4 Ways To Make Extra Cash

4 ways to make extra cashWhat’s going on everyone? I know a lot of people are in the process of paying off debt so that they can do other things with their money. The economy isn’t the best right now, but you can still find different ways to make extra cash. It can be done. I’m currently doing multiple things to bring in extra income. Below are four ways that you can make more money to pay off debt.

Work 2 Jobs

One way that you can make more money is by working two jobs. You can make a lot of extra income doing this depending on how many hours you work. It’s not always going to be easy but getting out of debt isn’t easy. My suggestion would be to get a delivery job or a server’s job part time. You could do that on the weekends or evenings after you get off your full-time job. A couple of years ago, I worked a full-time gig and worked part time for the Atlanta Braves three times a week. I was tired some days, but it was easy money. Sometimes you will have to sacrifice to get to where you want to be.

Find A Side Hustle

Finding a side hustle is vital when it comes to paying off debt. There are many side hustles out there. You can create things to sell online on Teesping, or you can sell items in a flea market. You can create websites or create gigs using sites such as Fiverr. One of my favorite side hustles is flipping items on eBay. I’ve been doing it for a few years now. I make at least $100 extra every month. For more ideas check out my side hustles post from a few months ago.

Make More Money With Your Full-Time Job

The third thing on the list is to make more money with your full-time job. If you get paid hourly, you could ask your boss if you could get some overtime hours. You can also ask them for a raise. Depending on your tenure you just might get it. Most jobs should at least offer your the opportunity to get a raise within a year. Make sure you are confident when you ask for the raise.  Also, if your job gives you a chance to move up to a higher position, do it. You will get paid more the higher up you get. If none of those actions work, you could start looking for a higher paying full-time job. There is no reason for you to stay someplace that is underpaying you.

Donate Plasma

Depending on where you live you can donate plasma to get some extra money. As long as you are healthy, you should be able to do this a couple of times a month. Any little bit helps when you’re paying off debt. From what I hear, donating plasma is virtually pain-free.

Those were four ways to make extra cash. There are literally hundreds of things that you can do to pay off your debt.

How is your debt repayment plan coming? Have any of these ways worked for you?

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10 Ways to Have Fun While in Debt

10 Ways to Have Fun While in DebtHello, Everyone. According to the U.S. National Debt Clock, the U.S. is over $19 trillion dollars in debt. That is a ridiculous number. My $64,000 student loan debt is a part of that debt. We have an epidemic in our country. There are a ton of people working to eliminate theirs right now. Just because you have debt doesn’t mean that you can’t still have fun. Today, I want to share with you ten ways that you can have fun while you’re in debt.

Free Events

Most cities have free events that you can attend from time to time. They could have free art shows and music festivals. Check your city’s local website. They should have an event section that will show you everything that’s going on.

Go to the Park

I love going to the park. It’s so relaxing. You can have a picnic while you’re there. You can people watch and listen to music. Many people work out while they at the park. In Atlanta, there are many parks to choose from. At one point, I was going to the park a few times a week.

Happy Hours

The third thing on the list is to go to happy hours. You can save a lot of money by going to restaurants and bars during happy hours. A lot of places have after work happy hour events. You can get a couple of drinks and an appetizer for $10. You can’t beat that. One of my favorite happy hour spots has $3 drinks and $0.35 wings. Some places also have a late night happy hour. They may offer half priced appetizers after 10 pm. Happy hours are one of my favorite things to do.

Tour Your City

Become a tourist and walk around your city. If you live in a big city, there are areas that you aren’t acclimated with. Check out the different neighborhoods. Browse new places that may have just opened. Some cities even have free trolley or foot tours that you can do.

Cheap Day Trip

Day trips tend to be pretty inexpensive. You can go out of town, visit a few attractions and grab dinner for less than a couple of hundred dollars. If you don’t want to drive, you can take Greyhound, Megabus or even catch the Amtrak. Last year, I went to Washington D.C. for a family reunion. I had an extra day to chill, so I booked an Amtrak ticket and went to Baltimore for a few hours. The ticket was less than 30 bucks. If you’re in debt and haven’t considered a cheap day trip, you should plan one soon.

