The Side Hustle Income Challenge

side hustle income challengeWhat’s going on everyone? You may be asking what the Side Hustle Income Challenge is. Crystal from Sophisticated Spender introduced me to this concept. It’s a challenge where you use different side hustles to create extra income. It sounded like a great challenge so I figured that I’d join in. The amount that we want everyone to raise is an extra $1000. We are co-hosting the challenge from Oct 3rd – November 4th. That gives everyone 5 weeks to get your hustle on. The extra money can be used to pay off debt, start an emergency fund or even use it to pay for early Christmas gifts. Crystal and I will both be participating in the challenge. Before I continue, here are some words about Crystal.

She blogs over at and she side hustles her ass off! She currently has a few side hustles but felt it was time to take it to the next level.

How she plans on winning:

Motivation-She picked 3 hustle songs and will start her day listening to them and will throw one on when she’s feeling unmotivated.

Freelancing– She plans on stepping up her freelance game and get at least 3 high-quality articles out the door this month.

Webinar #1– She loves to sew and realizes that it’s time to take her to the internet. She plans on hosting 1 paid online sewing webinar.

Webinar #2– She started 2 blogs now and she wants to show others how to do it too. She plans on hosting a free “start your own website” webinar.

Notice the key word was “PLAN.” You will NOT beat me (or Jason) if you don’t have a PLAN!

She is focused and ready to go y’all. Below are the rules:

You can pick any side hustle that you like.

You can have multiple hustles.

Only side hustle income will be counted.

Updates will be featured on our sites every Friday.

Week 1 – Sophisticated Spender

Week 2 – The Butler Journal

Week 3 – Sophisticated Spender

Week 4 – The Butler Journal

Week 5 – Both sites

We will be using the hashtag #1KHustle

I will be doing several side hustles such as selling on eBay and freelancing. (I have a client that I’ve been writing for nearly 11 months. To push myself harder I will not include that income in this challenge).

To make things even more fun, we will be giving a $50 amazon gift card to the person who has made the highest amount after the 5 weeks are up. Don’t lie.

If you are interested in participating, please leave a comment with the side hustles that you plan on doing. Feel free to reach out to one of us for side hustle ideas. We’ve pretty much done it all and would love to share our experiences with you!

So we ask…how do you PLAN on #winning?
Let’s make this money y’all.

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  1. Let’s Hustle!!

    Over the next 5 weeks I’ll be selling items on eBay, freelancing, running a resume writing special, hosting a nonprofit workshop, and (hopefully) launching a virtual product.


  2. I am ready! I hope to have a detailed task list by Monday!

  3. Diane Christin

    Exciting idea! I plan on selling things that I don’t need or use; selling makeup; picking up some odd jobs typing, looking into getting some online selling. ..don’t know anything about it, but I like the idea.

  4. Count me IN!! I have 2 side hustle jobs and i want to pay off an extra 1k in debt this month.

  5. So just need some clarification. I already do a lot of side hustle, can I just use that or do I need to create a completely new side hustle. Either way I’m in I just want some clarification.

  6. I’m down! I’m going to work on promoting my Etsy shop, clearing out my Poshmark inventory, and start monetizing my blog. I’m going to work on a plan and share on my blog!
    Katy @ Making & Saving recently posted…How to Make Money from Your Old DVDsMy Profile

  7. Kaleb Ford

    Im going for it!!

  8. Hi guys! I’m up for participating. I plan on doing business consulting, freelance writing, eBay, and selling created products.

  9. Love this! I’m in. I’m going earn 1k by working to ramp up my freelance writing, driving for Lyft, and further monetizing my blog.

  10. Lets get it! Mainly I will be doing Freelance Graphic Design work and pick up momentum on my blog and selling Tshirts.

  11. Erica Louden

    I plan to hustle with tutoring, eBay, sell No meal plans

  12. Instagram growth and management is my side hustle along with investment education and selling t-shirts. Let’s get it! #1KHustle

  13. I’m in! I plan on achieving 1K+ through sponsored posts and Shopify store.

  14. I’d like to join! I currently have a side hustle as a therapist and bringing in over $1k and putting it all towards debt would be ideal! I also am a blogger and youtuber and maybe I can generate enough traffic to get another adsense payout!
    Shirria recently posted…How I Save Over $800 Doing One Thing!My Profile

  15. I’m in! Selling unused stuff on eBay and Amazon. Rental income. Teaching group fitness. Nonprofit management.

  16. Good on you Jason!

    There is nothing wrong with having one or two business ventures.

    I watched a TV series (UK) called “The Hustle”. It is based on four or five crooks who successfully dwindle people out of their money. At the end of the programme we are shown exactly how they did it. I am always shocked!
    Phoenicia recently posted…Stop worry and anxiety in its tracksMy Profile