10 Ways to Save Money on Travel

10 Ways to Save Money on TravelThis post may contain affiliate links. We may receive a commission on purchases made through links at no extra cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting this site. Read the full disclosure here.

How many of y’all like to travel? Hopefully, everyone raised their hands. If you’ve been a reader of TBJ for a while, you know that traveling is my anti-drug. I’d rather travel than waste money on an expensive car or a ridiculously large mansion. To me, life is all about experiences. Last year, I had the chance to use my passport for the first time. It took me five years, but the wait was worth it.

A lot of people think that it’s super expensive to travel. I’ll be the first person to tell you that it’s not. There are several tools out there that will help you save money. Today, I want to go over ten ways to save money on travel.


Priceline is one of my favorite websites to book travel on. I’ve been using Priceline for years. They have a great platform that allows you to view flights, hotels, and rental cars. You can compare the different prices and the different brands. Priceline has a feature called “Name Your Own Price.” With this feature, you can get bid for a hotel room or a rental car. If Priceline accepts that deal, you can get the room or hotel for that price! I’ve made numerous successful bids on multiple hotel rooms and rental cars in the past. They used to let you book flights with this feature, but they discontinued it in 2016. I guess people were saving too much money.


Booking.com is a site that also has a lot of travel deals on it. You can book hotel rooms, flights, and cars with them. Booking.com has travel guides for many of the top destinations throughout the world. They also have a section where you can view different restaurants in the city that you are going to.


Expedia is another site that I’ve used before. They have a section that features bundle deals. If you are a fan or cruises, you should check Expedia. They have a feature that allows you to book cruises through them. When you book a cruise with Expedia, you get their Price Guarantee, and you don’t have to pay any cruise booking fees.

Best of Orlando

Orlando, Florida is one my favorite cities to visit. I lived there for seven months when I interned at Walt Disney World.  There is so much to do in Orlando. Besides Disney World, you can visit Universal Studios, SeaWorld Orlando and more. You can also go to an Orlando Magic basketball game during the basketball season. Best of Orlando is the number one site that you should check out when you are looking to visit Orlando.  They have sections for hotels, theme park tickets, shows, attractions, and tours.


Travelocity is a travel site that is similar to Priceline and Expedia. If you find a lower price, Travelocity will refund you the difference. Also, you can search over 400 airlines and more than 321,000 hotel rooms worldwide. They have a section on their site called Get Inspired. Once you click on that tab, you can view several topics such as beach, city and romantic.


Virtually everyone has heard of Groupon. If not, I’ll give you a brief explanation. Groupon is an online marketplace that specializes in offering activities, goods, and travel for people. Groupon is great for finding deals for massages, restaurants and more. Groupon has getaways section where you can purchase travel deals.  There are all kinds of trip deals that you can buy. For example, Groupon is offering an eight day London, Paris & Rome trip with hotel and air for $899. Damn. That’s a good price.


HomeAway is a site where you can book lodging. You can choose from rental houses, condos and more. I booked a room through HomeAway a few years ago in Miami. The trip was during Memorial Day Weekend. The cheapest hotel that I could find cost $660 for the three day weekend. I booked a room for $330 through HomeAway. I saved over $300 bucks. That was a steal. If you don’t want to pay for expensive hotels, give HomeAway a shot.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is one of the best travel websites out there. You can do many things on their including searching for things to do in different cities such as top attractions. Something that’s unique about Trip Advisor is that you can leave reviews to hotels and businesses on their site. I like that they have that feature. Sometimes companies or hotels can be biased when it comes to their descriptions. A fellow traveler won’t be. They will tell you the truth. If a hotel or business is bad, they will let you know in the review. You can also upload pictures of the business or hotel in your review as well.  This is great because you get a chance to really see how things look instead of just viewing the professional pictures. Trip Advisor is a site that you must check out when you’re thinking about traveling.


I’m a huge fan of Airbnb. I used them for the first time to book a place to stay when I went to Cuba in 2016. If you are trying to save money, you should check out Airbnb. They have several unique booking options. You can book homes, apartments, a bedroom and more. If you don’t feel like paying hundreds of dollars for overpriced hotel rooms, you should sign up for Airbnb today. Readers of The Butler Journal can save $40 during their first stay over $75 by signing up at this link.

