#1KHustle Week 4 Updates

1k-hustle-w4Week 4 of the #1KHustle Challenge is almost over. I’m happy to say that I reached my goal this past Wednesday. I’m ecstatic! This is the highest side hustle income month that I’ve ever had. The crazy thing is that there is still a week to go. There is still time to make¬†more money¬†and get to your goal. Even though I’ve reached the $1K for the challenge, I’m still going hard this last week

I plan to continue with my eBay items. I still have about 30 items up. I’m also going to be working on some promo ideas for my tees. I know that I can do good with them. I just have to find the right design and promotion strategy. Once I do that, it’s on an popping.

How did you do this week? What are you planning to do next week?

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  1. I tried to sell something on OfferUp and Facebook marketplace and I’m not a huge fan of either. I’m thinking I’ll stick to eBay. I like how you don’t have to try to meet up with people on eBay, it’s a little more expensive to sell there but it’s worth not have to use all that extra time and effort responding to people who will never show up or are just playing games.
    Congrats on reaching you $1,000!!!
    I’ve got some catching up to do! lol

    • I tried Offer Up. To keep it real, it sucks. For me Craiglist and eBay are the best two ways to sell online. You still have a couple of days to get to the #1K!

  2. Very cool Jason and congrats on reaching your goal! I love the #1khustle because an extra $1k in side income can have a material impact on pretty much anyone’s life. Nice to see you inspiring others to go after it.
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