Game Night

Hosting a game night at your home is something else that is cheap and fun. You can invite a few people over and play multiple games for a few hours. In the past, my friends and I used to grab some drinks and play Phase 10. Those games used to be very fun and eventful, to say the least. Other games that make for a fun game are Spades, Uno, Monopoly, and Scrabble.


If you live a beach, I’m jealous of you. I’d go every week if I were you. The beach is so much fun. You can go there with friends and relax all day. A lot of us don’t live near the beach, so we don’t get the chance to enjoy it as much as people that live on the coast.

Have a Potluck

Another way to have fun while you’re in debt is to have a potluck. You and your friends or family can get together at someone’s house. You can decide to bring different dishes. Potlucks can be kind of cool. You can see which friend knows how to cook and which ones don’t.

Exercise Outside

People love to exercise. Health is wealth. A health membership might not be affordable because you’re in debt right now, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t work out. I exercise outside when I get a chance. I run around my neighborhood a few times per month. Also, I work out at one of the local parks whenever I don’t feel like going to the gym.

Watch Sports at Home

The final thing on the list is to watch the sports games at home with your friends. Having your friends bring something with them will make sure that you have stuff to eat or drink. A decent six pack of beer costs around $8. Depending on what bar you go to, you won’t even get two beers with $8.

Those were just a few things that you can do to have fun while you’re in debt. You don’t have to stay at home and watch television all day. Get out there and enjoy life, my friends. Don’t let debt get in the way.

What are some more ways that you can have fun while in debt?


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Month in Review: March 2017

Month in Review: March 2017What’s up people? March came and went, didn’t it? For March to have 31 days, it flew by. March was great for me. I eliminated my credit card debt. Nearly a month later, I’m still hyped about that. There was a time when I owed over $3900 on credit cards. Those days are no more. I only have three debts to go.

I had another good month with my side hustle income. My eBay sales bounced back in a good way I also found another client.

Posts of the Month

How I Paid Off My Credit Card Debt

9 Motivational Breakfast Club Interviews

Side Hustle Series: Should You Start Freelancing

Why You Should Start a Blog

I eliminated over $860 worth of debt in March. That’s unbelievable. I shattered my previous record of over $700. My side hustles are continuing to help me make this happen. Starting a blog has been huge in helping me generate extra money.

If you are interested in starting a blog of your own, make sure that you check out my step by step guide on creating a website with Bluehost. Use my link to get your hosting for as little as $3.45 per month (this low price is only available through my link). It usually costs $7.99 per month. You also get a free domain when you sign up through my link.

One of my goals was to attend more events in Atlanta this year. In March, I went to three different ones. I attended a business talk featuring the Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin, an Atlanta Fintech event, and WordCamp Atlanta. I enjoyed all three of those events. One of them stuck out though.

WordCamp Atlanta was a conference for WordPress users in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. I had the chance to learn more about WordPress and network with like-minded people. I learned some things that will continue to make my website work well. If there is a Word Camp event coming to your city, I’d suggest you attend if you use WordPress. It’s totally worth it.

How was your month of March?

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10 Things They Don’t Tell You About Blogging

10 Things They Don't Tell You About BloggingI’ve been blogging for over four years at TBJ. I still enjoy it a lot. It’s opened up a lot of opportunities for me. Have you ever considered blogging? I have friends and associates who started blogs in the last few years. Some quit after a few months while others kept at it. I’ll be the first to tell you that it’s not for everyone. Today, I want to share with you ten things they don’t tell you about blogging.

It’s Not Easy

Many people think that blogging is easy. It’s not. Well maybe if you are not taking it seriously then it could be easy. If you are trying to build a business or an audience, it is not easy. You have to stay focused, and you have to write often.