Google Flights

Last, but certainly not least is Google Flights. If you are flying somewhere, you must check out this site. They show you different flight info such as how many connections you’ll have and the best flight option that is available. You can also filter out airlines that you might now want to fly with. Google Flights also has an explore map that allows you to see the price of a flight from your home city to the other cities on the map.

If you thought that it was expensive to travel, I hope that this article has changed your mind. With research, you can save hundreds of bucks when it comes to traveling. The ten ways to save money on travel will help you out. If you haven’t used them in the past, this is the perfect time to start.

How do you save money when you’re traveling?

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Financial Advice for When You’re Buying a Car

Financial Advice for When You're Buying a CarToday,  I have a guest post from David Walker, founder of CarUnderstanding.com

Buying a car, whether it is new or used, is the next expensive purchase to a house. The cost doesn’t end with the actual purchase, but there are other expenses to worry about such as insurance, financing, maintenance, repairs, and fuel. That is why before you shell out cash for a brand new or used car, make sure you have set your budget and done your research. This will help you avoid spending too much for unnecessary purchases and get a deal that is suited to your needs. Purchasing a car is another major decision that will affect your lifestyle. True, a car is a necessity, but it also depends on how bad you need it. Take note that owning a car takes a lot of responsibility, so you have to be psychologically and financially ready to own a car before you jump into that purchase.

Here’s some financial advice for when you’re buying a car:

Budget, Budget, Budget

Rule of thumb when making any purchases – always set a budget. There are still other expenses you have to worry about after purchasing your car so don’t go for the limit. No matter if it is a brand new car or a used car, there should be a limit on how much you are willing to pay upfront. In the case of used cars, make sure that the budget you set is less than the cost of a brand new car.

Here is a list of websites that may help you plan your budget:

  • Edmunds.com – Gives reviews and pricing information for brand new and used cars
  • Kelly Blue Book – Estimator for used cars
  • Carsdirect.com – Gives information including pricing; you can also compare different models
  • Truecar.com – Gives pricing information and deals from local car dealers

Once you have set a budget for a car, set aside the down payment, so you have it ready when the time comes. This also helps you adjust your budget accordingly. Remember, you still have to pay for the monthly installment and insurance premiums.

Research and compare

After you have set a budget, check the market for a list of cars suited for your needs. Consider the size of your family, how often you use the car, and where you usually travel. Be it a brand new car or a used car, make a list and compare their prices. You may also want to look into the extras such as GPS, airbags, transmission, and type of fuel. It is best to have at least five options to choose from.

Check your credit score

Banks, credit unions, and lenders look into your credit history and factor it when processing your loan. The better your credit history is, the better deal you get and the easier it would be to get a loan. The logic is that people with better credit history are good payers.

Financing options

Chances are, you won’t be paying cash upfront. Make sure you also look into financing options. Dealers offer financing options but may be more expensive due to commissions. Compare different interest rates with banks, local lenders and credit unions.

Shop for discounts

There are many discounts offered to those who want to purchase cars. There are cashback deals, student discounts, military members or veterans, and discounts for members of credit unions. Check the current offers of car dealers and see if you qualify for any of them.

Look for insurance

One way that you can save on insurance is to bundle it with your home insurance. Most insurance companies offer discounts for bundles. Ask your family or friends to refer you, too, so you can get referral discounts as well.

Decide if you want to buy or lease

When you buy a car, you gain true ownership as soon as the last payment is made. But if you lease a car, once your lease terms are done, you have the option of purchasing it so you gain ownership. If you are the type of person who changes cars every two or three years, a leased car is best for you. Consider how long you plan to keep it. If you are frequently traveling and have a habit of leaving your car in storage, leasing a car is better.

Inspect and test drive

Once you purchase the car, there is no turning back, so make sure you are comfortable driving it. Brand new or used car, give it an overall inspection plus a test drive. You should be fully satisfied with it before you purchase it, or else you might regret it.

Negotiate and say “no” if needed

Once you are equipped with facts based on your research, you already know what you want. When shopping for a brand new car, dealers may offer you another model which is more expensive. Don’t be blinded by the “extras,” make sure you really need them or are practical. When buying used cars, don’t be afraid to negotiate with the seller. Negotiate at least 10% to 15% of the offer. But don’t be too stingy because the car may have practical extras installed on them.


If you have an existing car, decide what you plan to do with it. Are you going to trade it in or sell it? It will help you finance the new car that you’re buying.

