The Life of an Uber Driver


The Life of an Uber DriverI’ve used Uber a few times as a rider. As of right now, I don’t have any complaints. I’ve also thought about driving for them, but my vehicle doesn’t meet the requirements. I’ve wanted to know some of the things that the drivers go through.

One of my friends named T is a driver with Uber. She agreed to answer ten questions about Uber for me. Below are the questions and answers.

How did you find out about Uber?

T: I found out about Uber through an advertisement on Facebook.

How did the hiring process go?

T: It wasn’t too bad. There are a few steps that you have to go through. First, you have to fill out the online application. Next, you meet with an experienced driver. They examine your car; gather all important information (Driver’s license, registration, etc.). Then they run a brief background check. Once you’ve passed the background check, you’re in.

How long have you been driving for Uber?

T: I’ve been driving for six months.

How much do you make during a typical week?

T: I usually work six days a week. I make between $600 – $800 per week.

How often do you get paid?

T: I get paid weekly.

Do you have any crazy stories?

T: I haven’t had anything that crazy. I’ve had a lot of drunk riders. That’s it.

What time of the day do you like driving and why?

T: I like driving early in the morning. Everybody is trying to get to work or to the airport.

What don’t you like about Uber?

T: I don’t like it when the rider cancels in the middle of me coming to get them.

Who are your typical customers?

T: My typical customers have been tourist, people going to the airport or students.

Anything else we should know?

T: If you have road rage and don’t like being stuck in traffic driving for Uber might not be for you. Driver should always keep in mind that they are being rated. Those ratings help out A LOT.

If you are interested in driving use T’s referral code: pnze8

Get your free ride HERE

Would you drive for Uber? Feel free to comment below.

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  1. I really like using Uber here in Austin where I live. It is very convenient but we are known for having a lot of festivals and events here and everyt ime one of those comes around, the prices for Uber sky rocket up. Its ridiculous.

    That is the only thing I dont like about them but other then that, they are changing the way transportation works. Its amazing.
    Alexander @ Cash Flow Diaries recently posted…The Greatest Real Estate QuotesMy Profile

  2. Tobias H

    This would be a good job for someone that has the time to put in alot of hours and likes to work alone.

  3. Used Uber in Charleston for the very first time last week. It was pretty cool. But the driver said I could NOT ask for him?
    Jacqueline Gum recently posted…THANK YOU…WHERE’S THE JUSTICE?My Profile

  4. LaShara

    What city does T drive in and what is the radius she drives from home?

  5. I’ve not used Under before, but I heard about there service for the first time this week.

  6. Very cool to hear from an Uber driver’s perspective. I’ve used Uber three times, and I asked the driver a lot of questions about Uber and their experience being a driver. I like to hear their perspective and I may use it more when I travel.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…7 Reasons Millennials Need Life Insurance ASAPMy Profile

  7. Uber has really taken this country by storm, hasn’t it. I have tnot ried it yet but have heard of many people who did and were happy. I just wish there were more of a thorough screening process. Seems a little worrisome to me.
    Susan cooper recently posted…Beringer Winery and Wines: #WineMy Profile

    • Uber really is changing the way for getting around your local town. I know they do a pretty good background check. So far that seems to be working good for them.

  8. My friend has been giving Uber rides and really seems to like it. It would be great if certain drivers could be requested.
    Jeri recently posted…10 Tips for Making an Audio Book by Rick PipitoMy Profile

    • I really wish they had a feature where you could request drivers. Hopefully as the company continues to grow they think of ideas such as that so that riders get the best experience out of Uber.

  9. Interesting post, Jason. I’ve not yet tried Uber, but have heard good things about it. It was interesting to hear from an Uber driver. Thx!
    Doreen Pendgracs recently posted…bronze sculptures of the maleconMy Profile

  10. I have never used Uber. It must be interesting meeting new people on a daily basis.
    Phoenicia recently posted…Do you embrace your ‘role’ as a woman?My Profile

  11. It’s interesting to hear about Uber from a driver’s perspective. I’ve only heard from a user’s perspective before, mostly positive things. I’ve not used Uber yet and it isn’t available in my city, although there is discussion about the possibility of them coming in. Government regulations for taxis (geared around safety primarily) are a hurdle, but I also think existing taxi boards are lobbying against them.
    Donna Janke recently posted…GratitudeMy Profile

  12. I’ve used Uber several times and am a fan. I live in the New York area where every time time I get in a taxi the driver is on the phone for the entire trip. I also sometimes take taxis in Newark where half the time the driver turns off the meter and overcharges you. So for me Uber is not just cheaper, it’s an upgrade. Have had nothing but good experiences with them.
    Ken Dowell recently posted…FridaMy Profile

  13. I’ve ridden in an Uber vehicle a couple of times. I’d never be a driver–after five years of working from home, I’m a maniac when I leave the house, wondering where all these bad drivers come from. HA! Nice info, Jason.

  14. Nice little interview with an uber driver. I openly admit, I oppose them so much.
    Just because you CALL it a social car sharing, does not mean you are not a taxi. Taxi companies have to go through so much regulation to get a license, so should uber drivers.
    But, this is a wonderful post, and thanks for sharing it.
    William Rusho recently posted…The Monster Movie/Horror Host; a History and Tribute.My Profile

  15. We don’t have Uber here in our area so haven’t given them much thought. I do know they are really up against it in Toronto. The taxi drivers have been trying to get them regulated like they are and this has a fair bit support from Toronto City Hall. I’m not sure where that’s going to end.
    With the employment situation the way it is, this would be a good opportunity for some people. Good information.
    Lenie recently posted…Winter Readiness ChecklistMy Profile

  16. Love love love Uber. I really believe it’s cutting down on DUI highway driving and that’s wonderful. But I’d be taking a job to drive MORE in LA? I’d rather stick pins in my eyes : )
    Pamela Chollet recently posted…Enhancing Self-Sufficiency In PreschoolersMy Profile

  17. Short and sweet! Love it! Really got me interested and the message was clear. Thanks for posting. It educated me further about the perspective of the Uber driver.

  18. I would drive if the insurance issues were clearer. Right now there are spots where I feel I would not be covered since there is no special insurance for Uber in my state. I would also get in trouble with my insurance company.
    I also worry I would feel weird having people in my car, but I like the flexibility they offer to work when I am not blogging or at my regular job.
    Julie Davis recently posted…Uberx Driver Partner JobsMy Profile

  19. I’m a current uber driver and I can tell you the idea I can really work when I want and be my own boss is so amazing.

  20. Your survey was really interesting
    It helped me gaining knowledge about the life of an uber driver
    really nice work

  21. Interesting story! Becoming an Uber driver is a great way to make extra money, and I hear the nights are never dull. Nice article! Thanks for putting this up!

  22. In a few years there may be a tv show like “confessions of an Uber driver”

  23. I drive for both Uber, and I’m not making as much as I should. We barely see surges. It’s minimum wage here at best, hope the month of December bring more riders, I live in a small city and rideshare is not popular yet.