What Is A Good Credit Score?

Today's post is titled "What is a Good Credit Score?" I hope you enjoy it.This post is sponsored by our friends at CreditRepair.com.

As you work to build your credit score, it pays to gain knowledge as to what is regarded as bad, good, and excellent credits score. This will give you an idea of where you should aim.

What is a Good Credit Score?

A score between 700 and 749 is considered to be ‘Good’ while a score above 750 is regarded as ‘Excellent’. The average credit score falls between 600 and 750. A high credit score shows better credit decisions. It builds confidence among creditors that you will be able to repay your debts in full as agreed.

Lenders such as credit card companies, banks, and mortgage loan providers use credit scores to determine whether or not they should offer credit to you. They also use credit scores to assess what the terms of the offer will be, in terms of down payment and interest rates.

The Importance of a Good Credit Score

Having a good credit score can help make your life a lot easier than when you have a bad score. Have a look at some benefits of having a good credit score.

It Can Come in Handy When Getting an Apartment

In the recent times, landlords have been using credit scores to screen their tenants. Therefore, a bad credit score, especially when caused by an outstanding rental balance or eviction can really reduce your chance of renting an apartment. On the other hand, with a good credit score, you can save yourself the hassle and time of finding a landlord who will ignore your damaged credit.

It is Easier to Get or Keep a Job

A lot of employers usually conduct credit background checks as a way of determining whether they should hire you or not. If you have not shown financial responsibility, then an employer might show hesitation I hiring you. For instance, they might believe that your debt level is too high for the salary they are offering you. Additionally, employers will also have a look at your credit score before offering you a promotion or pay rise. This mostly happens for executive and financial-related positions.

Better Negotiating Power

A good credit score offers you with the ability to negotiate a lower interest rate on your loan or credit card. If you are in need of more bargaining power, then you can refer to the amazing offers you received from other companies in regards to your credit score. Nevertheless, if you have a low credit score, creditors will not be interested in discussing loan interest rates. Additionally, you might not have the liberty to shop around.

It makes it Easier to Get a Loan

With a bad credit score, you will most likely avoid making new loan or credit card applications since you fear your offer will be turned down. Having a good credit score doesn’t always guarantee approval for a loan or credit card as lenders will always have a look at other factors. However, it offers you with a great chance of being approved. When you have a good credit and you decide to apply for a loan or credit card, then you can do it with a lot of confidence.

How to Maintain a Good Credit Score

As seen, there are a lot of benefits to be accrued with maintaining a good credit score. Here are some tips regarding how to maintain a good score.

Know What a Good Credit Score Entails

The first step to maintaining a good credit score is to know what it really entails. The more knowledge you have, the easier it will be for you to maintain. Factors such as your level of debt, recent credit, payment history, credit age, and mix of credit play a very important role on your overall credit score. Therefore, you have to keep these factors in mind when planning to boost your credit score.

Pay Your Bills Early

This tip applies to all your bills, and not just loans and credit cards. While some bills are not reported to credit bureaus after paying, they could be reported if you don’t pay. This applies even for a small library fee. Due to this, you should consider paying all your bills before deadlines to have a good credit score.

Keep Your Old Credit Cards to Maintain a Long History

There are several reasons why you should keep your old credit cards. Doing this can be of benefit to you as the length of your credit history accounts for 10% your overall credit score. This is mostly critical for older cards since they provide a longer record, which is good when working on your credit score.

Check Your Credit Report For Errors

Having errors on your credit report is not unheard-of. In fact, they are quite common. Due to this, you need to keep an eye on your credit reports and fix those small issues. Doing this might help you maintain a good credit score. It might be worth it to check out sites like Creditrepair.com who can help you improve your credit score.

Keep Your Balances on the Credit Card as Low as Possible

The higher the balance on your credit card, the worse your score is likely to be. Your balance should be around 30% your credit limit for you to maintain a good credit score. Charging over 30% your limit is risky even when you have plans to pay what you owe the issuer after getting your billing statement. Your card issuer normally reports the balance immediately your statement closes. Therefore, if your balance is high, there will be an effect on your credit score even when you pay your balance in full.

