10 Things Every College Freshman Should Have In Their Dorm Room

10 Things Every College Freshman Should Have In Their Dorm Room

I know a lot of my upcoming college freshmen are enjoying their summer vacation right now. Before you know it, it will be time for you to start that new chapter in your life known as college. It will be a life-changing experience for most of you especially the ones that leave home and move on campus.

Living in a dorm is a part of the college experience. As a college freshman, everything should be fine as long as you don’t have the roommate from hell.  Here are 10 things that I think every college freshman should have in their dorm.

Alarm Clock

You’re in college now; your parents won’t be waking you up to go to class. You have to do that on your own.  Every college freshman needs to have an alarm clock. Sometimes cell phones don’t work. Most times alarm clocks do.


I actually had a lamp very similar to the one pictured above. Lamps come in handy when you are trying to do some late night studying while your roommate is asleep. You can also move the lamp in the direction that you want the light to go.

Trash Can

Everybody needs a trash can in their dorm room. Trust me you will get tired of hanging bags on the back of your door knob. A trash can helps to keep your dorm room sanitary. Make sure you take out the trash once it gets full.

Bed Lifts

Bed lifts are so clutch for students. They allow you to store more things under your bed by lifting it higher. You can put your suitcases, shoes or just about anything under your bed to create more space. Depending on what school you go to these can be a life saver. Some schools have extremely small dorm rooms for freshmen.

Power Strip

A power strip is something that everyone needs. Power strips allow multiple electrical devices such as a TV, computer or laptop to be powered from a single socket.


A laptop is something else that every freshman should have. Most universities have wireless internet in the dorms. That means that you can get your assignments done without always going to the library.


A student needs to have some down time once in a while. Watching a little bit of TV can help take their minds off the stresses of college.

Mattress Pad

Unfortunately, the beds in dorms are not the best. Some of them can be pretty uncomfortable. Bringing a mattress pad is a must. It will help you get a good night’s rest sleeping on that rock bed.

Storage Bins

Dorms are not the biggest places to live. Storage bins help you make more space. When I was in college they were a life saver. I was able to put smaller things in them and keep the dorm room less cluttered.


No dorm comes with their own towels. Honestly if one did I doubt I would use them anyway. Towels are not that expensive to buy. A good number to have is 5 or 6.

These are 10 things that every college freshman should have in their dorm room. There are more things that they could bring as well. I may do a part 2 of this post later on.



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  1. I would not let my daughter bring her TV! Here are some more – water pitcher with filter, hangers, shower shelf.
    Laurie Hurley recently posted…5 Reasons To Love LinkedIn GroupsMy Profile

  2. I would add earplugs or noise-canelling headphones to that list 😉
    Jeri recently posted…#AuthorInterview: Melissa ReyesMy Profile

  3. Jason- You forgot to mention sheets. I would also suggest not just a mattress pad but a mattress topper.
    Arleen recently posted…Successful Work Life Balance With Flexible Working HoursMy Profile

  4. Hey Jason, I guess number 11 would be a girl but they probably already know that !
    Paul Graham recently posted…The Friday 13 HomegrownMy Profile

  5. Hi Jason,
    I think TV would be a huge distraction from studies, don’t you?
    Obviously, personal hygiene items are necessary too, not just for those who sweat their exams. 😉
    William Butler recently posted…13 Essential Vitamins For Personal SuccessMy Profile

  6. That is a pretty good list. But since I like to eat my number one would be a refrigerator
    Jay recently posted…By: BallNChainzMy Profile

  7. I was thinking along the same lines as Paul. Yes, sheets and hangers are important as you don’t want to get cold or have crinkled shirts but then that brings me back to the same answer 🙂
    Tim recently posted…Bollywood SoundtrackMy Profile

  8. hi jason; I thought this was a good list. I hadn’t thought of the lifts or mattress pad when i was trying to guess what would b on your list; and i should have. one of the few things i splurged on when i was in college was new towels. I went into a department store and bought the second best towels they had. only thing is they bled. and being blind i didn’t know i was waring baby blu underwear until going him for a visit. man the ribbing i took. lol and i don’t think anyone can live without a power strip any mor. looking forward to your next post. thanks, max
    maxwell ivey recently posted…Think I’m ready to be an inspirationMy Profile

  9. I had no idea that they even made bed lifts!!!! I’m getting one for my guest room so I can store some extra things:) Not exactly a dorm room but…:)
    Jacqueline Gum (Jacquie) recently posted…Flirt… Where’s The Justice?My Profile

  10. Hi Jason – this is a pretty good list – wish it had been around when it was time for our boys to go to university. I had no idea that all of that was required and from the comments, even more. Many college bound students will appreciate this.

  11. This could easily turn into a top 20 list and I like what others have added. I’d include flip-flops for showers.

  12. Jason – it’s slightly different in UK. Apart from the stuff you mention, they need bedding, towels, sheets etc. they have to take cooking utensils and serving dishes, washing up liquid, soap powder etc etc…It’s almost like setting up a home for term time. Poor (we do become poor funding them) parents have to help them load and unload stuff after every college year!! Suddenly they have to learn to shop, manage money, do laundry, cook etc…
    Mina Joshi recently posted…Cherry JamMy Profile

  13. Good tips! I would say ear plugs for the late night partygoers. lol
    crystal Ross recently posted…Bicycle tips for the beginnerMy Profile

  14. Great list! You definitely covered all the basics! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Great tips Jason! I’d add laundry bag/basket to this list. And actually now that I’m writing it, I’d get a bag instead of a basket – takes up less space.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…Use this Hack to Make a Quick $25My Profile

  16. Apart from the useful stuff you listed above, many other has been added in the comment box which make this post a best guide for every college freshman.

    Thanks for the list.
    Micheal A recently posted…2016/2017 Resumption Date For Osun State University Iree (Iree Poly) Is OutMy Profile

  17. I would say a surge protector instead of a regular power strip. I know some people are able to take a mini fridge so that may be a good option as well. Thanks for sharing!