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Networking During Your Job Search

  One of the most powerful tools that you can use when looking for a job is networking. Networking is interacting with other people to exchange information. One of the primary purposes for that is to identify job leads. The … Continue reading

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October 2014 Update

On my previous post titled 31 Life Tips, my last tip was “Never Give Up.” After seriously looking for full-time employment since February, I start a new job the 1st week of November. I never gave up looking even though … Continue reading

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August 2014 Update

  Can you believe that it’s already August 1st? That means a few things. Football will be here soon. Classes will also be starting soon for students. It also means that summer is winding down. So far my summer has … Continue reading

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20 Companies That Are Currently Hiring In Atlanta

Hello, everyone. If you are looking for a job, stay focused. Don’t give up. Your next job could be on the way soon. I’ve done some research and found twenty companies that are currently hiring in Atlanta. If you need … Continue reading

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December 2013 Debt & Life Update

I hope everybody is doing well this week. Last week I posted my first blog carnival and my first guest post. The last few weeks have been interesting. I had a death in my family and my part time income … Continue reading

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Holiday Seasonal Work

This year is going by very fast. It is already November. In a few weeks, it will be 2014. During this time of year, certain companies tend to hire people for holiday seasonal work. Seasonal work is work that is … Continue reading

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Summer Jobs for Teens

Now that school is over, I know that a lot of teenagers are not trying to stay home during the summer. There are numerous opportunities for them to find work for the summer. Below are 8 different jobs that you … Continue reading

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