What Doesn’t Sell on eBay?

What doesn't sell on eBayAs you probably know by now, I enjoy selling items on eBay. I have had some pretty good success selling on there the last few months. My eBay posts are usually discussing the items that I buy for a low price and flip for an even better one. Today’s post is different. Every item that I try to sell is not always a hit. I’ve had a few duds. Today I will discuss what doesn’t sell on eBay for me.

Old Colorburst 100 Camera


I saw this camera at a flea market. I figured since it was only $3 this would be an easy flip. Boy was I wrong. I made the mistake of not using my eBay app and checking the recently completed sales of the camera. I checked eBay when I got home and saw at least 100 auctions featuring this camera. The camera was selling from $1.99 – $5.00. I decided to list it anyway. After about five months I stopped listing the item. There were still too many people selling it. I eventually donated it to the Goodwill.

Happy Days Puzzle

Depending on your age I know that you have probably heard of the show “Happy Days.” I used to watch episodes of this show when I was a child. I saw this item for $0.50 at a yard sale and figured what the hell. The puzzle was already opened, but I didn’t think to see if all the pieces were in there. That was a BIG mistake. I got home and attempted to put the puzzle together. There were at least four missing pieces.  Even though I only paid $0.50 for the puzzle, I listed the item anyway. I’m not into losing any money. I was hoping that I would find a die-hard fan of Happy Days that would buy the puzzle even though it had a few pieces missing. Man, I was wrong. I trashed the puzzle after a few months. Note to self, if I ever sell another puzzle I have to make sure it’s new and still sealed.

Timberline Lake by Wilmer Print


I found this item at Value Village for $0.99. It looked interesting so figured I might as well try to flip it. I tried to sell it for three months. The item started off as a buy it now listing. Then I switched it up to a regular auction. After the third month, I stopped trying to sell it. This was one of the least viewed items that I’ve ever attempted to sell. I donated it back to Value Village a few weeks ago.

Coca-Cola Lady Tin


I purchased this tin from a thrift store for less than $2. Looking at it I thought I had hit the lottery. Again, I was wrong. The tin looks like it could be from the early 1900’s. It’s actually from an adverting campaign that Coca-Cola had in the 70’s & the 80’s. This is another item that nobody wanted. I couldn’t even sell it with it being listed at $0.99.

Billy Joel Record


After the success of selling a copy of The Eagles smash hit “Hotel California” I decided to see if this Billy Joel record could do the same thing. This is another item that already had too many listings. People were selling sealed copies of this album. Mine was used. After a few months, I took it down. I may eventually list it again. I have a feeling that I can still sell it.

The good thing about these eBay flops is that I spent less than $8 total on all the items. I learned what items sell for me and which ones don’t. Selling on eBay is always a learning experience. I have a couple of items that I have been trying to sell for a year. I should remove them, but I have hope that they will eventually sell. Just because something doesn’t sell on eBay for me, doesn’t me that you shouldn’t try to sell them.

What doesn’t sell on eBay for you? Have you ever had an eBay flops?

*I recently released my new course titled “The Beginner’s eBay Course.” It’s a must if you are looking to sell on eBay.

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  1. I think it great that you showed the flops…but they aren’t such bad flops and you didn’t have a lot invested. Still, that was pretty brave to show us how you learned by failing just a little!
    Jacqueline Gum recently posted…Platitudes… Where’s The Justice?My Profile

    • I have to show people the truth. I know some folks think that you can go on eBay, list something and make $50 in an hour. Most times that is not the case. It honestly takes work.

