My Uber Experience

My Uber experienceI’ve been hearing about Uber for a few months now. From what friends have told me and from what I’ve read it seemed like a good company. If you haven’t heard of Uber, it is a company that allows you to get a taxi or car by using their app on your phone. I’ve known a few people that have used Uber. From what they’ve told me the prices are great. They are typically cheaper than a taxi.

I decided to give Uber a try on my recent trip to Miami. I signed up with them through one of my friend’s referral links. By doing that, I was able to get a $20 credit for my first ride.

Once I got to Miami I opened the app and requested a driver. The app alerted me that our driver would be a lady named “Regina”. It also said that she would be at my location in about 10 minutes.

Once Regina made it to the airport my friend and I loaded our bags into her car and we were off. Regina was a very nice driver. She got us to the hotel without any problem. Regina also told us that she had only been working with Uber for 2 days. She said she enjoyed it so far.

Once we got to the hotel the receipt popped up on the app. The total cost of the trip was $3.42 with the $20 credit applied! That was a damn good deal. Even if I didn’t have a credit, $23.42 would have still been a great price to get 2 people to South Beach from the Miami International Airport. That is much cheaper than a regular taxi or a shuttle.

I am pretty sure I will use Uber again, especially when I’m on vacation. It is safe and it saves money. If you haven’t used Uber before, make sure you sign up for it. If you use this link –> Jasonb2640 it will give you a $20 $15 (Uber recently lowered the amount, but it’s still a great deal) credit towards your first ride.

How was your Uber experience? Would you use them again?


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  1. Glad you had a good experience with Uber. I have a Blackberry…they don’t have an app for Uber. BUT…I did sign up and can access through my web browser on my smartphone. Lots of controversy surrounding them here in CHS, mostly around the lack of regulation and they are still banned from the airport! But I think I will try them at some point…for short trips here in the downtown area where parking and walking can be a hassle. careful with the auto inflated rate for high use times! They can quadruple their price!!!
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  2. Tobias

    Thanks… Very informative

  3. Glad to hear that your first Uber trip went well. $23 is definitely cheap!
    Michelle recently posted…My Decluttering Mission – I’m a Closet SlobMy Profile

  4. I have never heard of Uber but it sounds like something I might use out of town. I love phone apps 🙂

  5. I’ve heart of Uber, but haven’t tried it.
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  6. I have not had of Uber before but it sounds cool.I think i will try them at some point.Thanks, Jason!
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  7. Man, to take a $23 ride for only $3 is a real deal. Call it a lucky ride. Well, it’s only for the first time but it’s good to start a new experience like this.

  8. Ryan

    I am happy that you have all seemingly had a good Uber experience. I until recently have had similar luck with Uber. However this weekend I was introduced to an Uber Policy that was not so pleasant. I live in Austin and I was downtown. I live about 10 miles from 6th street so my usual Uber fair is around $30 to $40. This past Saturday evening, I was charged $177 to take the same trip I always take. Granted, I was out partying Saturday so the details are foggy, but they said I had to acknowledge that they would be charging me a little over 3 times the usual fair, which I do not remember doing nor would I ever agree to since at that point I would just take a taxi. It was pretty disheartening considering that for that kind of money I could have rented a black car for the evening and for another $50-75 I could have gotten a limo for all my friends. I sent a request to speak to a customer service rep and all I received was a generic email telling me about the escalated pricing. I may never use Uber again on general purpose because of this experience. Atleast with a cab I know what the rates are without having to guess or count on the honesty of my driver or a digital application.

  9. I have heard of Uber – It has started to operate in Toronto but since I live in a small rural community west of there it is doubtful I will ever use it. Sounds like your experience was a good one – if they keep that kind of service going I”m pretty sure they will expand and get the regulation problems sorted out (once the bureaucrats etc get involved, I’m pretty sure the price will go up)
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  10. Hello Jason,

    Though I never booked an Uber cab, but I have heard some positive feedbacks from the passengers who have experienced their service.
    Overall, a reliable Cab to try for, I guess.
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  11. I have heard of Uber and in fact there office is just around the corner from my place in San Francisco. There have been a few issues with them in terms of safety; I think a couple of women reported attacks but I am not completely up on the details. I don’t have a phone that I can use so for me Uber is not an option. Glad to hear it worked out so great for you in Miami and that fare from the airport is kind of amazing.
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  12. I’ve also just started using Uber Jason and have had nothing but good experiences. In the New York/New Jersey area prices are about half of what regular cab companies charge. I’ve had nothing but courteous drivers in nice cars.
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  13. I’ve heard of Uber, but have not used them. I’ve heard mixed reviews – I’m glad your experience was good. Uber is not in my home city of Winnipeg although there was talk of them entering the market in late 2014. But, as I understand it, at the moment the laws are such that anyone driving for Uber is driving illegally unless they obtain a taxi licence and conform to all applicable liability and safety provisions. I don’t know if that will change over the next period of time or not.
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  14. I like reading your blog, but I am one of those who oppose Uber with a passion. Thank you for sharing your experience, but I should not state my opinions about Uber on your post.
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  15. This is good to know! I’ve heard of Uber and wondered about it but never knew someone who had personal experience with it. Thanks for sharing!
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  16. Glad to know that your Uber trip went well. $23 is definitely cheap for luxury traveling.