Student Loan Repayment 101

Student Loan repayment 101Student loans are my largest debt. I’m not the only person that has them either. According to the Wall Street Journal the average class of 2015 graduate with student loan debt will have to pay back a little more than $35,000. That’s ridiculous. Most of us aren’t able to make a lump sum payment to pay our student loans off, so we’re looking for options. In today’s post, I want to share with you three different repayment options.

Income – Driven Repayment

The 1st student loan repayment option that I want to go over is the income-driven repayment. If your loan payments are high compared to your income, you may want to try one of the income-driven repayment plans. There are four plans that you can apply for, see this infographic/guide for more information. They are the revised pay as you earn repayment plan, pay as you earn repayment plan, income-based repayment plan, and income-contingent repayment plan. The plans are all a little different. You can get more in-depth info on them at

Student Loan Refinancing

The 2nd student loan repayment option is to look into refinancing your student loans. If your interest rates are high, you may want to find another company to refinance your student loans. Refinancing can help lower your interest rates thus reducing your monthly payments. That will allow you to save money and pay the loans off quicker. There are several companies to choose from, including SoFi, Citizens Bank, Earnest, LendKey, U-fi Student Loans, and DRB (see full list). Once you find one that you like, apply to them. If you’re approved, start making those payments and watch the extra money that you will save.

Federal Student Loan Consolidation

The final student loan repayment option is called federal student loan consolidation. Consolidation is when you take one loan and pay off the others. Once you do that, you will make a single monthly payment instead of multiple ones. Loan consolidation can lower your payments and also give you up to 30 years to repay your loan. Before you apply for loan consolidation make sure that it’s the smartest choice for you, see this infographic/guide for more information. If you extend your payments for too many years, you could pay more money than you originally had to.

Paying student loan debt isn’t the easiest. A lot of people struggle with large payments. At least, there are options like the income-driven repayment plan, student loan refinancing and student loan consolidation options. Make sure that you do your research and then choose the best one.

Are you still paying on student loans?

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  1. I feel do sorry for the young people today that are graduating from college with crazy amounts of student loan debt and many that can’t even find employment in they’re field when they do graduate. What a thing to be saddled with a you start out. Hope government does something to remedy this soon. In the meantime, you have great ideas,!
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  2. Both my wife and I chose a 10-year repayment plan and we essentially make the minimum payment (which isn’t a small number!). Pursuing side hustles have been the primary way I have paid down my student loans. I can’t imagine not having the income to offset the monthly loan payments.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…What You Need to Know About Your HSAMy Profile

  3. I just signed up for a $5 income based payment and my loans will be forgiven in 10 year’s

  4. This is awesome! Student loans, on the other hand, are not. Paying off student loans is definitely a big expense to take on, especially at such a young age. With the right financial plan and guidance, though, it can be done! It’s important to thoroughly assess all of your options, as you note here. Very nice! Thanks so much for your insight!
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  5. Students loan is a good thing established to us. The only problem is inability to secure lucrative job to pay back after graduating from school.

  6. Great blog I love the work that your doing! I also help individuals with student loan debt remove default status as well as wage garnishment for free, keep up the good work!