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5 Ways Students Can Make Extra Money

College students typically don’t have that much money. A lot of them remain content and continue to live the broke student lifestyle. Between classes and other activities, a lot of students may think they don’t have the time to make … Continue reading

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5 Reasons That You Didn’t Get the Job

Most people are not offered every job that they interview for. I know I wasn’t. I interviewed with 6 companies before I was hired for my recent position. There are numerous reasons why you may not get a job that you … Continue reading

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20 Companies That Are Currently Hiring In Atlanta

There are a lot of people that are still unemployed out there. I know its hard. Don’t give up. I’ve done some research and found 20 companies that are currently hiring in the Atlanta area. If you need a full … Continue reading

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Summer Jobs for Teens

Now that school is over, I know that a lot of teenagers are not trying to stay home during the summer. There are numerous opportunities for them to find work for the summer. Below are 8 different jobs that you … Continue reading

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