Now that you have seen the financial advice, do you think you are now financially ready to buy a car? If you’re thinking that, “I never knew there were so many things to consider!” – yes, there are a lot. That’s just the tip of the iceberg; be prepared for the rest of the costs.

What are your thoughts on this article? Please feel free to share this article with your friends. Who knows? You may have a friend out there who’s planning to purchase a car. I hope that I was able to answer any misgivings that you may have had. Feel free to air your comments and suggestions by sharing them.

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10 More Things Every College Freshman Should Have In Their Dorm Room

10 More Things Every College Freshman Should Have In Their College Dorm Room

This post may contain affiliate links. We may receive a commission on purchases made through links at no extra cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting this site. Read the full disclosure here.

Last year I wrote a post titled “10 Things Every College Freshman Should Have In Their Dorm Room“. Almost immediately my readers along with myself thought of some other items that could have made the list. Those items are a part of this new list. Below are ten more items that you should have in your college dorm.


This one speaks for itself. You need hangers for a lot of your clothes such as jeans, coats, and suits.


The beds in your dorm don’t come with sheets. I think the beds in most dorms are twin or full size. The size of the bed should be listed in your welcome packet. Make sure you read it because you will need those sheets.

Flip Flops

Flip flops will come in handy. If you are in a dorm where multiple people use the shower, the flip flops can protect you from germs.


Make sure you have some detergent to wash your clothes with. Depending on where you go to college you won’t have the chance to go to your parent’s house and wash your clothes every other weekend. Also, make sure you never use bleach on your colored clothes 🙂 .

Laundry Bag

A laundry bag is the easiest way for you to get your clothes to and from the campus laundromat. Having one of those will keep you from making multiple trips. You can only put so many clothes in a pillowcase. Laundry bags vary in price. You get what you pay for.

Ear Plugs

If you are a light sleeper, you just might want to look into purchasing some ear plugs. There are other reasons that you might need them as well. For example, you could have disrespectful roommates that play their music until 4 am, or they could be early risers when you’re not.

Air Freshener

This is an item that everyone needs. With so many people living in one place dorms can have all types of smells. To make sure that your area smells nice, make sure you have a can of air freshener with you.

Mini – Fridge

A mini-fridge is another item that freshmen should bring. Not all colleges allow students to bring them. Check with your residence hall to sell if they are allowed. Every person that you live with is not always honest. During my sophomore year, I was living in an apartment style dorm that had four bedrooms. We shared the living room and kitchen spaces. There were a few times where a particular roommate or his friends stole some of my food. (Don’t worry I got them back). You don’t want to be in that situation.


I can’t believe I left this item off the first list. Toiletries are a must have for any college dorm. They include items such as soap, tissue, and toothpaste. They are things that you use every day. You don’t want to leave home without them.


Campuses usually have labs where you can print items. From my experience, the printers don’t always work, or you may have to pay to print. To be safe, I would make sure to have a printer just in case. That way you shouldn’t have to worry about the problems that I previously mentioned.

That concludes this list of items for your college dorm. Don’t forget to check out Part 1!


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4 Reasons Why I Like Lavar Ball

4 Reasons Why I Like Lavar BallIf you’re a sports fan, I’m sure that you’ve heard of Lavar Ball. If you haven’t you will shortly.  He’s the father of Lonzo Ball, who was the number 2 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. Lavar Ball has been all over the sports world for the past few months. When I first started hearing about Lavar Ball, I was thinking to myself, who the heck is the cocky guy? He was all on ESPN and other sports stations making wild statements. Lavar said that his son was better than Steph Curry. He also stated that he could beat Michael Jordan one on one in a game of basketball. I figured that this dude was crazy so I stopped paying attention to him for a few weeks. I still saw that the media talked about him weekly on the sports shows.

One of my friends told me to check out an interview that Lavar Ball did one the show “Undisputed.” I told myself that I was done listening to anything he had to say, but I reluctantly watched the interview. At times, Ball was loud and boisterous, but the more the interview went on, the less crazy he became to me. He wasn’t the villain that the media was trying to make him out to be. Instead, I say an entrepreneur that was trying to get his family set up for success. Today, I want to go over four reasons why I like Lavar Ball.

Actively In His Sons Lives

There’s a narrative going around that says that black fathers don’t take care of their children. The statistics show otherwise, but certain segments of the media like to portray that they don’t. As far as I can see, Lavar Ball is very active in his son’s lives. Unfortunately, that’s not the story that the media wants to show us. They’d rather focus on the outlandish statements.

