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Getting an Item Removed From Your Credit Report

This post was originally featured on Dinks Finance. What’s up people. I’ve discussed credit on this site a few times. A good credit score is something that we should all strive for. In previous articles, I’ve discussed the average credit … Continue reading

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Pulling Yourself Out of a Credit Hole

With the global economic crisis of this last decade, far too many people have found themselves in such a deep credit hole that they can’t visualise a way out. And it is not just deadbeats and ne’er-do-wells who are finding … Continue reading

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Top 10 Posts of 2014

Here are the top 10 post of 2014. 1. Atlanta Greek Picnic Do’s & Don’ts  2. 20 Companies That are Currently Hiring 3. 10 Things Every College Freshman Should Have in Their Dorm Room 4. 31 Life Tips 5. 10 … Continue reading

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Getting Your Credit Score In Order

Many people have heard the word credit score.  Some don’t know or understand what it exactly means. According to investopedia.com a credit score is a numeric expression of a person’s creditworthiness that is used by lenders to access the likelihood … Continue reading

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