July 2015 Debt Update


Today’s post is my July 2015 debt update. I’m still on it. I’ve been making payments each month on each of my debts. I started this journey with over $72,000 worth of debt. My plan is to have it paid off by October 2018. I have a little over 3 years to make this goal attainable. I plan on doing that with money that I make from my website, my job and other side hustles.  Below is the update for July:

My total debt went from $71,289.73 to $71,078.81.  That was a decrease of $210.92. I’m slowly making strides.

Loan 2 – DOWN from $5960 to $5950


Credit Union Loan – DOWN from $361.09 to $298.45


Wells Fargo Loan – DOWN from $1299.23 to $1250.58


Bank of America Credit Card – DOWN from $3214.01 to $3179.22


Navient – DOWN from $25,760 to $25,666.48


Nelnet – UP from $34,694.45 to $34,734.08

As with almost anything in life, this debt repayment will take some time. I’m fine with that. Below are a few of my previous updates.

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  1. The debt is going down slowly but surely. Keep persevering.

  2. You are doing great…can’t imagine a lot of people would be as proactive as you are Jason. Good job!
    Jacqueline Gum recently posted…Hurt Feelings… Where’s The Justice?My Profile

  3. Debt blows. Paying it off is arduous. But man, when you make that last payment, you’re going to be one happy dude. It’s totally worth the effort and the fact that you’re taking control of the things you can is the first step. Just think, some people don’t even look at their bills because they’re afraid of what’s inside!
    Chris @ Flipping a Dollar recently posted…Boy Scout Books – Flip and a Flop!My Profile

  4. Your credit union loan is almost gone! Keep chipping away at these loans and I’m sure you’ll reach your goal by your debt free date.
    Chonce recently posted…Side Hustles Explored: Simple, Low-Effort Ways to Make MoneyMy Profile