20 Random Facts About Me

20 Random Facts About MeWhat’s going on everyone? I hope all is well. I have seen a few of these “20 Random Facts About Me” post show up on some of my favorite blogger’s websites. I figured I might as well join the party. Here goes nothing. I played baseball for two years in high school……..JV baseball in the 9th and 10th grade.

I played baseball for two years in high school……..JV baseball in the ninth and tenth grade.

Baseball is one of my favorite sports. I used to play it all the time as a kid. When I got to high school, I decided to give it a shot there. I played for two years in high school.

I have my BA in Marketing.

I graduated from Savannah State University in 2008 with my BA in Marketing.

2pac Shakur is my favorite rapper of all time.

2pac is my favorite rapper. He has so many classic songs and albums. He’s one of the few artists to drop three classic albums in a row (Me Against The World, All Eyez on Me & Makaveli)

I love to travel.

One of my favorite things to do is travel. I’ve been to several cities in the USA as well as Cuba, Costa Rica & Windsor, Canada. I also had the chance to drive across the country via Interstate 10.

I broke my left arm playing kickball 8th grade.

I can remember this like yesterday. We were in PE class.  I was playing in the outfield during a kickball game. Someone kicked the ball in the air. I tried to catch it. So did someone else. We ran into each other full speed. I blacked out for a second. When I came to, I tried to get up. I couldn’t lift my left arm. That’s when I noticed that it was broken.

Back to the Future is one of my favorite movies.

Who doesn’t like Marty McFly? I can remember seeing this movie as a kid for the first time thinking how cool; it would be to time travel. I watch the Back to the Future movies whenever they come on TV.

Miami is my favorite city to visit.

It’s something about Miami. I love the city and the vibe. I’ve been there either 10 or 12 times. That city is always live.

I love Nike shoes.

In my opinion, Nike makes the best shoes. The quality is excellent.

I once won $1200 on a slot machine in Las Vegas.

During my first visit to Las Vegas, I won $1200 on a slot machine. At the time, I didn’t have a job, so that money came in at the right time.

The Butler Journal has been around since March 2013.

My site has been around for over four years. It’s amazing how much it’s changed over this time. I went from being to beginning blogger to becoming a vet in the game.

I am a huge Prince fan.

I love Prince’s music. It’s damn near the soundtrack of my life.

I hate Sallie Mae.

Many people took out student loans through Sallie Mae. I’m one of those people. I hate Sallie Mae. This lender accounts for nearly half of my student loan debt. At one point, I was so mad at Sallie Mae that I made this shirt.

I love sports.

I’m a huge sports fan. I love the NBA, NFL, and MLB. I try to go to a few games each year.

I interned at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

In 2004, I spent seven months in Orlando interning at Walt Disney World. Those were seven of the best months of my life.

I lived in Savannah, GA for eight years.

As I stated earlier, I attended Savannah State University. After college, I stayed in Savannah for another three years. Savannah is a beautiful city that everyone should visit at least once.

I’ve been to 16 MLB parks.

Including the three ballparks that we’ve had in Atlanta, I’ve been to a total of 16 MLB parks. Every Summer, I try to visit at least two of them. As of this update, I visited three this year. They were Marlins Park in Miami, Sun Trust Park in Atlanta and Comerica Park in Detroit.

I like the taste of whiskey.

Whiskey is my favorite drink. Once I got into my late twenties, I stopped drinking vodka. I couldn’t stomach the taste anymore. Whiskey is so much better.

I was a contestant on The Price is Right.

In 2013, I had the opportunity to be on The Price is Right. It was a hell of an experience.

Selling t-shirts is one of my side hustles.

I’ve been selling t-shirts on and off for 8 years. Some designs do well while others flat out suck. You can view some of my latest here.

I participated in 2 alternative spring break trips in college.

Instead of partying, I went on two alternative spring break trips in college. During one trip, we went to New York and worked in a soup kitchen for a couple of days. During the second trip, we went to Nashville and read to the local kids at the local boys and girls club.

Well, there you have it. Those are 20 random facts about me. What’s one random fact about you?

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  1. This looks like a fun exercise. I may have to try it on my blog. 🙂 Where were your alternative break trips to? Did you win anything good on the Price is Right?
    Susan Cooper recently posted…I Am Grateful: #StoryMy Profile

    • We went to NY/NJ in 2003 and worked in a food kitchen. In 2005 we went to Nashville and participated in a literacy program with underprivileged kids. I won pizza for a year, some cooking items and cash 🙂

  2. LOL! I think you’ve covered it Jason. But I love knowing these 20 facts about you! Even though I have no rapper on my favorites list:)
    Jacqueline Gum (Jacquie) recently posted…DIY…Where’s The Justice?My Profile

  3. I love the “twenty facts about me” idea. I am also a fan of Prince and I lived for many years in Miami. Cool that you were a contestant on The Price is Right! Really interesting!
    Michele Harvey recently posted…Ethics in Life CoachingMy Profile

  4. Quite the collection! I lived in Orlando and Miami Beach and worked at the Hilton at Disney World. I love Nike shoes, too and I always wanted to be on a game show! Fun facts.
    Laurie Hurley recently posted…3 Mindset Blunders That May Be Holding You Back From SuccessMy Profile

  5. Hi Jason; Yes, what jobs did you have during your internship? what position did you play? did you visit either of the mlb parks in texas? And what do you have planned for this year that will make a future 20 facts list? take care, Max
    maxwell ivey recently posted…First listings first big sale and first hard lessonsMy Profile

    • During my internship I worked in the strollers section, photography store and delivery services. I played left and right field. I visited Minute Maid Field in Houston. I have a few things planned this year but I’m keeping them under wraps 🙂

  6. The fact that you put you hate Sallie Mae on this list lmaoooo.
    Niekka McDonald recently posted…My Summer FavoritesMy Profile

  7. Hi Jason – what a neat list. You have had an interesting life so far and you’re still so young – imagine what the future will hold if you continue in the same way. Great getting to know you better.

  8. William Rusho

    That is very interesting.
    Just list who you are, in a simple way. I know sometimes we get into this big description of who we are, and we should just write a list. Wonderful

  9. What a good idea. Love to has some background of the person who is the writer behind the blog. You said you have “I lived in Savannah, GA for 8 years.” Do you still live there now?
    Arleen recently posted…How TD Bank Shows Customer AppreciationMy Profile

  10. Hey Jason, cool list…I also won a decent amount on a slot machine in Vegas. It’s a great feeling. Savannah is a gorgeous city and hope the Price is Right was good to you. All the best.
    Tim recently posted…Disappearing LisaMy Profile

  11. This is fun Jason! I watch TPIR almost every morning – how fun that you were on and won things! Did you really eat that pizza for a whole year? lol
    I too like the taste of whiskey…and wine and beer! Prince is cool too! I enjoyed learning these factoids about you! Thanks for sharing them!
    Pamela Heady recently posted…Celebrating National Farmers Market Week!My Profile

  12. Mina Joshi

    Good to know 20 things about you. I like Nike shoes and Miami city too.

  13. What was your favorite of the 9 major league parks you’ve visited? I haven’t been to quite that many unless you counts stadiums that aren’t there anymore. My favorites are Camden Yards and PNC in Pittsburgh.
    Ken Dowell recently posted…Digital Deception: Is Uncle Sam a Hacker?My Profile