Month in Review: September 2016

month-in-review-september-2016September was a hell of a month for me. Having back to back epic months was great.  So many fun things happened in September. I attended FinCon for the second year in a row. I had my best side hustle income month of the year. I also had the chance to scratch another stadium off my list.

Over the last few months, I’ve seen other bloggers who still have a job tally up the number of hours that they do for their side hustle. I wanted to see how much time I spend on my stuff.  For the week of  9/11 – 9/17, I jotted down the hours and minutes that I worked. I ended up working 19 hours and 37 minutes on side hustle related things.  This time does not include anything that I do blog related at during my lunch time at work. The results were kind of interesting to me. I didn’t even work every day during that week. I may need to jot the time for the whole month because I’m sure some weeks I work more than that.

As I stated earlier, the side hustle income is still going great. As it continues to grow, I will be able to add more to my debt finally. It’s amazing how all of this happened with a blog. If you want to start a blog of your own, make sure you check out my step by step guide on creating a website with Bluehost. Use my link to get your hosting for as little as $3.45 per month (this low price is only available through my link). It usually costs $7.99 per month. You also get a free domain when signing up through my link.

If you’ve been reading my previous posts, you know that I have been out of town once per month since June. I’m a little tired of traveling at the moment. I will be in Atlanta working hard on a few things for the next few months.

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FinCon was held in the beautiful city of San Diego. It was my second time attending the conference. I had a great time my first year, but it was 20 times better this year. I got the chance to hang out with my blogger buddies and discuss the successes of this past year. I didn’t attend as many sessions as I did last year, but I made a lot of meaningful connections. It was great being around so many liked minded individuals. The conference helped me to think different.

Since I was in San Diego, I figured that I would also check out a Padres game. Petco Park was the 14th MLB stadium that I’ve been to. Below are a few pictures from FinCon and Petco.

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How was your September?

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  1. Nice work on hitting the highest income for the year. That must be a sweet feeling!!
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