Mid Year Goal Update

Mid Year GoalCan you believe that July is almost over? Another month in 2016 is almost gone. I’ve been seeing bloggers all month post the mid-year goal updates. I figured that I might as well do mine.

I didn’t share many of my 2016 goals on this site. In fact, I only shared two of them. Goal number one was to be making $1000 per month online. The second goal was to have my Bank of America credit card under $1000 by November 15th. One goal has been reached, and one hasn’t. I will start off with the one that has been completed.

I was able to get my BOA credit card under $1000 much sooner than November by qualifying for a new balance transfer credit card. Last year that would not have been able to happen due to my credit. Since I was able to increase it by 168 points, I was approved for the new credit card. I was able to transfer nearly $2000 from my BOA credit card to my new one in March. Not only is my BOA balance under $1000, but I’m also saving $60 per month on interest now. If things keep going how they are going, there is a chance that the BOA card will be paid off by November.

Now to the next goal. Seven months into 2016 and I have not been able to crack the $1000 per month goal yet. I’ve been making $600-$800 the last couple of months. I have to reach $1k soon. I have some debt payoff goals that I really want to achieve this year.

How I plan on reaching my goal

More pitches

I have to send out more pitches. A few months ago I had a client stop answering my e-mails. That pissed me off a little bit, and I got content for a couple of months. I can’t afford to do that if I want to reach my goals. I have to send out more pitches if I expect this increase to happen. I realize that gigs won’t just fall into my lap.

Raise Rates

I have to raise my rates. While speaking with my mastermind group, I found out that I was shortchanging myself. I refuse to do that anymore. I understand that my writing provides value, so I should not have to settle for less.

Research more items for eBay

I have to start researching and figure out what other things sell besides my current items. I haven’t been able to find as many pairs of Jordan’s as I was in the past. I know that I’m leaving money in the thrift stores by not knowing what other items that I can sell for profit. Some of the things that I need to research on are dress shoes, books, women’s purses and ties. I’ve read on other blogs that those are popular items.

Get up earlier

A couple of weeks ago I started getting up 40 minutes earlier two days out of the week. I didn’t want to do it, but I’m glad I did. I’ve been able to knock out some work during that time. If it continues to go well, I may do this all five weekdays.

Learn more about affiliates

I’ve had very minimal success with affiliate marketing. I’ve had a couple of payouts, but that’s it. There are bloggers out there making thousands of dollars per month. I want in! For that to happen, I have to learn and implement the correct strategies of affiliate marketing.

I’ve already started working on these things. Hopefully, my July month in review post will show that I’ve made strides. If it doesn’t the August post definitely will.

How are you doing on your 2016 goals?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your goals! Congrats on the credit card goal!

    As far as the blog goes, I understand! I just keep plugging away, trying to create good content and be consistent. I think over time it pays off, but sometimes it takes a while.

  2. Congratulations for your goal. I am reading you because I want to get debt free. Learning from you how to earn at list 1000 per month.

  3. Those are some pretty great goals Jason!

    Pitching after a crappy client experience is a pain in the butt but you’ve got this 🙂 They are the ones who are missing out on a cool writer. I’ll have my fingers crossed for you- can’t wait to read about you acing these goals come December!

  4. Love this, great idea sharing your goals. I may start doing the same. Yes Raise those rates!!