There are numerous benefits of having a good credit score such as enjoying lower interest rates on your loans and credit cards. Additionally, a good credit score can help you save a lot of cash on security deposits on utilities, and also on insurance. With our tips on how to maintain a good credit score, you should be well placed to achieving the many advantages associated with a good credit score.

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2018 Goals

2018 has already started out well. My eBay business is booming. I’ve sold seven items already. I have a feeling that this is about to be another great month for me.

Overall, 2017 was a good year for me. I learned a lot about life in general. At the end of December, I looked back over my goals list for 2017 and was shocked. I only completed  38% of then. WTF! In 2016, I completed 57%. That was a 19% drop. That’s unacceptable to me. Looking over my goal list from 2017, I realized that I didn’t complete any of my goals that I wanted to do past September. That just can’t happen again. Below are the two goals that I shared with y’all last January.

2017 Goals

Goal 1 – Have a successful challenge.

Goal 2 – Pay off $20,000 worth of debt.

I’m happy to say that I had a successful challenge last May. The five-day thrifting challenge taught people how to make money from items that they purchase from thrift stores. The challenge had over 70 people sign up when it was initially offered. People responded to it so well that I decided to keep the challenge going all the time. New readers can sign up for it whenever they want to. If you are interested in learning how to make money by thrifting, you can sign up for the challenge here.

I didn’t get remotely close to paying off $20,000 worth of debt. I lost freelance clients and had a couple of months where I struggled with the side hustles. I was frustrated that I didn’t reach that goal, but I learned a few things that will help me this year.

Here are my goals for this year.

Goal #1 – Speak at 2 events.

Goal # 2 – Be under $45,000 in debt by December 31st.

The first goal is to speak at two events this year. I’ve been running from speaking for a while, but I believe that I have a story that people need to hear. At one point last year, I had three different people tell me that I should be a speaker. This happened within a few days time frame. I’m going to get the heck out of my comfort zone and make speaking a reality this year. I have an idea for one place that I want to speak at. I plan to start looking for the second event. If you are in charge of a program or have an event that needs someone to talk to people about debt, college information or side hustles, holler at me.

Goal number two will happen. I paid off over $5000 worth of debt last year. That was the most that I’ve ever eliminated in one year. I’m trending upwards. To get under $45,000, I need to triple that number. I am working hard with expanding my eBay business and I am actively seeking freelance clients again. I have to maintain this focus 365 days. Last year, I let circumstances get me down for a couple of months. That will not be the case in 2018. I will keep on pushing.

Did you complete your 2017 goals? What is one goal that you have for 2018?

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5 Reasons You Should Be Investing With Stockpile


In today's post, I share with you 5 Reasons You Should Be Investing With StockpileThis post may contain affiliate links. Read the full disclosure here

Last year I decided to start investing. My side hustle activities allowed me to have a little extra money. I decided that the time was perfect to start investing. I signed up with a brokerage company called Loyal3. Loyal3 was a trading platform that allowed you to buy and sell stocks for free. They also allowed you to purchase fractional shares. An example of this is if Tesla is trading at $250 per share, you don’t need to invest the full $250 to get started. You can spend $50 and get a percentage of a Tesla share. That worked for me since I only had a small amount to invest.

Things were going fine with Loyal3 until I received an e-mail from them in March. It stated that their company was shutting down in May. It also said that all of their assets would be transferred to a new company called FolioFirst.  While the trades would still be free, each user would be charged $5 per month. That wasn’t going to work for me. I can’t justify having $5 withdrawn from my account each month, especially since I don’t have a lot in there. I had to find a new brokerage fast!

After a couple of weeks of researching, I found a new company to sign up with. It’s called Stockpile. Stockpile was similar to Loyal3, so I decided to give it a chance. Below, I share a few things that I’ve seen since I’ve been investing with Stockpile.

