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Side Hustle Series: Have You Considered Blogging?

Good Morning everyone. Today’s post is the third installment of my side hustle series. In this series, I will be highlighting people who are making money via a side hustle or their own business. In today’s installment, I interviewed Choncè, who … Continue reading

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My FinCon 16 Return on Investment

After reading a post from Michelle, where she discussed her FinCon 16 return on investment, I figured that I should write mine as well.  This was my second time attending FinCon. After my first one in 2015, I knew that … Continue reading

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#1KHustle Challenge Week 2 Update

What’s up, everyone? Week number two of the #1KHustle challenge is almost over. I hope you have been having a great week side hustling. Hopefully, you made strides to get to your goal this week. This week has been pretty … Continue reading

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Why Wait? Start Now!

What’s going on everyone? It will be 2017 in little more than two months. Many people are getting prepared to write down their goals for the upcoming year. I have a question for you if you’re one of those people. … Continue reading

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The 5 Year Letter…What is it?

The 5-year letter is an interesting concept. I found out about it a few years ago. It’s when you write a letter to yourself five years in the future. A couple of friends and I wrote letters to each other … Continue reading

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The Side Hustle Income Challenge

What’s going on everyone? You may be asking what the Side Hustle Income Challenge is. Crystal from Sophisticated Spender introduced me to this concept. It’s a challenge where you use different side hustles to create extra income. It sounded like … Continue reading

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Mid Year Goal Update

Can you believe that July is almost over? Another month in 2016 is almost gone. I’ve been seeing bloggers all month post the mid-year goal updates. I figured that I might as well do mine. I didn’t share many of … Continue reading

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