Ebay Update 5/13

ebayThe Ebay hustle has been going pretty well. I’m learning more about what items sell the most. I am also finding out the best way to price items. The sales have still been going pretty good. I have been going to thrift shops and yard sales to get inventory. Below is an item that I purchased at a yard sale for $0.50. It sold for $12.00!


Purchased for $0.50 Sold for $12.00

Purchased for $0.50
Sold for $12.00

If I can make 24 times what I paidĀ on every item that I am selling, my debt repayment would be over much quicker. Until that happens I will keep chugging along. Here are some of my current items that I am selling.

Bobby Flay Sevilla Mugs

Baltimore Orioles Mug

L Ron Hubbard Book Lot

Rosanna Dessert PlatesĀ 

Retro McDonald’s NBA Cups

Ninja Turtles Lunch Box

Beanie Babies

Cooperstown Collection Philadelphia Phillies Jacket

3 Athletes Picture Set

How are your side hustles coming along?


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  1. Great to see your initiative Jason. I don’t sell on Ebay but a close friend has built a good sideline selling old vinyl, while my son has this past year done quite well with machine tools and electronic components. He now has a separate site for domain names as I guess he feels the need to differentiate the branding. Your list seems to have a high percentage of endorsement merchandise and this is a huge field so I expect you will do well.Though I’m sure you know the 24x mark-up will be the exception, good margis are certainly available when the product is in demand
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  2. That’s an awesome mark up, congrats. My side hustles are going great. As a matter of fact, I made $800 yesterday alone…nothing today so far, but we’ll see how it goes!
    Josh @ CNAFinance.com recently posted…You’re Invited To My PF Blogger BBQ!My Profile

  3. I see people making posts about their Ebay side hustles and I think it’s cool, but I wonder how much your time is worth? How much time did it take you to earn that $11.50 profit?

    Driving to the place to buy it (petrol as well or public transport costs?), then list it online, then package it and send it off?

    I guess it would take more than a hour? Maybe longer? My time is worth a lot more than $11.50

    Just food for thought!
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