Easy Ways To Save Money

easy-waysto-save-moneyMy debt repayment plan is going pretty good so far. Everything is current. It looks like I will also be able to pay off one of the smaller bills this month.  I will be ahead of schedule. This is a great start. I have also been looking for ways to save money. Below is a list of the things I’ve been doing to save.

Buy food in bulk.

Buying food in bulk has helped me save some money. Since I have been doing this I only go to the grocery store two times a month. Since I live by myself I don’t have to get that much food.

Changed my phone plan.

I was on the Verizon 2 year plan paying about $100 per month for unlimited everything and 2 GB of data.  That was entirely too much so I started doing some research. I found that Verizon has a prepaid plan where I could get unlimited talk, text and 2 GB for $60 per month. My contract ended on August 22nd. I made the switch to prepay on August 23rd.  I had to get a new phone, but it only cost about $60. With this prepay plan I will be saving $40 a month. That comes up to $480 a year.

Unplug appliances that you’re not using.

I have been doing this for the past few months. I unplug some of my electronics if I am not using them or if I’m not in the room. It definitely keeps my light bill lower. You would be surprised at the difference this little trick does.

Use a fan.

If it’s not too hot I use a fan instead of the air conditioner. Most nights I crack open a window and have the fan on low speed. It feels great.

Cook more food at home.

I try to cook at least three or four times per week. Cooking saves you a lot of money. Going to restaurants add up. You have to pay for your meal and at times tip your server. I try to limit going out to eat to once a week or once every two weeks.

Check your cable plan

I realized that I don’t watch half the channels that I am paying for. I basically look at the sports channels, the travel channel, and the weather channel. I talked to my cable provider. They said they will be able to change my plan and lower my bill about $10-$15. I just need to contact them and let them know when I’m ready to change it.

These are some pretty easy ways to save money. What are some ways that you are saving money?

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  1. Congratulations! That’s a great achievement indeed. Continue doing a good job with your savings. Some sacrifices are necessary, yes but in the end everything is going to pay off.
    Marissa@Thirtysixmonths recently posted…How to Sell Things OnlineMy Profile

  2. Excellent tips. One of the easiest things to do has got to be unplugging appliances you’re not using. You don’t give anything up and you save money. 🙂
    Debra Yearwood recently posted…Six Tips for Managing Difficult ConversationsMy Profile

  3. I also try to condense driving trips so I don’t waste too much gas.
    Jeri recently posted…Author Interview: Chad Thomas JohnstonMy Profile

  4. The big winner for me was tracking every expense I had for 2-3 months – after that, I realized where I was blowing all of my money and learned to use a budget to control the spending. It wasn’t one major killer for me, but many of the things you’ve mentioned above along with spending way too much at the bars and restaurants!
    Dan Meyers recently posted…How Much Did We Spend in Nepal?My Profile

  5. Glad to read that your debt repayment plan is going well. Some good money saving tips here! I’ve cut my food shopping down to around half by buying less meat, planning meals in advance and cutting out on luxuries (wine, chocolate, sigh)!

    I changed my utilities provider to the cheapest around, we use less electric and gas these days. I pretty much went through every service provider I had and cut back where I could.
    debtfreeoneday recently posted…Question: What are the key elements of a well designed blog?My Profile