Ebay Update 6/24

ebaySales have been surprisingly slow for about the last month. My average sale has been about $5 not including shipping. That will not cut it. Any money is good money, but no debt is getting paid with that. I listed quite a few new items on Sunday. I have a feeling that they will do well.

Below are 13 of my auctions that are going on right now:

Barry Bonds Figurine

Nike Air Max 2011

Air Jordan XIII French Blue

Ninja Turtles Lunch Box

2 New Beanie Babies

Rosanna Dessert Plates

Snowman Mug

Walt Disney 2000 Animal Kingdom Mug

Ticket to Europe Board Game

Ebony Magazine Jada Pinkett Smith Cover

Lot of 5 “Kicks” Shoe Magazine

Men’s Health Magazine David Beckham Cover

Philadelphia Phillies Jacket

How are you coming with your side hustles???

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  1. I admire your tenacity and hope you do well with your sales on EBay. I have never used EBay or Etsy and know very little about either site, except that they are widely used.
    Michele Harvey recently posted…Traveling Solo Through Chile For Personal Growth – Part 2My Profile

  2. I have never really used Ebay, but I think this is a great idea for a side business. Are there many things around your home that you don’t really use that you could on sell? Even though $5 here and there might not seem like much, it will add up – so keep going.
    Christine Berry – Wealth Way Online recently posted…June Income ReportMy Profile

  3. Dan

    I’d recommend putting a little more focus on your eBay titles, as that’s how people are going to find your items. I’ve written a guide to optimising your eBay titles using a tool called Terapeak, which I think would really help you out: http://www.inbounddan.com/terapeak-review-how-to-increase-sales-on-ebay/