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5 Uses For Your Tax Refund

  What’s going on folks? It’s that time of the year. It’s tax season. Are you ready? I’ve had times where I received big refunds before. I’ve also owed money. Everybody’s situation is different. Many people in the country choose … Continue reading

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5 Spring Break Destinations

March is a few days away. Can you believe it? Time is going by pretty fast. If you are a college student, you usually can’t wait until March. It’s the beginning of spring break season. I know I couldn’t wait … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve Destinations

For the last eight years, I’ve taken a New Year’s Eve trip. In 2005 I didn’t want to bring in 2006 in the state of Georgia specifically Atlanta. I love my hometown, but I didn’t want to see “The Peach … Continue reading

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Planning a Cross Country Trip

My cross country trip starts today. I will be going from Atlanta to Jacksonville to Los Angeles then flying back to Atlanta. I am really excited. I didn’t just jump up and decide to go cross country last week. It … Continue reading

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6 Budget Travel Tips

Summer is my favorite time to travel during the year. During the last few summers I have been to Chicago, Milwaukee & Washington DC just to name a few. You don’t have to go broke because of a summer trip. … Continue reading

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