10 Colleges/Universities in the Washington D.C. Area

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This month I chose to profile colleges that are located in the Washington D.C. area.

George Mason University

George Mason is a public university that was established in 1957. Their motto is freedom and learning.

Howard University

Howard University is a private, HBCU that was established in 1867. 5 of the Divine Nine were founded there.

American University

American University was established in 1893. Their colors are American red and blue.

George Washington University

George Washington University is a private university that is located in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington D.C.

Georgetown University

Georgetown University was established in 1789. Their nickname is the Hoyas. Some famous Hoyas are Patrick Ewing, Allen Iverson and Alonzo Mourning.

The University of the District of Columbia

The University of the District of Columbia is a public university. It is also a member school of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.

Catholic University of America

The Catholic University of America is a private school that was established in 1887. Their motto is “God is my light”.

Trinity Washington University

Trinity Washington University is a private school. It consists of four schools. They are The College of Arts and Sciences, Trinity School of Education, The School of Professional studies and a school of Nursing and Health Professions.

David A. Clarke School of Law

This public university was established in 1986.

Gallaudet University

Gallaudet is a private school specifically for the deaf and hard of hearing.


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8 More Tips For College Freshmen

shareasimage (10)I’ve written a couple of posts where I give some tips to upcoming college freshmen. You can find one of them HERE. Below are 8 more tips for freshmen. These are a little more honest and “real” than the other tips.

You will grow apart from some of your high school friends

It’s a part of life. You will grow apart from some of your high school friends. People mature and do different things with their lives. It happens to all of us.

You will make new lifelong friends

On a brighter note you will make new lifelong friends. 90% of my friends are people that I met in college. These are some very stand up folks. I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

Always have some condoms with you

For most people college is the first time that they have been away from home for an extended amount of time. Some may look at it like they are young, wild and free and can do whatever they want. Whether you’re that type or not please make sure you have condoms with you. STD’s are very real. So are unplanned pregnancies. You don’t want to mess up yours or someone else’s life by not using protection.

There is a good chance that your long distance relationship won’t last

If you’re a freshman in a long distance relationship (LDR) I’m sorry to tell you that it probably won’t work. At 18 or 19 years old you may think that he or she is the one, but I highly doubt it. You’re still growing mentally and emotionally as a person. What you might have liked in high school you might like in a year or two. Also temptation is very real.

 Don’t cheat on your assignments

Study enough for your classes so that you don’t have to cheat. If you get caught cheating the chance for you to get expelled from college is a lot higher than it was in high school. I would never want to be in a situation where I had to call home and let my mother know that I was expelled for cheating. She would have killed me.

If you go to school in a different city or state, there is no reason to go home every weekend

Part of the college experience is living away from home and growing out of your comfort zone. How can you expect to do that if you go home EVERY weekend? When I was in school I probably went home 3-4 times a semester if that. I enjoyed living on my own. I know at first it can be difficult to be away from your family, but you will get used to it.

Join an organization

Joining an organization gives you things to do. It also allows you to meet new people. I’m pretty sure if you join an organization you wouldn’t want to go home every weekend :) . Check with your university to see what organizations are available for freshmen to join.

Attend your schools sporting events

Every school doesn’t have the best sports teams, but you should go to some of the games anyway. They are usually fun and FREE. During football season you get to see the bands perform at halftime. That alone is one of the reasons you should go. The games also give you something to do when you are not in class.

There you have it. Those were 8 more tips for college freshmen. What other tips do you think are out there? Is there anything on this list that you disagree with? I would love to read your comment below.

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Downtown Atlanta Rally for Mike Brown

Monday evening I participated in the rally for Mike Brown. Atlanta came out in numbers to support Mike Brown and Ferguson, MO. It was a very peaceful protest with a diverse crowd. Below are a few pictures that I took.



Anonymous was in the house.

Anonymous was in the house.

It was pouring down rain, but nobody went anywhere.

It was pouring down rain, but nobody went anywhere.

Outside of the CNN Center

Outside of the CNN Center

Speaks volumes

Speaks volumes


ATL has your back Ferguson


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This Post is……About You

you1I wanted to switch it up a bit on this post. I have readers from all over the world. I want to learn a little bit about y’all.

1. How has 2014 been for you?

2. What is your favorite vacation destination?

3. What is your favorite sport?

4. Choose one: Greyhound or Flying

5.  What is a goal that you want to have completed this year?

I will start first.

1. 2014 has been a year of growth.

2. Miami Beach

3. Basketball

4. Flying. I love airports.

5. I want to pay off another one of my debts.

Ok, now it’s your turn people.

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I’m Tired Of…..

shareasimage (9)This post is dramatically different than any of the ones I’ve written in the past. It has nothing to do with college, debt or travel. It has to do with some things I’m tired of. Rather than have this bottled up I decided to write about it.

I’m tired of seeing unarmed black males getting murdered for no reason. This is happening way too often.

I’m tired of the media stereotyping black people a certain way. Often times those stereotypes are not true.