Easy to Set Up

Creating an account with Stockpile is very easy. There are two types of accounts that you can set up. The first one is an individual account. That would be for yourself. The second is a custodial account. That account would be for someone that is under the age of 18. Once you choose your account type, you’d receive an e-mail that would verify your info. Then you would be able to open up your account. Once inside your account, you’ll be able to see things inside your dashboard such as your profile, how to add an account and how to purchase stocks.

Sign up for Stockpile with my referral link and get $5 of FREE stock from any company that you choose

Selection of Stocks

Stockpile has a huge selection of stocks. They have over 1000 of them for you to choose from. They have it set up to where you can view different categories. Some of the categories are fashion, tech, and entertainment. There are many famous companies to choose from such as Microsoft, Walmart, AT&T, and Nike.

Some of the companies that you can choose from.

Fractional Shares

Stockpile offers you the chance to purchase fractional shares. If you’re just starting out with stocks, that is huge. You may not have thousands of dollars to invest. You might want to test the waters out before you jump all the way in. Stockpile allows you to do that. If you want to purchase $10 or $200 worth of stock, you can do it with this brokerage.

Affordable Option

Stockpile is very affordable. It costs $0.99 if you buy stock with cash. If you purchase your stock with a credit or debit card, it will be $0.99 + 3%. It only costs $0.99 to sell your stocks as well.


Something that I like about Stockpile is that it is easy for you to get stock as gifts for people. Stocks are a unique gift idea. They are something that can potentially grow a lot over the years.

As you’ve just read, Stockpile is a good brokerage firm. If you’ve been thinking about investing for a while, it’s time. Stockpile is giving all new investors $5 to help them get started. You can get that deal today by clicking this unique link. It’s never been easier to get started with investing. Your future self will be glad that you did it.

Sign up for Stockpile with my referral link and get $5 of FREE stock from any company that you choose

Have you ever considered investing with Stockpile before?

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20 Blogs to Motivate You in 2018

2018 is going to be a great year. Many people have set goals to do better financially, but they aren't quite sure how to do that. Today, I share 20 blogs to motivate you in 2018.Happy New Year! 2018 is going to be a great year. Many people have set goals to do better financially, but they aren’t quite sure how to do that. In today’s post, I will be sharing twenty personal finance blogs that you should check out. They will get you motivated so that you can have the best 2018 ever.

My Debt Epiphany

Chonce Maddox Rhea created her blog in 2014. At that time she was starting to get more serious about her finances. Her website has several categories including budgets, parenting and side hustles.

Young Adult Money

I’ve been reading Young Adult Money for years. David Carlson started it in 2012. His blog focuses on three ideas which are to make more, save more and live better.

Making Sense of Cents

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner created her blog to help her improve her finances. She was able to pay off $38,000 in 7 months! Now she’s a solopreneur that earns six figures per month.

Side Hustle Nation

Nick Loper is the mastermind Side Hustle Nation. His blog is about everything side hustle related. Besides having a blog, Nick also has a great podcast called The Side Hustle Show.

Financially Fit & Fab

Financially Fit & Fab was started by Tia Chambers. She created the site to help millennials navigate their way to financial freedom.

Club Thrifty

Do you want to travel more, but you’re not sure how to do that? If so, you should check out Club Thrifty. It’s a blog created by Greg and Holly Johnson that will show you how to pay off debt and live the life that you genuinely want to.

The Black Market Exchange

Every couple of month there’s a new money making scam on Facebook. People are always looking for “get rich” schemes. In my opinion, nothing beats good old investing. The Black Market Exchange is an excellent resource that anyone should check out if they want to learn more about investing. Dr. Eric Patrick blends hip-hop and investing to make it more relatable to millennials.


Phroogal is a blog created by Jason Vitug. He helps people achieve their financial goals and live their best life. Jason also does The Road to Financial Wellness Road Trip. It’s an epic trip where he promotes financial wellness across the country. This year’s trip starts in April.

