5 Tips On How to Enjoy Homecoming Your Freshman Year

homecomingYou’ve made it through the first few weeks of your first semester of college. So far everything is going well for you. You are getting used to living on your own, and you are doing well in your classes. In a few weeks, you will get a chance to experience your first collegiate homecoming. Make sure that you are ready. Homecoming is typically one of the best weeks of the school year. Below are five tips to help you maximize that experience.

Get Enough Rest

Make sure you get enough rest the days before homecoming. You will need it. Depending on where you go to school, there will be events going on all week. You have to make sure you can function and enjoy those events. Get your rest so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Participate in Events

Like I stated earlier a lot of colleges have events every day of homecoming week. Try to take part in as many as you can. They are fun and give you a chance to meet new people at your school. I have some great memories from some of the events that I went to during my Freshman year.

Do Everything in Moderation

This next tip is critical. Do everything in moderation. Don’t party or drink too much. You don’t want to be sick the following week. My first homecoming I had a lot of fun. Honestly a little too much. I ended up being sick for the next four days after homecoming. That wasn’t fun. If you do drink (even though most freshmen are under 21), please do it in moderation. It may be hard not to drink a lot, but your body will thank you later.

Stay Hydrated

With everything going on during homecoming week you need to make sure you stay hydrated and drink enough water. You don’t want to pass out while you’re tailgating or at the game. Drinking enough water will keep you feeling good. Make sure that you have a water bottle with you.

Take Pictures and Enjoy

Last but definitely not least enjoy the experience. Your first homecoming experience should be a great one. Take lots of pictures. I remember my first homecoming. I had a blast. 8ball was one of the artists that performed at our homecoming concert. He rocked it. The tailgate was also very fun.

What other tips do you have? Are you looking forward to your homecoming week?

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  1. I’d re-emphasize moderation. Sometimes freshmen just get carried away with their new-found freedom. That and having loads of fun…put your guard down dear freshman, enjoy your college experience 🙂
    Simon E. recently posted…Barnes and Noble MasterCard® ReviewMy Profile

  2. In addition to do things in moderation, freshman girls in particularly should be reminded to stay safe and stay together. Remember first few months of freshman year are considered “red zone” and girls are at greatest risk of rape and sexual assault. Have fun at homecoming, but remember you are in the real world with real risks involved. Moderation is key.

  3. I would add that you shouldn’t have any pre-determined expectations. Go with the flow and don’t feel like you have to go to all the events or have the “time of your life.”
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…Am I Being Frugal or Cheap?My Profile

  4. I like your points – I just hope the freshmen listen. It’s heady to be away from home – all that freedom – but the moderation angle and girls traveling in groups are truly important. Make sure your homecoming is fun and memorable.
    Lenie recently posted…Beat the MicroBead – Get the AppMy Profile

  5. Just this past week I was at homecoming at Montclair State University because my son plays in a performance drum group that did the halftime show at the football game. I would say there were quite a few students who missed the line about moderation.
    Ken Dowell recently posted…When Big Data Comes Up SmallMy Profile

  6. I feel that moderation is something that we need to practice not only during homecoming but throughout the life.
    I like what Susan said about it, we are living in real world with real risks. It is very necessary for girls to be careful and take all measures to save them from any kind of problem. Parents can play a vital role in guiding their kids.
    andleeb recently posted…How to Prepare for Exam.My Profile

  7. Moderation couldn’t be stressed enough, especially pertaining to safety. Many freshmen stray from good behavior and common sense trying to be adults. Others do as well. Behavior should be deliberate.
    Deidre M. Simpson recently posted…The College Experience: Tradition v. MythMy Profile