February 2016 Life Update

feb 2016Good morning everyone. I hope all is well. We are now in month number 2 of 2016. Hopefully, January went well for you. I had a pretty good month.

I continued freelancing. I even found another client. Combining my freelance writing with my eBay sales, I made a little over $500. That’s cool, but the goal is to make at least an extra $1000 each month. My eBay money sales were pretty low. That was to be expected with people trying to recoup after Christmas. I know this month will be much better.

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Last month was also the first month where all of my debts went down in amounts. I have a loan that’s in deferment. I don’t need to make a payment on it, but I decided to do so. Seeing the numbers get smaller each month is addicting. Hell, I’m even thinking about getting another part-time job for a couple of days out of the week, but not sure if I should do it. On one hand I want to do it, but on the other I figure that if I don’t get one I can start looking for more freelance opportunities. What would you do if you were in my situation?

I would have never started freelancing if I didn’t start my blog. If you’re interested in starting a blog check out my step by step guide called Creating a Website with Bluehost

I also want to share with you the results of my original thrifting challenge. This was the 1st of two challenges that I did last year. I purchased items from a thrift store and wanted to show people how much I could flip them for. The 2nd thrifting challenge finished in October. This one surprisingly took much longer than I expected. I originally started it in July.

I purchased five items. Below are the item names plus the amounts that I paid for them and sold them for.


Keith Brooking Bobblehead – Paid: $4.94  Sold: $20

4 Super Bowl Cups – Paid: $1.60  Sold: $1.00 (Small loss)

1 Expired Computer Ink Cartridge – Paid: $0.80 (Actually unsold. I added it to a group of 20 other ink cartridges that I’m selling.)

Atlanta Braves Lunch Box – Paid: $1.21  Sold: $4.01

Kids Air Jordan 5 – Paid: $2.92  Sold: $16.99

I spent a total of $11.47 and turned it into $42. That’s almost four times more than what I spent. I plan on having another thrifting challenge once it warms up.

Last but not least I want to share with you my latest t-shirt design. What do you think?


How was your January? What do you have planned for February?

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  1. Rockie

    GM JB I think you should get another part time w depending on the pay. If the pay is not there then don’t do it. I will pay off my truck in the next two months that will free up $350.00. Plus I just picked up a part time gig too. I would advise you not to let your loan stay in deferred for too long because the longer you let it stay there the more interesting is being added to the loan. I like the eBay thing you going to have to show me how to make extra money doing that.

  2. Cute T-shirt! And I’d say you are of to a rousing start to the new year, given your ambitious goals. Keep it rolling:)
    Jacqeline Gum recently posted…A Break For Where’s The JusticeMy Profile

  3. Your thrifting challenge is pretty cool. Not bad when you can quadruple your money. Keep doing that and put it towards your bills. It’s like finding money!
    Susan cooper recently posted…Simple Coconut Mousse: #RecipeMy Profile

  4. Jason, you are making great progress. I hope you are able to payoff some of your bills. I have some debt also so, I know the pain of bills.
    Michael Belk recently posted…Tips For Living On Your Own: And Love It!My Profile

  5. If I were you, I would get a part-time gig as extra cushion because of the uncertainties of frequencies of freelance opportunities. But, it should be a part-time job that is worth your time (income and satisfaction wise) and could possibly turn in to full-time if you wanted it to. Just BE PURPOSEFUL or INTENTIONAL about whatever part-time job you choose! BTW, what was your major/minor? See if you can find something related to one of those fields and build upon them.

    • Thanks for the advice. My major was Marketing.

      • Can you do advertising sales part-time, such as radio or creating Public Service Announcements for nonprofit organizations. You could definitely be a substitute teacher and work as much or as little as you want! Check your local universities and community colleges, as well job placement/temporary service agencies for part-time gigs, too.

  6. I’m glad you still made some sales on eBay even after the holidays. That’s impressive!
    Chonce recently posted…Affordable (and crowd-free) Valentine’s Day IdeasMy Profile

  7. Congrats on finding another freelance client! That’s such great news. I finally decided to take on a freelance client and this week I submitted my second post. I’m not sure how many clients I will take on but it’s nice “guaranteed” income.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…13 Things that Make Traveling EasierMy Profile