You Don’t Always Feel Like Writing

Some days you are not going to be in the mood to write. You may be bored and just want to be lazy. Other times, you may busy running errands or working on other things. Those are just a few reasons that you may not feel like writing. One way that I make sure that I have posts ready if I don’t feel like writing is to work on a few extra posts when the creative juices are flowing. Some bloggers are a couple of months ahead with their blog posts. They have more than a few extras in their drafts if they don’t want to write. I’m not there yet, but one of these days, I will be.

Writers Block

Another reason that you may not feel like blogging is because of writer’s block. Writer’s block is very real. If you blog long enough, you will experience it. To get over writers’ block, you can do a few things. You can take a break and start back writing a little later. You can also write somewhere else. For example, if you write at home, you can go to the library or a coffee shop. A change of scenery may get the creative juices flowing. Writer’s block happens to the best of us, but it doesn’t have to last.

Nobody is Reading Your Blog in the Beginning

Everybody realizes this some point early on in their blogging process. You tell your friends and family that you have a blog and ask them to check it out. Only a handful of people will do that.  Don’t let it discourage you. If you write good stuff, people will read your posts and also share them.  Don’t worry about your stats in the beginning. As long as you continue to create good blog posts, people will start reading.

A Lot of Bloggers Don’t Make Money Early On

Some people get into blogging to make quick money. It doesn’t work like that. Making money from blogging takes time. In most cases, you won’t make much money at all your first couple of years of blogging. The bloggers that you see making money are the ones that bust their asses. The money comes after years of writing posts, providing value and gaining readers trust. If you can stay with your blog long enough, you can reap the rewards.

You Are Always Learning

As a blogger, you are always learning stuff. Trends are always changing. What might have worked in the past may not work anymore? A lot of things online are always changing too. Google and SEO are just a few of the things that are constantly updating.  Staying on top of this stuff is critical if you are serious about blogging. I love the learning aspect when it comes to blogging. Other bloggers have webinars to help keep others informed. There are even conferences (shout out to Fincon) that are available to help you learn more. Those conferences can be life changing.

Stay on Schedule

To gain an audience, you have to stay on some kind of schedule. You have to post consistently. Posting on March 1st and the March 24th doesn’t work. Your readers will have moved on from you. Posting on a consistent schedule will keep your readers waiting.  For example, I publish posts on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. Two times a week is perfect for me. It’s all about finding out what works for me.

Everything Doesn’t Work For Every Blogger

What works for one blogger may not work for you. When it comes to your blog, do you. If you try to write about topics that you don’t know about or like, your readers will know. If you don’t sound genuine, they may stop reading your blog altogether. Test out different things, but never copy verbatim from another blogger. First off, that’s just wrong. Second, that could get you blackballed in the blogging community.

It’s Not For Everyone

Blogging is not everyone. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t force yourself into doing it. Readers can tell if the passion isn’t there. There is nothing wrong with you quitting, At least you tried. Can you imagine all of the people that wanted to do something, but they let fear get in the way? You didn’t do that, though. You tried blogging, and you realize that it’s not for you. There is nothing wrong with that.

Be Active on Social Media

The final thing that they don’t tell you when it comes to blogging is to be active on social media. Your followers may become your first big supporters and subscribers. I promote my blog on several social media channels. I put more effort in some more than I do others. Figure out which one you enjoy the most and start promoting.

If you are a new blogger or if you are considering it, hopefully, you pay attention to the ten things they don’t tell you about blogging. They will help you while you are considering if you should continue to blog or not. When I first started blogging, I didn’t know how serious blogging was, but I’m glad I started. My life has changed for the better. Yours could do the same thing.

What do you wish you knew about blogging when you first started?

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How I Paid Off My Credit Card Debt

How I Paid Off My Credit Card DebtI remember getting my first credit card when I was a junior in college. My friends and I used to travel a little bit when we were in school. I figured that it would be easier to book rental cars with a credit card than it would be with a debit card. I didn’t want the car rental companies holding more money on my debit card, so it seemed like the best route.

