Saving Money On College Textbooks


College TextBooksA lot of college students will be going back to school this month. Many of them will need to purchase books for their classes. Some students purchase their books from their local school bookstore. In my opinion, that’s a bad idea. Books tend to cost a lot more in your school bookstore. There are a few options out there to help save money when buying textbooks.

One thing that you should do is to check with your professor and ask them what books you need for the class. Sometimes they may have three books listed on the syllabus but you may actually only need to buy one. That actually happened to me in college. One book is way cheaper than three.

You can also check with your professor to see if you can use the previous year’s edition. Many times when books are updated they just add a new cover and a few new pictures to the book. The information is usually the same.

Visit off-campus bookstores. They typically have better prices.

You may be able to rent books from your school store as well. Check with them to see if they offer that option.


Below are some websites that you can use to purchase school books from. I can personally vouch for, Amazon, and Ebay. I used all those to get books for a drastically lower price.

Valore Books



Amazon (A subsidiary of Ebay)


Big Words


These are just a few ways to help save money on your college textbooks. I would definitely check them out. It makes no sense to pay $400 for 2 books when you could probably get them for a fraction of that price.  Do you have any other suggestions? If so feel free to comment below.

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  1. thanks for the tips – would you believe that my High Schooler’s history teacher suggested they buy their text this year. So I’m going to check out the links you put up there to see if they have the text – thanks again.
    Joanne recently posted…Taking a University (college) Tour is worth it.My Profile

  2. It is such an expensive venture to begin school. Text books are so expensive. These are great links for students looking to save on school books. 🙂
    Susan Cooper recently posted…Sad Kitty Tale: Story (Podcast)My Profile

  3. I’m taking a graduate class this Fall after eight years of no classes. I noticed the college campus bookstore has a price comparison tool that will show browsers how much a book will cost if bought from various places.
    Jeri recently posted…Free Kindle Books: The Great PurgeMy Profile

  4. I remember having the biggest sticker shock when I bought my first college textbooks. Mind you it was some years ago and I can only imagine how expensive they are now. I have a few more years until my oldest child hits college and every link that I can find is wonderful. Thank you.
    Elizabeth Scott recently posted…User-Friendly Invoice SoftwareMy Profile

  5. I wish we had so many options when I went to school. The only way to save money on textbooks when I went to college was to buy used, and those sold fast.

    Thanks for making me feel old(er)!
    Amanda L. Gehlert recently posted…How to Find Fast Approval for Large Unsecured Bad Credit Personal LoansMy Profile

  6. This brings me back… I loved my university days!

    Textbooks are so expensive, too. It’s nice that you are helping others find ways to save money. 🙂
    Lorraine Reguly recently posted…Waking for Hours: #bookreviewMy Profile

  7. Hello Butler

    Our semester is about to start and yesterday I asked my students to by text book. That is really expensive book so I also advice my students normally to contact seniors and ask old books from them.
    I have saved all the links to share with my students if they can purchase my text book online in cheaper rates. I was wondering though how much these sites will take time to ship book to Saudi Arabia or they will be having some representatives here as well to save time.
    I always try to suggest only one textbook to my students to keep my subject in Budget 🙂 . I use many reference books but I get free copies from publisher on request. I am happy about that :).

  8. Hi Jason – this is such a useful post – you often hear complaints about the high cost of tuition while the high costs of books are seldom mentioned, yet those costs can really add up. When I went to highschool in the late 50’s, we had to buy our books, but the schools always had a week long book sale where students could buy and sell used books. Always thought that was a great idea.
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