My FinCon 16 Return on Investment

fincon-roiAfter reading a post from Michelle, where she discussed her FinCon 16 return on investment, I figured that I should write mine as well.  This was my second time attending FinCon. After my first one in 2015, I knew that I had to attend it again. I learned so much and connected with a lot of like-minded people. The week after last year’s conference, tickets for 2016’s conference were up for sale. I purchased mine immediately for a price of $163.97. In this post, I will measure my return on investment. I plan to do that by calculating the amount of income that I was able to make back. First, I’m going to discuss how much I spent for my flight and hotel. Since I purchased my ticket last September, I’m not going to include that amount.


Flight – $323.20

Hotel – $761.85

I spent a total of $1085.05 for my flight and hotel. Now, was it worth spending that money or not?

HELL YEAH it was!

Below is how I fared after FinCon.

Flight voucher – $250

IPad – $400

New Client 1 – $250-$500

New Client 2 – $320

Let me go over these amounts in detail. I was able to get a $250 flight voucher. My flight back to Atlanta was oversold, so I volunteered to give up my seat. I had to stay at the airport a little while longer, but it was worth it. The voucher doesn’t expire until next September. I could use it to purchase my flight for next year’s FinCon or another trip.

I also won an IPad while at FinCon. Immediately, I debated on whether I should keep it or sell it. I eventually decided to sell it. It sold for $400 on eBay. That was easily one of my biggest sales to date.

Next, I received a new client right after FinCon. I can make up to $500 per month doing some work with them. That’s not bad. I also started working with a second client that I met during FinCon. I will make $320 per month working with them.

The total amount that can be made is $1470. That was definitely worth the investment. I still have a couple more potential clients that I hope to work with.

I love FinCon. That conference has been life changing for me. I plan to attend for the foreseeable future. I also need to check a few more conferences out. I’m sure there are a lot of opportunities out there.

What was your most recent conference ROI?

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  1. Nice! I like seeing not only what you spent but also that monthly recurring income. That makes the return on investment even higher.

  2. Glad to see you got a nice return on your investment and can’t believe you sold your iPad but when I see how much you sold it for, I kind of don’t blame you 🙂

    I also got a nice return of investment on FinCon and found two new clients there. I’m definitely going to have a clearer plan when I attend next year.
    Chonce recently posted…5 Reasons Why You Should Start Driving for UberMy Profile

  3. Very cool to see this Jason! I’ve won an iPad before and I turned right around and sold it as well. I love winning the bigger electronics and other prizes because it feels so nice to sell it and get those $ in my pocket.

    I purchased a FinCon ticket but (obviously) didn’t end up going. I wanted to hang out with some of my blogging buddies like you but with a new side hustle on top of everything else I really couldn’t justify taking the time. I would consider going to the next one but need to see what my goals are at that point.
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    • I remember reading some of your past post about you selling things that you won in contests. That’s something that I need to start doing. I’m starting to work on my 2017 goals. I know attending Fincon is on there. I just need to figure out my angle for next year.