Networking During Your Job Search


Networking During Your Job SearchOne of the most powerful tools that you can use when looking for a job is networking. Networking is interacting with other people to exchange information. One of the primary purposes for that is to identify job leads. The more people that know you are looking for a job, the better your chances are to find out about opportunities. I’ve been able to get at least two jobs directly due to networking.

When you are networking with people, you have to make sure that you have a quick elevator speech about yourself. Your elevator speech should include your name, your job, your current situation and opportunities that you are looking for. Networking during your job search is critical when you are looking for a new gig.

Here are a few people that you can network with:

Friends & Family

Don’t be afraid to let your friends & family know that you are looking for a job. Pride will allow you to continue to be jobless. That’s not what you want. Tell them your situation. They may be able to get you an interview or even get you hired places. When I was unemployed three years ago, I let people know that I was looking for a new gig. A couple of friends were able to get me interviews with their perspective companies.

Former co-workers

If you still keep in contact with some of your old co-workers, contact them. Their current job may be hiring.

Barber or Hairdresser

Good barbers or hairdressers have a lot of clients. Their customers may come from all walks of life. They can reach out to them and see if they know anyone that’s hiring.

Church members

Church members are good people to network with as well. Some of them may have their own businesses, while others may be managers or supervisors.

Career Counselors at school

If you are still in college, you can contact your career counselors. They should be able to have several leads for you depending on what your major is. That’s their job. Check with them a couple of times per year to see what opportunities that they may know of.

Above were people you can network with. It doesn’t stop there. You can also network at different places. Below are a few of them:

Your job

The first place that you can network at is your job. If your company is big and has several departments, you should take the time to meet people in those departments. They may be able to let you know about opportunities as they arise.


A lot of influential and successful people attend worship. Besides worship service, other events happen in the Church such as Bible study and committee meetings.


Believe it or not, you can network on the internet. Social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn has allowed this happen. On both of these sites, you can make groups. I’m in a couple of groups that helps people look for employment opportunities. If you have a certain degree or if you’re in a fraternity or sorority, you should find a few groups out there for you.

Social Events

Before people have one too many, mingle with the guests at these events. Have some business cards ready to pass out. Make sure that you get a few from the attendees as well.

Volunteer activities

The final place to network with someone is during volunteer activities. You never know who you could meet out there.  Be ready to introduce yourself and talk with people if need be.

After you make your contacts keep them informed about your job search status. Make sure you answer e-mails and phone calls in a timely manner. Be ready to help others when they are looking for a job. Also, send thank you notes to show you appreciate their time and efforts.

These are just a few tips to help you with your networking during your job search.

Do you have any other helpful tips? Have you every networked to get a new job?

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  1. Nice post, Jason – we should take advantage of all opportunities as they unfold. I would add as a place to network the line in the store… or in the elevator (i used to live on the 17th floor so i had plenty of chances to network with neighbors and their guests while climbing up and down the building LOL)
    Diana recently posted…What Skill Tests to Take on Freelance WebsitesMy Profile

  2. Great tips. This post can easily be used for networking for bloggers and entrepreneurs as well. Thanks.
    Chris & Angela recently posted…Saving a Woman From Being Run Over By a MinivanMy Profile

  3. Good solid advice Jason. There’s nothing as effective as networking to get you a job even if it doesn’t work out immediately it can benefit you later on.
    Debra Yearwood recently posted…8 Tips For Managing Workplace BulliesMy Profile

  4. I have been giving my daughter this lesson recently. As a young adult trying to get better opportunities it’s important to put yourself in front that can possibly put you in front of the right people. I’m also giving her a lesson on work ethic because when that opportunity opens you don’t want to mess it up because you are not willing to work hard. I had to explain why its important for her to network with the 35 and older crowd as well. These are the people hiring you can’t just know people in your age group (that just makes you popular lol) they can really help you because they are in the same boat.
    Niekka McDonald recently posted…Finding My IdentityMy Profile

  5. Networking is indispensable whether you are a student or already in the workforce. Nowadays who you know matters a lot in landing that job or deal of your dreams. You do raise awesome potential networkees 🙂
    The key to networking as I see it, be genuine. Don’t network only when you need a favor, do it always, keep up with people, help them when you can and it will all come back in your favor when you need it.
    Simon @ Modest Money recently posted…Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard ReviewMy Profile

  6. The last big career move I made, from the insurance side to the services side of our company, came from talking to a friend after church one day. It just so happened he knew of someone hiring for what I was looking for, and the rest is history! Never underestimate anyone in your network. You never know who knows who, or who knows of an opportunity at a random time.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…Comment on 14 Smart Things to Do With Your Tax Refund by Rachel FoxwellMy Profile