5 Tips To Help You Prepare For Summer Classes


Are you thinking about attending summer classes? In today's post, I go over five tips that will help you with preparing for summer classes.

What’s going on everyone? A lot of college students like to take courses over the summer. Some take classes over to get better grades so that their GPA goes up. Others take classes to get ahead. I took summer classes every summer after my first year. I didn’t want to go back home, and I also wanted to continue my education. In today’s post, I go over five tips to help you prepare for summer classes.

Make sure you have money for classes

This is a biggie. You have to make sure you have financial aid available for the summer. Some schools allocate funds for the summer. Some don’t. You will need to check with your financial aid office and see what options you have. If you don’t have any financial aid available for the summer, you may have to pay out of the pocket. For most college students that’s just not an option.

Students can search for outside scholarships at a site like Fastweb. They can also apply for private student loans. If you plan to go that route, I’d check with a bank or credit union first. They typically have better interest rates than many of the other private loan lenders.

Register before the deadline

When it comes to registering for summer classes, you want to make sure you register as soon as possible. Fewer students attend summer school. That means that there will be fewer classes offered. You want to make sure that you get in the class before it is full. It’s usually harder to get your adviser to sign you in a closed course during the summer.

Don’t take too many credit hours

Summer school is typically a time for you to take a few credits and pass them. This is not the time to take 15-18 credit hours. You would stress yourself out. The summer semester usually goes very fast. You probably wouldn’t be able to handle a caseload that big. Also, the class times are longer as well. In my opinion, six or nine credits should be the maximum amount of classes to take.

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Take only classes that you need

In summer school you should only take classes that you need. It makes no sense to spend money on classes that you don’t need to graduate. You will be wasting money. I have heard of people taking classes to help boost their GPA. That’s fine if you choose to do so, but I wouldn’t do it especially during the summer.

Take classes at another school if cheaper

If there is a class or two that you are thinking about taking, it is smart to see if they are being offered at other colleges around the area. Sometimes you may be able to take them at another school for a lower price. That is an option that you can take advantage of if you are strapped for cash.

Those were five tips to help you prepare for summer classes.  If you or someone that you know is attending summer school, make sure that they take heed of these tips.

What other tips do you have for students going to summer school?


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  1. Great idea Jason! Summer is definitely a time for rest and relaxation for students. By keeping it short on credit hours you can still enjoy the vacation break but get ahead for graduation.

    A few important to weigh in on: Whether or not, you want to travel home to parents/family often, whether or not you want to take a serious vacation or road trip, whether you are going to try to work a job (summer was always when I made a little extra to try to squeeze out a living during the school year), etc.
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  2. Before you decide on what school negotiate the campus. See what is the fastest way to get to class, whether it is walking or riding a bike. Always figure out where you classes will be. If you plan to ride a bus, make sure you always have a lot of change.
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  3. Good tips. I was fortunate in that i always had enough student loan money left over from the previous semester to pay for my summer courses. I never took more than one class at a time though. I wanted to still enjoy my summers while shaving a semester off of my college days.