Dear Debt

Melanie Lockert is the creator of Dear Debt. Her blog is about breaking up with debt. She paid off $81,000 in student loan debt. Something that is unique about her website is the section called “Dear Debt Letters.” In that part, different people write letters to their debt. It’s some very good stuff. Reading some of those letters may get you a little emotional. That could be the fire that you need to start paying on your debt.

Kayla Sloan

Kayla Sloan is a blogger and a freelancer. On her blog, she discusses becoming your own boss and making money on your own terms.

Yes I Am Cheap

Sandy Smith is a hustler. She motivates me to keep grinding even when I don’t feel like it. On her blog, she discusses different ways to eliminate debt, make more money and improve your credit.

Super Millennial

I found out about the blog Super Millennial a couple of months ago. Michael Leonard is the creator of it. He wants people to earn more money, develop their passion and to create success.

Smart Passive Income

I’ve been reading Smart Passive Income for a few years now. Pat Flynn has a lot of great content on it. If you plan on starting a podcast or learning more about affiliate marketing, you should check out his site.

Less Debt More Wine

Liz Stapleton’s blog is Less Debt More Wine. Like many of us, she’s in student loan debt, but she’s not letting that stop here. She focuses on paying off debt, managing your money better and still having a life. Even though she’s a Patriots fan, you should check out her blog.

Coach Carson

If you’re looking to get started in real estate, check out Coach Carson. Chad Carson has been investing in real estate since 2003. He educates people about real estate and wants them to retire early.

Wallet Hacks

Jim Wang is the creator of Wallet Hacks. He’s been writing about personal finance for over ten years. His site encourages you to make more money, invest better and enjoy life.

Young Yet Wise

Candice Marie created Young Yet Wise to help her stay on track and learn more about money. As of December 2017, she is debt free! She paid off $47,500 worth of debt. Find out how she was able to do that by checking her blog and YouTube videos.

Tay Talks Money

Taylor is a Certified Financial Education Instructor and owner of Tay Talks Money. She wants millennials to stop struggling financially so that they can start taking risks and enjoying their life.

My Work From Home Money

A lot of people have dreams of one day working from home. Joseph Hogue’s site, My Work From Home Money is a great resource to help you get started. Joe started side hustling in 2006. In 7 years his work from plan went from side hustle to full time.

Personal Profitability

Eric Rosenberg is the owner or Personal Profitability. His mission is to help people earn more money, spend it thoughtfully, grow their wealth and live a better life through mindful personal finance.

If these 20 blogs don’t get you motivated this year, then I’m not sure what will. If you set a goal or resolution to do better, it’s time to make it happen. The bloggers who I profiled in this post are doing it. You can too.

What’s stopping you?

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December 2017 Debt & Life Update

December 2017 Debt & Life UpdateThis post contains affiliate links. Feel free to view my disclosure here.

December was a good month for me. It was pretty busy because of the holidays and stuff. I’ve been off work since the 20th, so I’ve had time to work on content and do things around the house. I’m really enjoying this time. I’m using it to get ahead.

My eBay sales are still going well. I sold the last Notre Dame mug for $22.50. I made over $140 on the six mugs. I paid $11 for them. Below is a picture of the mug and another sale that I had this month.








The watch was a gift that I received 5 or 6 years ago. It was collecting dust. $15.99 was a good profit to me.

Have you thought about selling on eBay? If you need help, check out my course “The Beginner’s eBay Course. It has six modules that will teach you how to sell on eBay.

Posts That You May Have Missed

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8 Financial Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids & Teens

Six Side Hustles That I’ve Done

I love blogging. I’ve been doing it for a few years now. A lot of doors have opened because of it. I’ve also met some really cool bloggers out there.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog, the time is now.  Check out my step by step guide to creating a website with Bluehost. Use my link to get your hosting for as little as $3.95 per month (this low price is only available through my link). It usually costs $7.99 per month. You also get a free domain when you sign up through my link.

For the first time in a while, my debt has increased. While I’m slightly disappointed, it’s not the end of the world. I just have to do better next year. My debt went from $60,626.02 to $61,428.64. That’s an increase of $802.62.