Teaching His Sons to Be Owners

In my opinion, we are in entrepreneurial golden age. Now, more than ever, people are becoming entrepreneurs. Lavar Ball started “Big Baller Brand” in 2016. Big Baller Brand is a company that sells sports apparel, footwear, and other accessories. People laughed when Lavar started promoting his son’s shoe; the ZO2 was a few months ago. He was selling them for $495! Nobody thought that anyone would buy them. Lavar Ball proved everyone wrong.  He made $150,000 on the first day that the product was launched. I don’t know about you, but I’d take $150,000 in a heartbeat for the first day of a launch. In my opinion, the sky is the limit for Big Baller Brand.

Lonzo Ball could have signed with Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour, but he didn’t. He decided to sign with his father’s brand. Sometimes you have to bet on yourself. I think Big Baller Brand will do just fine.

Taking Advantage of the Publicity

As much as the media says that they don’t like Lavar Ball, he sure is on TV a lot. In every interview that I’ve seen him on, he is wearing his brand. He’s a genius. More people are seeing the BBB logo and are recognizing it. Many businesses would kill for this type of promotion.

On June 26th, Lavar, Lonzo, and LaMelo Ball were all on the WWE Monday Night Raw wrestling show. They had a hilarious segment. At one point the ring was decked out with mannequins that had on Big Baller Brand t-shirts. BBB was promoted to thousands of new potential buyers. I wish I could have a segment talking about The Butler Journal on there!

Speaking Things into Existence

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I’m a fan of “The Secret.” I’ve seen things manifest in my life by using Vision Boards and by speaking things into existence. On several occasions, Lavar Ball talks about how he knows that Lonzo will play for the Lakers. I can remember hearing him say this in April before the draft. In June, Lonzo was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers with the second pick. Of course that wasn’t the only reason that Lonzo, went to the Lakers, but in my opinion, it was part of it. If you haven’t done it before, try speaking things into existence. Watch the manifestation happen if you’re focused and sincere.

Lavar Ball might be loud and boisterous at times, but I don’t have a problem with him at all. I hope Lonzo and the Big Baller Brand has success. Hopefully, Lonzo Ball continues to shake the table. Society needs people to disrupt the norm every once in a while. Lavar Ball is definitely doing that. As Lonzo continues to get better, I’m sure the hate for him and Big Baller Brand continue to grow. On the flip side of that, they will continue to be successful as well.

Are you a fan of Lavar Ball? Why or Why not?

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How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money With Affiliate MarketingThis post may contain affiliate links. We may receive a commission on purchases made through links at no extra cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting this site. Read the full disclosure here.

There are several different ways to make money with your blog. Getting paid by advertisements, sponsored content and affiliate marketing are just a few of the ways that are out there. I’ve used all three of those ways before, but affiliate marketing is the one that peaks my interest the most. The sky is the limit when it comes to how much you can make. If you’re new to blogging, you may be wondering what the heck affiliate marketing is. In today’s post, I will be going over what affiliate marketing is, and I will share some programs that you should consider joining. After you finish reading it, you should be able to make money with affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is when you earn commission by promoting a product or a business’s service. You are given a unique link that tracks your traffic and sales. Whenever someone clicks on your link and make a purchase, you receive a small commission.

As a blogger, you should consider adding affiliate links to your posts. Don’t make the mistake that I did. I had waited a while before I started doing affiliate marketing. Once you get some good content up, you should add a link or two to some of the posts. Just don’t be spammy with it. The products you promote should always provide value or be something that your audience is interested in.

There are a lot of programs that you can sign up for. Below are a few that you can start with.

CJ Affiliate (Formerly Commission Junction)

CJ Affiliates is one the biggest affiliate programs out there. Several big name and popular brands work with them. TripAdvisor, GoDaddy, and Priceline are some of the brands that you can find on CJ Affiliates. For example, I’ve promoted GoDaddy and their domain specials that they have.

Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Affiliates was the first affiliate program that I signed up with. Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world. They have thousands of items that you can promote in various niches. Some of the things that I’ve promoted from Amazon are books, shirts, and gift cards.

Your Hosting Company

Many bloggers promote their hosting company. If you like your hosting company, then you should promote it to others. The Butler Journal is hosted by Bluehost. I’ve been with them for over four years. I haven’t had any problems with them.

