Where to Get Inventory For eBay?

where-to-getinventory-forWhat’s going on everyone? Have you ever thought about selling stuff on eBay, but you realize that you don’t have enough items to sell? If that’s the case, I have some good news for you. There are several places where you can get items to sell on eBay. A couple of years ago I wrote a post, where I discussed seven different places where you can get inventory from. Today, I want to go into more detail about a few of them.

Value Village

Value Village is a thrift store that I shop at. There are two different versions of the store. The first set of Value Village stores is a part of the Savers store brand. There are over 300 of those stores in the United States and Canada. The other Value Village thrift stores are located in the Georgia and Texas. The rest of this paragraph will be talking about the Value Village stores that are in Georgia. Since I’m in Atlanta, I’ve had the chance to visit several of their locations. Value Village is my favorite thrift store brand. They have a lot of items that I re-sell such as shoes and coffee mugs. My only gripe with Value Village is that some stores charge more for certain types of shoes and sports memorabilia. If you lie in or near Atlanta or Dallas, make sure to check Value Village out.

Goodwill Stores

Goodwill stores are another place where you can get inventory. Rev. Edgar Helms founded the Goodwill. Helms collected clothing and used household goods in wealthy areas of his city. He then hired people who were less fortunate to repair and clean the items. The goods were then resold or given to people. They have over 160 locations worldwide. Their prices are about the same as Value Village. They have items such as clothes, books, furniture, televisions, and video games.

Salvation Army Thrift Stores

The Salvation Army us a church and charitable organization that was founded in 1865 in London. The Salvation Army runs several thrift stores in the world. They sell furniture, housewares, clothing, and shoes. In my city, the Salvation Army store isn’t as big as some of the other thrift stores. I also rarely find any items to re-sell in there, but you should still take the time to visit one if you live near it. Every thrift store has different items. Yours could be a gold mine.

The next three places that I will be discussing are discount department stores. They are places that you definitely need to check out a few times per year. You can find some great deals if you know what you are looking for.


The first store on the list to check out is called Ross. Ross specializes in women & men’s clothes, shoes, and things for the home. I’ve seen some excellent deals on shoes at Ross. Nikes that typically cost $90 can be on sale for $29.99. There are over $1200 locations worldwide. Unfortunately, there aren’t any locations in New York, New England, Alaska and parts of the Midwest.

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is the second discount retail store on the list. There are over 1000 TJ Maxx stores in the United States. They specialize in clothing, footwear, and bedding items. They have some of the best prices out there when it comes to clothing.


Marshalls is the final discount retail store. There are over 970 Marshalls stores in the United States and Canada. Marshalls is TJ Maxx’s sister store. Usually, if you see one of those stores, then the other one is nearby. They have similar items and prices. Marshalls differentiates itself by having a bigger men’s and junior’s departments.

Yard Sales

The final place to get inventory for eBay is at yard sales. My neighborhood recently had a community yard sale. At least 15 of the houses participated in the event.  You can find some sweet deals at yard sales. For the most part, at yard sales, you can try to talk the seller down for a better price. Most of the time they are looking to get rid of the items. I’ve had a couple of yard sales before, and it sucks to have to bring things back in the house. I use craigslist to find out when and where yard sales will be at.

In summary, Value Village, Goodwill stores, The Salvation Army, Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and yard sales are great places to get inventory on eBay. If you are looking for things to sell, you can’t go wrong by visiting those places.

Where do you get your inventory for eBay from?

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  1. I sell vintage items on eBay and Etsy. I find items at thrift stores, garage sales, yard sales and estate sales mostly. Nice post.

  2. I don’t sell on Ebay, I sell on most of Nigerian E-commerce site and i get my inventory from alibaba or amazon
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