  2. When my wife started selling on eBay she actually lost money on a couple of items. I think it’s similar to poker – you won’t “win” them all, but if you focus on volume and learn from mistakes and miscalculations, you will win over time.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…Mid-Year Goals Update: How My 2015 Goals are Shaping UpMy Profile

  3. At least you didn’t loose too much!

  4. When the ex flew the coop and the country twice, I listed a bunch of his fly fishing stuff. Some items went fast, and others did not. I guess it comes down to what is most in demand for fishing gear. I listed my diamond anniversary band 2x on E-bay and it didn’t sell. The first time it did get “bought” at the last minute, but luckily I made sure to check everything out when the payment didn’t come in a couple of days. It was a fraudulent account.
    Jeri recently posted…#Editor: Manuscript Style Sheet SampleMy Profile

  5. I hate dealing with packing everything up and getting postage dealt with (even at home) and such. So I don’t really do that anymore.

    But I have a hobby that I used to finance by buying lots and selling off most of the items, keeping a couple for myself.
    Abigail @ipickuppennies recently posted…Denial ain’t just a river in EgyptMy Profile

  6. Thank you for sharing!

    I sell products online in my local area. It really depends what people are looking for and willing to pay.

    I have never gone down the Ebay route – it seems a bit of a hassle. I did a search one day and was completely overwhelmed by the number of products available.
    Phoenicia recently posted…Five reasons why you need a mentorMy Profile

  7. Jason – thanks for sharing this. I have an eBay account and since we’re getting older we are cleaning out one closet at a time simply because we don’t need all that stuff hanging around and our sons won’t want it – so on to eBay. I listed 4 items, by auction starting at $0.99 and only sold one. The problem here in Canada is that our postage is outrageous, much higher than yours. I will try again this winter, but as I have a 100% positive feedback and want to keep it at that, it’s like you said – a lot of hard work.
    Lenie recently posted…August Sales – Big Savings on School Supplies, MoreMy Profile

  8. Jason, I get the biggest kicks out of your blogs. Your honesty is just great! So what if you flopped on a few? You are out there taking a chance and giving it a whirl and learning what works and what doesn’t. For all that effort, I always say, Bully for you!
    Rose Griffith recently posted…Don’t Miss 2016’s Pittsburgh Vintage Grand PrixMy Profile

  9. Jason I have to say I probably wouldn’t have bought any of those things myself either. The Coke tin looks interesting and I can see how you would have thought you could get something for it. I would have thought to same.
    Ken Dowell recently posted…Jersey Shore Summer – The BoardwalkMy Profile

  10. I have never sold or bought anything on eBay. I’ve read about your successes in the past. I’m glad you shared some of your flops. Also glad that it looks as if you didn’t lose very much money in these. It looks as if a little research is sometimes needed to figure out what will and won’t sell on eBay.
    Donna Janke recently posted…Hermetic Secrets at the Manitoba Legislative BuildingMy Profile

  11. I really have wanted to start buying and selling things on Ebay. I guess the best way is to do some research and jump in and do it. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
    William Rusho recently posted…A Sequel to a Fantasy Novel in the MakingMy Profile

  12. Carrie

    Jeans. I cannot sell them. Lucky brand used to do well. Teens like Aeropostale so those sold- chicos. I’ve just stopped buying them and about to donat the ones I have

  13. Not necessarily a “flop” but a big mistake to NOT do. I have my shipping on clothing set to $3.99 for all items. I did it in a bulk editing. I should have gone back to the items that were heavier like jeans and jackets and revised those to be more for shipping. (at least $10) I sold 2 pairs of jeans recently and I ate the cost of shipping for the most part. Today in fact. The weight of the jeans makes them ineligible for first class shipping so it had to be usps priority. It cost me $10.28 for shipping! I charged $3.99 so I lost $6.29 for shipping. The jeans were only $1 the ebay and paypal fees approx. $2 so I paid out $9.28 and only got $13.99 from customer. I made about $.72. t is still a profit for sure, but once you figure in taxes and tithe (I tithe, I understand not everyone does) I didn’t make much. If I had charged properly for the shipping I could have made more. I sell lots of items that i sell for $10 -$15 and I make around $7 for each but when you sell a lot it all adds up. Just be sure to check your weights on items and charge appropriately for shipping.

    • Paying attention to shipping is very important. When I first started selling, I took several losses because charged too less for shipping. You love and you learn.