If you’re thinking about starting a blog, check out my post “Creating a Website with Bluehost“.


Flexoffers is another program that has hundreds of brands that you can choose from. Some of the categories that you can search through are Entertainment, Digital Products, Financial Services, and Health and Wellness. Sign up for Flexoffers here.


The next program on the list is Shareasale. Similar to some of the other programs, Shareasale has a large selection of companies that bloggers can choose from. Grammarly and the NBA store are two of the brands that I work with through Shareasale. Get more info about them here.

Other Programs

Here are a few more programs that you can sign up for. Some of them will pay you in cash while others will give you credit.


I stayed at an Airbnb apartment when I went to Cuba last year. I fell in love with it. Airbnb offers you other options when it comes to lodging. If you don’t feel like paying high hotel prices, give Airbnb a chance. New users get a $40 travel credit when they sign up. If you don’t want to overpay for a hotel room check out Airbnb today.


Tailwind is one of my favorite tools that I use to help me with my Pinterest pinning. You can get a free month of Tailwind when you sign up for it. If you’re a blogger, it’s something that you should at least try. If you don’t like it, just cancel it before the first month is over.


I’m a huge fan of Uber. I’ve used it in several cities including Miami and Washington D.C. It’s saved me so much on rental cars. If I know that I’m going drinking, I use Uber. I’d rather be safe than sorry. Your readers can get a free ride up to $20 when they sign up using your affiliate link.


Swagbucks is one of the few legit sites that you can make money with. You can earn points which are called “Swagbucks” by doing surveys, watching videos, shopping online and more. The points can be redeemed for gift cards or cash. You can get more information about Swagbucks here.


Sunfrog is one of the websites that I use to design and sell my shirts. You may have seen my Sallie Mae design or my new Blog Life design. Sunfrog is free to sign up with. If you become a designer on their site, you can promote other artists designs. You receive a percentage of any sales that happens when someone clicks on your affiliate link.

Capital One 360

I have an online emergency account with Capital One 360. I have money automatically transferred from my main account to my 360 savings account each month. New customers get a $25 bonus when they open up a qualifying savings or checking account. If you’re ready to open an account with Capital One 360, get more info here.

I enjoy blogging. I’ve been doing for over four years. I want to tell you the truth though; it takes work. You have to create good content, promote your blog and keep things up to date. It can be done if you’re focused. If you’ve considered starting a blog, I’d suggest you do it today. There isn’t a reason to wait.

Have your already started a blog, but still need some help with things? Here are some related posts:

13 Tools That You Need as a Blogger

10 Things They Don’t Tell You about Blogging

Why You Should Start a Blog

There are several ways to make money with a blog. A lot of bloggers make money with affiliate marketing. You could be the next one.

If this post helped you, please share it or pin today!

Have you done any affiliate marketing before? What has worked for you? What hasn’t?


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What Would You Do Different Financially In Your 20’s?



This post may contain affiliate links. We may receive a commission on purchases made through links at no extra cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting this site. Read the full disclosure here.

Most of my 20’s were a wonderful time. Some years were better than others depending on the situation I was in. I graduated from college (Savannah State University) at the age of 24. I also had the chance to live in wonderful cities such as Savannah, GA, and Orlando, FL. I did a lot of things right during that time. One thing that I didn’t do right was take good care of my finances. I made a couple mistakes financially that I wish I didn’t. Below are a few things that I would do differently.

Save More

I always had a job or a side hustle during my time in college. I never really experienced being a broke college student. I saved a little money here and there, but looking back, I could have easily saved a couple thousand dollars for a “rainy day”. Once I graduated from college a couple “rainy days” happened.  Having a decent savings account could have helped me struggle less during those times. If you are looking for a savings account to start for your rainy day fund, check out the Capital One 360 savings account. I’ve had an emergency account with them for years. They are currently offering a $25 bonus for new users who make a deposit of $250 or more. Click this link for more info.

Pay Attention to Interest Rates

I didn’t fully understand what interest rates were until it was too late. I could have saved myself some money by taking the time to read my statements and get a true understanding of interest. I could have chosen a credit card or a student loan with much better rates than the ones that I have now.

If Traveling With People For The 1st Time, Get Money Upfront!