BOA – Up to $1200

Loan 2 – Down from $2640 to $2340

Navient – Down from $23,187.87 to $23,093.39

Nelnet – Down from $34,798.15 to $34,795.25

Nooooooooo. My nemesis has returned to the list. I was doing so good and not using my credit card. A couple of things happened, and I didn’t feel like using my emergency account because they weren’t emergencies. The first thing was Fincon. I used my credit card for my FinCon hotel. I’ve put most of that money back on the credit card. Medical bills and state taxes are the main reason the credit card debt is so high. The good thing is that it won’t be here for long. I know that it will be back to zero no later than April.

I plan on making that happen, by selling more things on eBay and getting a couple of consistent clients. I will network with other bloggers to see if they know of any opportunities. I also plan on getting back on Upwork. I haven’t check that site in months. There have to be less low ballers on there now. Regardless, I will make it happen.

I hope that everyone had a good December. I time to get ready for a successful 2018.

How was December for you?

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2017 Year in Review

This is my 2017 year in review. It’s that time of the year. It’s time to do a bit of reflection. 2017 was an interesting year. A lot of things happened in 2017. Some were good, while others were bad. I learned a lot from them. Overall, I am happy with my progress this year.


This year I only accomplished 38% of my goals. That’s not good considering the fact that I finished over 50% of them the last two years. For next year I’m setting a smaller number of goals. They will be tougher though. I have to continue to push myself and get the hell out of my comfort zone. I will force myself and get out my comfort zone. I will get into more detail about my 2018 goals in January.

I shared two goals with y’all at the beginning of the year. They are listed below.

  1. Have a successful challenge
  2. Pay off $20,000 worth of debt

In May, I had the five-day thrifting challenge. This was my first time doing a solo challenge. I had over 70 people sign up for it. It was well received. The challenge did so good that new readers can sign up for it whenever they want to because it’s always available now.

As far as the second goal, I didn’t get anywhere near paying off that amount a debt. I just didn’t make enough money this year.

My Debt

My debt went from $66,495.50 to $61,428.64. That was a decrease of $5069.86. Before I calculated, the numbers a couple of days ago, I didn’t think I did so good, but I paid off the most debt since I’ve started the repayment journey. Last year, I only paid off $3423.68. I’m trending upwards. Next year, I will get closer to that $20,000 goal.

This year I eliminated my credit card debt only to get back in it a few months later. I ended up using my credit card to book a hotel stay a few months ago, but the majority of this new credit card debt is from medical bills (nothing serious) and state taxes. I hate that I had to add this back to the debt chart. I will make it a point to eliminate it sooner than later.


After using my passport twice last year, I didn’t get any stamps this year. I went to Miami, Detroit, Dallas and New Orleans. I did go to Canada for a few during my trip to Detroit, but the passport wasn’t stamped. I enjoyed all of the trips, but two of them stuck out, and they were Detroit and Dallas. It was my first time visiting Detroit. I had no expectations before visiting, but I had a blast. Check out this post I wrote about Detroit a few months ago.

It was also my first time going to Dallas. I was there for FinCon. I learned some new things that I can apply to my business. I also got a chance to network with my blogger buddies. I got to see a little bit of the city of Dallas as well. Other than all the Cowboys memorabilia, I liked what I saw. I have to make a return visit there within a year or two.

Freelance Situation

At the beginning of the year, I was doing well with freelancing. I had a few clients, and things were sweet. I was bringing in anywhere between $1000 – $1400 per month freelance writing. Then April happened. I lost all of my clients within a 6-week time frame.

At the time, I was a little frustrated because my main client let me go a couple of days before the next month started. The other clients let me know in advance so that I would be prepared. To be honest, I was beginning to have a love and hate relationship with freelancing. I loved the money, but I hated all the time it took. I wasn’t able to put as much time as I would have into my site and side hustles.

From May – September, I didn’t do much freelancing. I didn’t feel like pitching or anything. I took that time to work on my stuff. I am at the point where I feel like I have balance. I started freelancing (a little bit) again in November. I’m looking for a couple of clients that will allow me to work with them for the foreseeable future. I know that freelancing isn’t my end game, but I do enjoy writing. It will also help me eliminate my debt quicker.


