10 Colleges/Universities in the Milwaukee, WI Area

mkeI hope you guys are doing great today. This month I will be profiling colleges and universities in the Milwaukee, WI area.

Marquette University

Marquette University is a private university that was established in 1881. It is the largest private university in Wisconsin.

Alverno College

Alverno College is a private, liberal arts college. The bachelor’s degree programs are only open to women. Graduate programs are open to women and men.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is a public research university. The university consists of 14 schools and colleges.

Bryant and Stratton University

Bryant and Stratton College was established in 1854. They have 18 campuses located in several states.

Cardinal Stritch University

Cardinal Stritch University is a private university that was founded in 1937. Their motto is “To value the better things.”

Milwaukee Area Technical College

Milwaukee Area Technical College is a 2-year technical school. They have about 60,000 students enrolled.

Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design was founded in 1974. The school offers majors in communication design, illustration, industrial design, interior architecture & design, new media practice and time based media.

Milwaukee School of Engineering

The Milwaukee School of Engineering was established in 1903. Their colors are red and white.

Mount Mary University 

Mount Mary University was established in 1913. The school offers bachelors, masters and doctoral degree programs.

National-Louis University

National-Louis University was established in 1886. The school helped found the National Kindergarten Movement.


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January 2015 Debt Update

jan2015I’m happy to finally be able to write this post. I’m excited and ready to get the ball rolling. Today is the day that I finally start the debt repayment plan back up. It has been over a year since my last debt update. It’s time to seriously get this thing rolling.

At this moment I currently have over $72,000 worth of debt. That’s a lot of freaking money. You may be wondering how it got that high. I didn’t take out the maximum amount of student loans or go crazy with credit cards. My biggest problem was interest and late fees specifically with my student loans. I seriously didn’t take the loans serious my first couple years out of college. With interest and late fees the loan amounts have increased significantly. One day I realized that for me to start making real moves in life I can’t have debt anymore.

If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll remember where I said that I still plan to have some sort of life while I’m paying off these loans. I still feel that way. I will be using principles from Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover” and T. Harv Eker’s “Secrets of The Millionaire Mind“. I will be paying off my debt from smallest to largest using the debt snowball effect. Here is a post explaining what the debt snowball is –> Debt Snowball. Like I stated above, I plan to still have a life. I won’t be wasting much money. I will cook and be home a lot more. The one thing that I won’t stop doing is traveling though. It’s my addiction. I only travel 3-4 times per year anyway.

How do I plan to make this happen?

The first thing I plan on doing is going back on The Price is Right (Just kidding). I plan to continue to create multiple streams of income.  I have a full time 9-5 job. I am looking for a part time gig to work a couple days each week. I am selling multiple items on eBay. I am also looking to make more money online. Finally, I will continue to sell t-shirts at my NomadTees big cartel store.

Some people think I’m crazy. I’ve heard people say forget them loans and just wait for them to be forgiven in 10 years since I work in higher ed. Forget that. That’s not an option; I plan on being debt free before then.

I want to make this happen by October 17th 2018. That is 3 years and 9 months from today. That will also be my 35th birthday. Having no more student loan debt will be a hell of a birthday gift.

The debts that I will be eliminating are my Sallie Mae student loans, Discover credit card, Loan 2, Wells Fargo loan, Bank of America credit card, Credit Union Loan, and Fed student loans.  (Note. The Fed loans are currently in deferment. I still plan on putting $50-$100 on them each month.) Below is a chart of the debt.

I have a long way ahead of me. One of the key things that I learned from last year was to “Do what others won’t do“. Well here goes. Make sure you check back for my monthly updates!


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My Uber Experience

uberI’ve been hearing about Uber for a few months now. From what friends have told me and from what I’ve read it seemed like a good company. If you haven’t heard of Uber, it is a company that allows you to get a taxi or car by using their app on your phone. I’ve known a few people that have used Uber. From what they’ve told me the prices are great. They are typically cheaper than a taxi.

I decided to give Uber a try on my recent trip to Miami. I signed up with them through one of my friend’s referral links. By doing that I was able to get a $20 credit for my first ride.

Once I got to Miami I opened the app and requested a driver. The app alerted me that our driver would be a lady named “Regina”. It also said that she would be at my location in about 10 minutes.

Once Regina made it to the airport my friend and I loaded our bags into her car and we were off. Regina was a very nice driver. She got us to the hotel without any problem. Regina also told us that she had only been working with Uber for 2 days. She said she enjoyed it so far.

