. The hotel and flight prices tend to rise during those times because the supply and demand are higher. Don’t believe me? Do a quick hotel search for the city of Las Vegas during Memorial Day Weekend. Now, search for hotels the week after. If you did that you can see that some of the hotels are near $100 cheaper. Make sure you choose your travel dates wisely.

In summary, the four tips to save money when traveling is to review discount travel sites, check low cost- airlines, ditch the hotel and look at your travel dates. Doing those things will help you save money. If you were reluctant to travel in the past because you thought it was expensive, you can now put those thoughts to bed. With the New Year approaching, the time is now to start planning some trips.

How do you save money when traveling?

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  1. I went so deep in travel hacking a few years ago that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop! We have nearly 200k United miles saved up so we’ll use that to save on flights to Europe next Summer. Tough to pay for flights once you’ve gotten a few of them for free.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…Does Frugality Matter in the Long-Term?My Profile

    • That’s amazing. I’m serious thinking about getting the Southwest Card next year. It just depends on how much my income grows within the next couple of months and also, how much debt I pay off.