How You Can Raise Your Credit Score

chromaIn January, I wrote a post on how I raised my credit score by 168 points. It was relatively easy once I finally got focused and started paying attention to some things. Today, I want to give you five tips on how you can raise your credit score.

Get Current

If you’re not current on your bills, get there ASAP. A lot of people don’t realize that 35% of their credit score is the payment history. That’s more than a third of your credit score. The goal is to always make on-time payments. In the beginning, it might be rough, but it has to be done. Better interest rates and a higher credit score will be soon to follow if you do this.

Pay Down Your Debt

Paying down your debt is something else that needs to be done. The amount of credit that you owe is 30% of your credit score. Your debt to credit ratio is one of the things lenders look at when deciding if they want to offer you more credit or not. Credit companies recommend your debt to credit ratio be 30% or lower. I’m making strides. I’m currently at 44%. I have a little bit of work ahead, but I will get it down to 30% soon.


The next tip on the list is to negotiate payments with your creditors. We are all humans. Sometimes you may not be able to pay a bill or you may forget one. Instead of ignoring it you should contact your creditors and let them know your situation. You never know what can happen. You may be able to get the late fee waived or possibly negotiate a lower payment. You will never know what may happen until you contact them.

Continue to Pay on Time

Make the habit of paying all your debt on time. As I discussed earlier payment is 35% of your credit score. If you need help remembering the pay dates you can set up auto payments online through your bank or credit union. You can also set up payment reminders with a service like Mint.

Use Credit Cards Wisely

I didn’t use my credit card but once or twice during the time my credit score increased. If you plan on using yours make sure you pay it off each month. You don’t want your debt to credit ratio to get higher. One tool that I used to help me

One tool that I used to help me during this journey to better credit is Credit Sesame. Credit Sesame gives you your credit score and a credit report card for free. On your credit report card, it shows you grades for your payment history, credit usage, credit age, account mix and credit inquiries. By seeing that info you know what you need to work on. Credit Sesame also shows you recommendations and actions that you can take to get better credit. If you’re trying to increase your credit score I’d recommend anyone to check out Credit Sesame. Click the image below to set up your free account today.

How are some ways that you’ve raised your credit score?

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  1. Great tips! One of the biggest things I’m trying to do right now to boost my credit is to pay down my debt and keep making on-time payments. I know that over time as my history increases, my score will go up.
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