Ebay Sales April

My Ebay side hustle has been going pretty good. I have made a little bit of money. I will be starting my debt repayment back very soon. The majority of the profit I make from the Ebay sales will go towards that. Below are a couple things that I’ve listed and the results.


Air Jordan XII Carolina Blue


Those shoes are 10 years old. They had been sitting at my house for a minute. I decided to list them to see if they would sell. They did. I made $56 off of them! That’s pretty good in my book.

Air Jordan XIII


Those shoes had been worn a whole lot. I listed them thinking that nobody would really buy them. I was wrong. Someone paid $31 for them.

Those two auctions showed me that if you are selling certain things there are buyers even if the item is not in the best quality.

Here are my current auctions:

Vintage Soup Bowls

Happy Days Puzzle

Red Coach Bag

Ohio State University Hologram Cup

Goodwrench Service Shirt

Weapon X Comics

How have you guys been doing with your side income? 

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8 of My Favorite WordPress Plugins


WordPress is a great platform to create your website with. WordPress offers numerous plugins. A plugin is an online tool that helps enhance your website. Below are 8 of my favorite WordPress plugins with a brief description of what they do.

Comment Luv

Comment Luv places a reader’s link to their last blog post (if they have a website) at the end of their comment. It gives a person who is commenting the chance to get new readers. I know this plugin has helped new people find my website.

BAW Post Views Count

This plugin counts views for post and pages. It doesn’t go into much detail though.

Contact Form

This plugin allows you to have a contact form on your website. You can then have the message sent to your e-mail address. This is definitely one of my favorites.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

If you’re concerned with tracking how many people come to your site and what they read this is a must have plugin. This plugin shows you real time stats in your dashboard. It also automatically inserts a tracking code into every page of your website.

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

This plugin adds a check box near your comment section requesting that you check it if you’re human. It keeps about 85% of spam off my website. That’s good because spam can be very annoying.

Mailchimp For WordPress Lite

If you are building your e-mail list with Mailchimp, you should definitely check this plugin out. It has various options for you to add sign up boxes to your site.

Nrelate Related Content

I noticed a lot of websites had a plugin where you could see related post at the end of the current one. One of my fellow bloggers (Thanks Michelle) told me about this plugin. It was exactly what I needed. At the end of every post it shows 3 related articles that you can click on. You can check the options and have more related post show up if need be.

Simplified Social Sharing

This is another top favorite. The simplified social sharing plugin allows your website to be easily shared via social media buttons. You can choose what social media buttons you want to show up on your site.

These are 8 of my favorites. I use a few others on my website as well. What are some of your favorites? Are there any ones that you suggest that I add to my list? Feel free to drop me a line below!

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Shawn Carter Scholarship


*Updated for 2014*

The 2014 Shawn Carter Scholarship is open for applications.


An applicant must be a US Citizen, 25 years or younger, with at least a 2.0 GPA. They also need to fall under one of theses categories:

  • High School Senior
  • Undergrad student receiving their 1st degree
  • Student who has received their GED
  • Vocational School Student

Deadline April 30th 2014

For more info check here 

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20 Companies That Are Currently Hiring In Atlanta

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

There are a lot of people that are still unemployed out there. I know its hard. Don’t give up. I’ve done some research and found 20 companies that are currently hiring in the Atlanta area. If you need a full time or summer job please check them out.


Goodwill of North Georgia

Grady Health System

Hyatt Regency Atlanta

Atlanta Police Department




New York Life


Bank of America

Dekalb County Police Department


Federal Bureau of Investigation

United Parcel Service

Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

Waffle House Inc.

Wal-Mart Stores

Wells Fargo

Georgia Power Company

Some of these companies have positions all across the USA as well. Make sure you apply!


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5 Tips To Help You Prepare For Summer Classes

summer school

A lot of college students like to take courses over the summer. Some take classes over to get better grades so that their GPA goes up. Others take classes to get ahead. Below are 5 tips that will help you with preparing for summer classes.

Make sure you have money for classes

This is a biggie. You have to make sure you have financial aid available for the summer. Some schools allocate funds for the summer. Some don’t. You will need to check with your financial aid office and see what options you have. If you don’t have any financial aid available for the summer you may have to pay out of the pocket. For most college students that’s just not an option.

Register before the deadline

When it comes to registering for summer classes, you want to make sure you register as soon as possible. Fewer students attend summer school. That means that there will be fewer classes offered. You want to make sure that you get in the class before it is full. It’s usually harder to get your adviser to sign you in a closed class during the summer.

Don’t take too many credit hours

Summer school is typically a time for you to take a few credits and pass them. This is not the time to take 15-18 credit hours. You would stress yourself out. The summer semester usually goes very fast. You probably wouldn’t be able to handle a case load that big. Also the class times are longer as well.

Take only classes that you need

In summer school you should only take classes that you need. It makes no sense to spend money on classes that you don’t need to graduate. I have heard of people taking classes to help boost their GPA. That’s fine if you choose too, but I wouldn’t do it especially during the summer.

Take classes at another school if cheaper

If there is a class or two that you are thinking about taking, it is smart to see if they are being offered at other colleges around the area. Sometimes you may be able to take them at another school for a cheaper price. That is an option that you can take advantage of if you are strapped for cash.

Those were 5 tips to help you prepare for summer classes.  What tips do you have for students going to summer school?


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New Category

ebayHappy Tuesday everyone! I created a new category on The Butler Journal called Ebay. I have had some pretty good success the last 2 months with selling things online. I want to continue that success. The money from the Ebay sales will go towards my debt repayment.

I will be posting different auctions that I am having 3-4 times each month.  Here is the 1st set of listings.

Nike Michael Jordan North Carolina Jersey

Nike Dale Murphy Atlanta Braves Jersey

Stafford Dress Shirt

Air Jordan XII Flint Grey, French Blue

Gianni Vironi Suit

2 Rocawear Shirts

Air Jordan IV Women’s

Nike Bury Me In My Ones Shirt

Do you sell things on Ebay to make extra money? If so, how successful have you been? Feel free to comment below.



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4 Ways For Students To Find A Summer Job


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I can’t believe that it’s April already. 2014 is going by pretty fast. My high school and college students only have a few weeks left before the summer break begins. I know some people like to chill and relax during the summer, but most will be working a summer job. Below are 4 ways to help you find a summer job.

Check Online

The first way that you can look for a summer job is to check online. There are numerous websites that will aid you in your job search. Some of them are Indeed, Career Builder, Snag A Job and Craigslist. Those are all good websites to start your summer job search with. In my opinion Indeed and Snag A Job are the best out of those four. Craigslist depends on where you live. In my city (Atlanta) Craigslist doesn’t really have any decent jobs. Also you have to beware of scams.

Career Services/Counselor

If you are in high school you can check with your guidance counselors. They should have information about summer jobs that are available for teens. My college students should check with their career services office. They should have a decent amount of opportunities available. Some may even be on your local campus as well.


The next way to find a job is huge. You should network with people. Talk to everybody. Talk to friends, family members, teachers, mentors, clergy and more. You never know who they know at their job or what kind of pull they may have. I know some people are shy and don’t like to talk to a lot of people, but it’s time for a change. Get out of your comfort zone and get that summer job any means necessary.

Visit Your Local Mall

This final way is pretty easy. You can visit your local mall and see if any of the stores are hiring. The odds are that a few stores will be looking for summer workers.

These are just a few ways that students can find a summer job.

What other ways do you know of? Feel free to comment below.

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