How My Life Changed After FinCon

how-my-lif-echangedIt’s almost time for FinCon 2016. I’m really looking forward to it. Last year I attended FinCon for the first time. It was located in the wonderful city of Charlotte, NC. It was a life-changing event for me. I’m glad I attended. So many things have happened since that time. I want to share with you some of the ways my life changed after FinCon.

I started freelancing

Last year at this time, the only way I was making side hustle money was through eBay or working my part-time job. After FinCon, I started freelance writing, I had thought about doing it briefly in the past, but I wasn’t really serious. After FinCon, that changed. I met some people that were looking for writers. I emailed one of them and was referred to the other. My freelance writing hustle started a few weeks later. If you go back a year ago and tell me that I’d be freelancing, I’d laugh at you. Fast forward a year later. I have a few clients, and I’m looking for more.

Met some of my favorite bloggers

I had a chance to meet some of my favorite bloggers. They are regular people just like you and me. During this past year, I’ve been able to learn from some of them and communicate with different ideas. I would have never been able to do this without attending FinCon.

Side Hustle Income Grew

The next thing that happened after FinCon was excellent. Since I started freelancing, my side hustle income started growing. It is amazing watching the growth. Last year at this time I was making about $100 – $200 in side hustle money. Last month I made over $1000. This money has allowed me to pay off two debts, get my emergency fund right and pay for my summer trips without getting into more debt. As I become a better freelancer, I expect the side hustle income to continue to grow.


I’ve been exposed to so many opportunities since FinCon. Besides the obvious freelance opportunities, I’ve been able to help several bloggers promote contests and books, participate in some pretty fun interviews, and also attend some blogger events in Atlanta.

Facebook Groups

Before FinCon, I thought FB groups were pretty much dead. Most of the groups that I was in before FinCon were basically full of spam. After FinCon that changed. I was added to a few groups that have helped me out tremendously. I’ve been able to find freelance opportunities in these groups. Also, I’ve been able to learn from a lot of people in these groups. It’s great learning from other bloggers who have been in situations similar to yours. I also started a small mastermind group with a few of the bloggers in those groups.

As you can see, FinCon has changed my life for the better. I plan on attending the conference for the foreseeable future. Whatever your blogging niche is, you should find out if there are any conferences. If there are, you have to attend one.

Have you ever been to a blog conference that has changed your life?

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  1. FinCon changed my life too and opened the door to so many opportunities. Can’t wait to see you next week!
    Chonce recently posted…Don’t Let Your Financial Woes Turn Into Suicidal ThoughtsMy Profile

  2. Oh man, I’m even more excited to attend my first FinCon after reading this post! I hope I can have as similar experience as you’ve had, Jason.

    I’m flying into San Diego a week from tomorrow – can’t wait. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for you so that I can introduce myself and say hello in person.
    Ty recently posted…I’m going to FinCon! Frugally of course.My Profile

  3. It’s encouraging to hear how impactful last year’s FinCon was for you. I’m headed there next week to attend for the first time and I’m super excited! As someone who’s only been blogging for a very short time (approaching 6 months), I purchased my ticket last minute after I noticed it’s taking place in my own home state and figured why not? I still have a ton to learn and hoping to just not be overwhelmed. Looking forward to meeting you and other bloggers!

  4. Wow! You’re the third person whose said Fincon has def helped their freelance endeavors. I’ll miss out this year but am looking forward to the tips of wisdom everyone brings back and I’ll be there next year!
    Tia recently posted…Are You Ready to Be A Homeowner?My Profile

  5. I would LOVE to go to FinCon. Your experience is inspiring. The thought of being at a conference with thousands of people with the same interests sounds super fun. Maybe next year for me. Fingers crossed. Hopefully it will be somewhere a little closer.
    Beth recently posted…Your Bills Are Way Too High – You Need To Cut Them!My Profile