I’m tired of people fearing us, then shooting first and asking questions later.

I’m tired of the way that some of us are viewed. Instead of listening to mass media people should get out of their comfort zones and get to know us instead of immediately judging.

I’m tired of us always being labeled as “angry mobs” while others are being labeled as “peaceful protesters”.

I’m tired of some of these laws. They are not made for certain races. Some people get more time for certain offenses than others.

I’m tired of people waiting for celebrities or athletes to stand up for something. It’s not happening.

I’m tired of the younger generation laughing at everything. Everything is not funny. You have to stand up for something.

I’m tired of us not helping each other anymore. It used to be each one teach one. Now it’s forget you I have mine.

I’m tired of some of us just sitting on our asses all day. You have to become accountable. Read and enlighten yourselves.

How do we get some of these things to change? I honestly don’t know. We have to start somewhere. These are random thoughts that I’ve been having. I would love to hear from you.

RIP to Mike Brown, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell and all the other unarmed brothers and sisters who lost their lives when they didn’t have to.


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Saving Money On College Textbooks


With college classes starting back soon I know a few people are dreading paying for textbooks. Here is a post that I did last year to help you save money on your textbooks.

Saving money on college textbooks

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2014 HBCU Football Classics Schedule

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Here is a list of the 2014 Classics. The home team is BOLD


Palmetto Capital City Classic

Benedict College vs South Carolina State University – 5PM – Johnson Stadium, Columbia, SC

John Merritt Classic

Tennessee State University vs Edward Waters College – 6PM – LP Field, Nashville, TN


MEAC-SWAC Challenge

Alabama A&M University vs North Carolina A&T University – 11:45AM – Bright House Networks Stadium, Orlando, FL

State Farm Labor Day Classic

Texas Southern University vs Prairie View A&M University – 4PM -Reliant Stadium, Houston TX


Battle of the Firsts Classic

Lincoln University – Penn vs Cheney U of PA – 7PM – LU Football Stadium, PA


Inaugural Classic

Alabama State University vs Tennessee State University –  5PM – Montgomery, AL

Missouri Classic

Lincoln University – Missouri vs Langston University – 3PM – Kansas City, MO

Tiger Bowl

Stillman College vs West Alabama – 3PM – Stillman Stadium, Tuscaloosa, AL


Bahamas HBCUX Football Classic

Central State University vs Texas Southern University- 5PM – Nassau, Bahamas

AT&T Nations Football Classic

Howard University vs Morehouse College – 3:30PM – RFK Stadium, Washington DC

Southern Heritage Classic

Jackson State University vs Tennessee State University – 6PM – Memphis, TN

Eddie McGirt Classic

Johnson C Smith University vs Kentucky State University – 2PM – Irwin Belk Complex, Charlotte, NC

Two Rivers Classic

UNC Pembroke vs Fayetteville State University- 6PM – Pembroke, NC


Chicago Football Classic

Central State University vs Morehouse College – 3PM – Soldier Field, Chicago, IL

Down East Viking Football Classic

Elizabeth City State University vs Benedict College – 4PM – Rocky Mount, NC

NY Urban League Classic

Howard University vs Morgan State University- 3PM – Met Life Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

Cape Fear Classic

Shaw University vs UNC Pembroke – 1PM – Legion Field, Wilmington, NC


Southwest State Fair Classic

Grambling State University vs Praire View A&M University – 4:30PM – Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TX


Louis Crews Classic

Alabama A&M University vs Grambling State University – 2PM – Louis Crews Stadium, Huntsville, AL

Circle City Classic

Central State University vs Kentucky State University – 3PM – Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN

Atlanta Football Classic

South Carolina State University vs North Carolina A&T University – 3:30PM – Ga Dome, Atlanta, GA


Tuskegee-Morehouse Classic

Morehouse College vs Tuskegee University – 2PM – McClung Stadium, Columbus, GA


Battle of the Bay Classic

Hampton University vs Norfolk State University – 1PM – Hampton, VA


State Farm Magic City Classic

Alabama A&M University vs Alabama State University – 2:30PM – Legion Field, Birmingham, AL

Prince Hall Shriners Classic

North Carolina Central University vs Savannah State University – 2PM – OKelly-Riddick Stadium, Durham, NC

Lucille Brown Community Youth Bowl

Virginia Union University vs Bowie State University – 1Pm – Hovey Field, Richmond, VA


Commemorative Classic

Johnson C. Smith University vs Livingstone College – 1PM – Memorial Stadium, Charlotte, NC


Turkey Day Classic

Alabama State University vs Stillman College – 1PM – Montgomery, AL

Florida Blue Florida Classic

Bethune Cookman University vs Florida A&M University – 2PM – Orlando, FL


Battle of the Real HU

Howard University vs Hampton University – 1PM – Greene Stadium – Washington, DC

Bayou Classic

Grambling State University vs Southern University – 1:30PM – New Orleans Superdome, New Orleans, LA

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