This has been the best year ever for me in eBay sales. I became more serious about it. I joined a few eBay related Facebook groups and subscribed to a couple of eBay blogs and YouTube channels. I also started researching more items and visiting more thrift stores. Doing that helped me grow my eBay income.

Because I shared my success and tips of social media and my website, I began to get multiple questions about eBay. I put together a course titled The Beginner’s eBay Course to help new sellers out. For more info, you can check it out here.


Selling t-shirts on Teespring is something that I have been doing since 2015. I got my first sale last year. 2017 has by far been my best year selling shirts on Teespring. I came up with more designs and promoted them better. Because of that, I had more sales. By the time this post goes live, I will probably have sold another shirt or two. Check out my Teespring store here when you get a chance.

The Butler Journal

I started doing a website audit earlier this year. I deleted a 4th of the content. A lot of those posts were trash. They were 300 words or less, and they provided no value. I’m still working on the audit. I’m updating the images in a lot of my post. I’m also making sure that I’m using the best SEO practices.

I want TBJ to continue to grow and be an excellent resource for people. 2017 was a good year for my site. I do not doubt in my mind that 2018 will be better.

How was 2017 for you?

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Top 10 Posts of 2017

This year, I wrote a lot of good articles. Today, I want to share with you the top 10 posts of 2017. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. A few more days and we will be in 2018. Before we get there, I can’t let y’all forget about 2017. This year, I wrote a lot of good articles. Today, I want to share with you the top 10 posts of 2017.  They aren’t in any particular order.

100 Things to Sell on eBay

This post gets a lot of traffic to the website. In the article, I go over 100 things that you can sell on eBay. If you need some suggestions, make sure you check it out,

How to Sell Shirts on Teespring

If you’re a long time reader, you know that one of my side hustles is selling t-shirts. Over the years, I’ve tried different platforms such as Spreadshirt and Sunfrog. Br far, Teespring has been the best place for me to sell my shirts. In this post, I give you different steps on how to sell shirts on Teespring.

10 Posts That Will Help Your eBay Business

I’ve been selling on and off with eBay for 9 years. I’ve learned quite a few things through trial and error. I’ve written about eBay a lot on the blog. I put together my best eBay related articles in this roundup.

40+ Ways to Make Extra Money This Month

Are times hard for you? Do you need any extra money? In this post, I go over 40 ways that anyone can make extra money this month. These are legit ways. You don’t have to worry about seeing a link for tummy tea or World Ventures on this list.

8 Places to Sell Items Online

EBay isn’t the only place where you can sell items at online. In this post, I go over several places to sell things including Craigslist and Offer Up. If you sell on eBay, there’s no reason for you not to sell on other platforms.

My Trip to Cuba

I went to Cuba in December of 2016. It was the second time ever using my passport. Cuba was an interesting place, to say the least. Check out the post to read the review of my trip.

5 Reasons You Should Be Investing With Stockpile

This year I started investing. I used Loyal 3 as my broker. They had great fees and were easy to use. They shut down in May, so I had to find a new place to invest my money. I found Stockpile and couldn’t be happier. Make sure you check out my review of their company.

21 Experts Share What Their First Side Hustle Was

Have you ever wondered what some of your personal finance bloggers first side hustle was? In this post, I share with you what 21 experts first side hustle was. There were a couple of interesting ones. If you are considering a side hustle, you can use this post as motivation. You might even find a new one after reading it.

Why You Should Start a Blog

Have you thought about starting a blog, but haven’t done it? What are you waiting for? In this post, I go over several reasons that you should start a blog.

10 Things They Don’t Tell You About Blogging

Everyone thinks that blogging super easy. Some think that they can create a site and boom, have thousands of views each day. It doesn’t work like that at all. In this post, I tell you things that others won’t when it comes to blogging.

I hope you enjoyed these ten posts. More good content to come next year!

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