Ebay Sales April

My Ebay side hustle has been going pretty good. I have made a little bit of money. I will be starting my debt repayment back very soon. The majority of the profit I make from the Ebay sales will go towards that. Below are a couple things that I’ve listed and the results.


Air Jordan XII Carolina Blue


Those shoes are 10 years old. They had been sitting at my house for a minute. I decided to list them to see if they would sell. They did. I made $56 off of them! That’s pretty good in my book.

Air Jordan XIII


Those shoes had been worn a whole lot. I listed them thinking that nobody would really buy them. I was wrong. Someone paid $31 for them.

Those two auctions showed me that if you are selling certain things there are buyers even if the item is not in the best quality.

Here are my current auctions:

Vintage Soup Bowls

Happy Days Puzzle

Red Coach Bag

Ohio State University Hologram Cup

Goodwrench Service Shirt

Weapon X Comics

How have you guys been doing with your side income? 

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  1. Never sold anything on eBay. Seems like a lot of work to me, but I am glad you are having some luck with it, Jason!
    Laurie Hurley recently posted…7 Benefits Of Recording a VlogMy Profile

  2. I love eBay and also sell all the time on there! Good luck with your sales! It is a great way to supplement extra income. =)
    Crystal Ross recently posted…Knowing when to leave before my expiration dateMy Profile