In the beginning, I did the right thing with my credit card. I was making payments on time. Hell, there were a few times where I put extra money on it. In a year my credit limit was raised from $1000 to $2000. A year and a half after that it was increased to $4000. I was still doing good, but I was only making the minimum payment. I was still using the card to book hotels and rentals for trips. Something happened that I never thought about. I booked a couple of hotels expecting all my friends to put in, but there were two instances where they bailed last minute. That meant that I had to pay more on my end. That sucked. My credit card balance started to get larger. Then stuff started getting real.

I graduated from college and didn’t find a full-time job for over a year. At that point, I started maxing out my credit card almost monthly. I also opened a card with Discover. For the next 3-4 years, I used my credit cards to help pay for necessities. In late 2014, I came to the point where I realized that I had to stop.

When I started my debt repayment plan in January 2015, I had nearly $3700 worth of credit card debt between my BOA and Discover cards. To some, that might not seem like it was a lot of debt, but to me it was. A little over two years later, I can say that I don’t have any more credit card debt. That’s freaking incredible. You might be wondering how I was able to pay off that credit card debt. I could tell you that it was easy as hell and that I had a lot of extra money to through on the debt in the beginning. That would be a lie. It wasn’t easy. I had to change some habits. I also had to change my mindset. In today’s post, I want to share with you five things that I did to pay off my credit card debt.

Figured out what I owed

The first thing that I did was figure out the exact amount that I owed. For years, I got my bill, looked at the minimum payment and then threw it away. For me to get serious about paying the credit card debt, I had to change that. I created an excel sheet and listed both of my credit cards on there. I updated the spreadsheet every month so that I could see my progress.

Pay more than the minimum amount

One of the most important things that I did was to start paying more than the minimum payment. I wasn’t able to do that in the beginning, but when I started making extra money, I was able to. Even five bucks will help. The interest rate on my BOA card was pretty high. The additional payments helped the principal go down a little bit.

Stopped using the card

Tip number three is to stop using your credit card.  For the first year of my debt repayment, I probably used my credit card about ten times. Last year, I only used it three. When I used it then, it was to pay for a hotel room. I immediately paid it off the next week. Of course, my debt started to go down when I stopped using the card. I know that’s common sense, but there are a lot of people out there that are trying to pay off their credit card that are still using them

Side hustled for more money

In the last couple of years, I’ve gotten more serious about my side hustling. Freelance writing, selling on eBay and selling shirts are a few things that I currently do to make extra money. I was able to get to the point where I could throw an extra $300 – $600 per month on my credit card debt. That would have never been able to happen without my side hustles. If you intend to pay off any type of debt, side hustles are a much.

Balance transfer card

Last year, I heard Sandy from Yes I am Cheap discuss a balance transfer credit card. I had no idea what it was at the time, but she explained it perfectly on her Periscope chat. While I didn’t want to open another credit card, I was tired of paying $60 in interest each month for my BOA card. I applied for a Chase credit card that had 0% interest for 15 months. Once I was approved, I then transferred $1960 from my BOA card to the new Chase card. I had $932 left on my BOA balance after that. I was able to pat off my BOA card in December or 2016. The Chase card was paid off earlier this month. I still had three months to go before the 0% APR wore off. I’m proof that balance transfer cards work. If you have a lot of credit card debt, you may want to look into this option. I’m proof that anyone can pay off their credit card debt.

If you’re trying to pay off your credit card debt, I’m proof that it can be done. Like I stated earlier, you just have to change your mindset and be ready to hustle. I believe that anyone can use these five tips if they want to. I also want to share a couple of things that will help you get started. Check out the book titled “The Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey. Ramsey goes over several steps that will help you pay off debt. Next, I want you to check out Credit Sesame. They will give you a free credit score when you sign up with them. You also will be able to review your credit card debt and track it as it gets lower. Credit Sesame also gives you recommendations for balance transfer cards. I signed up for my Chase card because of one of their recommendations.

Are you paying off your credit card debt? How is it coming for you?

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