I’ve had a couple situations where I’ve had to pay extra money on a trip because people canceled at the last minute. It’s not a good feeling having to pay an extra $200 for a hotel room when you didn’t budget for it. Fortunately, this hasn’t happened to me since 2007, but I can still remember that extra charge to the credit card like it was yesterday. I’ve made sure that will never happen again by getting money from people in advance.


I would have done more investing. I had a 401 K with one of my jobs, but in my opinion, that wasn’t enough. Even if I would have put some money in a mutual fund that would have been better than nothing. I refuse to let my 30’s be like that. I recently started investing with Stockpile. They allow you to purchase stock for as low as $10. They are giving all new members $5 when they open up a free account. Sign up for that deal here.

Paying on Student Loans

I promise for at least 2 years I was the king of deferments and forbearances. I thought I was doing it by not paying on my student loans. Fast forward to today. Not only was that not the smartest idea, but the amount that I owe to my lenders (especially Sallie Mae) has damn near doubled. Even though I didn’t have the best-paying jobs immediately after graduation I should have at least paid $50 per month on the loans. My situation would be a little better than it is right now.

Using Credit When I Had Cash

Earlier this year, I paid off my credit card debt. If I was smarter, I would not have had it this long. I could have paid for a couple trips from back in the day with my debit card. Also, I could have relaxed on a few of those Irish Car Bombs for me and my friends.

Now that I’m in my 30’s I refuse to let those things happen again. Over the past couple years, I’ve gotten much better with my finances. I know this is a struggle for many people. There are a few places online that can help you get organized. Personal Capital is a website that has a free tool that shows you your net worth among other things.

What would you do different financially in your 20′? What is one thing that you would tell anybody in their 20’s to do today?


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June 2017 Debt & Life Update

June 2017 Debt & Life UpdateThis post may contain affiliate links. We may receive a commission on purchases made through links at no extra cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting this site. Read the full disclosure here.

What’s going on everyone? I hope y’all had a good June. Things have pretty good since my last update in May. I’m not freelancing as much. Over the past few weeks, I’ve taken the time to figure out my angle. I decided to focus on finding ways on how to grow traffic. For the longest, I’ve heard people say that you can’t be 100% active on every social media website. I decided to listen to them. I have started focusing more on Pinterest and Facebook. I recently started back using Tailwind after being away from over a year. I’ve been using their Tribes feature and also scheduling hundreds of pins. I’m starting to see some more growth. If you’re interested in trying Tailwind, you can get a free month of their service here.  I also use Boardbooster for Pinterest as well.

If you are interested in starting a blog of your own, make sure that you check out my step by step guide on creating a website with Bluehost. Use my link to get your hosting for as little as $3.45 per month (this low price is only available through my link). It usually costs $7.99 per month. You also get a free domain when you sign up through my link.

I’ve also continued to focus more on eBay. Because of that, my sales have increased. I’ve also been able to find more merchandise during the weekends. I had two swift sales last this month. The first item that sold quickly was a Johnny Unitas jersey.

June 2017 Debt & Life Update

It sold in 11 minutes. At the time that was my fastest sale ever. A few weeks later I sold a Memphis Grizzlies jersey in three minutes.  It sold for $100. At first, I was super excited and then I thought for a second. It sold quickly for a reason. I could have listed it for a higher price and made more money off of it. I wasn’t too mad though. I paid $6 for the jersey. I’m not complaining about a $94 profit.

Because I’m getting more items to sell on eBay, I had to do something about space. I had things spread all over the right side of my living room. It was beginning to be a bit much. I found this storage rack on eBay. My living room looks so much better now.  Below is a picture of the storage rack and my items.

June 2017 Debt & Life Update

Posts of the Month

How to Sell Something on Craigslist Safely

Side Hustle Series: Investing in the Stock Market

5 Habits That are Keeping You From Success

Five Smart Money Moves 

Debt Update

My total debt went from $63,088.10 to $62,660.22. That’s a decrease of $427.88. It was better than last month’s decrease. I know it will be better in July. I have a few affiliate payments coming through, and I may have another regular client. One thing that is certain, I have to start applying more to the debt. Earlier this year the debt was dropping by $800 for a few months. I want it to fall by $1000 each month sooner than later. I have to get on it.

Loan 2 – Down from $4520 to $4200

Navient – Down from $23,737.23 to $23,634.17

Nelnet – Down from $34,830.87 to $34,826.05

Navient fixed my account after they messed it up last month. There is a huge difference in being charged 10% interest instead of 5%. More money is going to the principal again.

How was your June?


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