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Student Loan Repayment 101

Student loans are my largest debt. I’m not the only person that has them either. According to the Wall Street Journal the average class of 2015 graduate with student loan debt will have to pay back a little more than … Continue reading

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November 2015 Debt Update

What’s going on everyone? I hope y’all had a good Thanksgiving. This is my November 2015 debt update post.  Since January, I’ve been actively paying off my debt. I plan on paying that debt off by October 17th, 2018. That … Continue reading

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September 2015 Debt Update

It’s a little pass the middle of the month. You know what that means, another debt update. Today’s post is my monthly debt update. I decided last year that I wanted to pay off my debt sooner than later. Since … Continue reading

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July 2015 Debt Update

Today’s post is my July 2015 debt update. I’m still on it. I’ve been making payments each month on each of my debts. I started this journey with over $72,000 worth of debt. My plan is to have it paid … Continue reading

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10 Tips for New Graduates

For a lot of college seniors, May is a great month. They have the opportunity to walk across that stage and get their degree. The years of hard work have finally paid off. You are now a college graduate! Be proud of … Continue reading

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February 2015 Debt Update

  Hopefully, February has been a good month for you. Here is my debt update. | Create infographics My total debt went from $72,703.05 to $72,194.17 which was a decrease of $508.88. That was good for this being the 1st … Continue reading

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What Would You Do Different About Your College Experience?

When people say that college will be the best time of your life, most of the time they are correct. I had a GREAT college experience. I was there for a few years (5.5 to be exact). I learned a … Continue reading

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