Once we got to the hotel the receipt popped up on the app. The total cost of the trip was $3.42 with the $20 credit applied! That was a damn good deal. Even if I didn’t have a credit, $23.42 would have still been a great price to get 2 people to South Beach from the Miami International Airport. That is much cheaper than a regular taxi or a shuttle.

I am pretty sure I will use Uber again, especially when I’m on vacation. It is safe and it saves money. If you haven’t used Uber before, make sure you sign up for it. If you use this link –> Jasonb2640 it will give you a $20 credit towards your first ride.

Have you ever used Uber or something similar? How was your experience? Would you use them again?

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Vision Board Party Recap

vbrHopefully 2015 is going well for you. I hope that you are sticking to your goals and resolutions right now. Don’t give up.

On January 3rd some friends and I had a Vision Board Party. If you don’t know what a Vision Board is, you can check my post describing it here. The party was great. We had about 20 people show up. We provided poster boards, magazines, and food for the guests.

After everyone finished their board, we all took a few minutes to explain it. That was one of the best parts of the party. It was great being around a lot of motivated people that want to achieve big things this year.

Below are a few pictures from the event.

vb3 vb2 0103151545 0103151523

Did you make a Vision Board for this year? Have you ever been to a Vision Board party?


January eBay Update

ebayI hope everyone is doing well on their side hustles/businesses. eBay has been doing pretty good for me. Last month I sold several items. I didn’t reach 10 per month but I was happy with the income that I made.

Below was one of my biggest sales last month.


The autograph lot sold for $60 which was great since I got them for free. Below are a few of my active auctions.

 Nike Air Force 1 Premium “Baltimore”

Framed Gale Sayers Photo

Atlanta Braves Fan Pack

Disney 2000 Mickey Mouse Glass


How have you been doing on making extra income? Have you had any success recently selling items on eBay?

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5 Things to do in Miami


I hope 2015 is starting off GREAT for everyone. It is going pretty well right now for me. I had the opportunity to bring the year in one of my favorite cities, which is Miami, Florida. You can’t beat 80 degree weather in the winter. Even though I’ve been there a few times, I can never get enough of the city. Below are 5 things to do if you are ever in Miami.

Bayside Marketplace

The Bayside Marketplace is located in downtown Miami. They have a lot of nice stores and restaurants to visit such as Hard Rock Cafe and Hooters.

Beautiful photo shot by my frat brother Dean Chambers.

Beautiful photo shot by my frat brother Dean Chambers.

South Beach

South Beach is a neighborhood in Miami Beach. There is always something going on. The beach is usually full of people during anytime of the year. There are also numerous bars and restaurants. You literally have blocks of places to choose from. Some of my favorite places to go on South Beach are Wet Willies and Fat Tuesday.

Collins Avenue

Collins Avenue is the main street in Miami Beach. You can get from South Beach to North Beach via Collins Avenue. The Bal Harbour shops are also located on Collins Ave. There are also multiple places for you to stop and get souvenirs from too.

Sporting Events

Another great photo shot by Dean Chambers. Best photographer in Miami.

Happy New Year! Another great photo taken by Dean Chambers. Best photographer in Miami.

Miami has a professional team in each of the 4 major sports leagues. The Miami Marlins play in the MLB. The Miami Heat play in the NBA. The Miami Dolphins play in the NFL. The Florida Panthers play in the NHL. Whenever you come to Miami, at least one team will sure to be in season.

Lincoln Road Shops

Lincoln Road is an open air mall. There are several restaurants, luxury shopping and nightclubs in the area.  Lincoln Road sits between 16th and 17th streets and Washington Ave and Alton Road.

Have you ever been to Miami? What are some things that you like to do there?

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2015 Goals

2015 goalsHappy New Year everybody! I hope everyone had a great 2014. It’s time to now focus on 2015. Last year I completed about 55% of my goals. I intended to complete more, but sometimes life throws more than one curve ball. Looking back over my 2014 Goals post, I realized that I didn’t complete either of those.

2014 Goals

2014 Goals

That won’t happen this year. I am working my hardest to pay off my Wells Fargo Loan and also use my passport. Both of them will happen this year.

For the last 2 weeks I have been working on my 2015 goals list. I have two of them that I want to share with you. I make them public because you guys can help to hold me accountable if they aren’t completed.

Goal #1 – 500 Facebook likes for The Butler Journal page

Goal #2 – Have my Credit Union loan paid off

Those goals are very attainable. Some of you can help me with the 1st one :) . Here is the link for my FB page HERE.

What are your goals for 2015? Are there any goals that you didn’t complete in 2014 that you didn’t get the chance to? Feel free to comment below. I read every comment.

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