November Round Up

NovemberToday is Friday, November 27, 2015. It’s the last Friday of the month so it’s time for monthly round up. In today’s round up I share 5 articles that I enjoyed reading this month.

Michelle from The Shop My Closet Project shares with us a wonderful post about Passive Income.

J Money from Budgets Are Sexy has a guest post explaining how a couple Saved $1 Million Dollars and Became Financial Independent at 30.

Derek from Life and My Finances tells us How He’s Earned Over $75,000 With His Blog.

Sandy from Yes I Am Cheap shares with us How She Made Money Building Niche Sites.

Erin from Young Adult Money gives us 8 Things to do on Black Friday Instead of Shop.

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November 2015 Debt Update

NovemWhat’s going on everyone? I hope y’all had a good Thanksgiving. This is my monthly debt update post.  Since January, I’ve been actively paying off my debt. I plan on paying that debt off by October 17th, 2018. That will be my 32nd birthday. I’m making that happen by creating multiple streams of income. Some of those streams work well while others don’t. I’m at the point where any money coming in is good.

My total debt went from $70,411.42 to $70, 207.71. That was a drop in $203.71. I’m working on a few new side hustles to help that amount increase in the next few months.

Loan 2 – DOWN from $5920 to $5910



CU Loan – DOWN from $138.45 to $92.07



Wells Fargo – DOWN from $1076.94 to $1030.75



Bank of America CC – DOWN from $3077.42 to $3046.90



Navient – DOWN from $25,360.63 to $25,258.94



Nelnet – UP from $34,837.98 to $34,869.05


Previous Debt Updates:

January 2015 Debt Update (The beginning)

August 2015 Debt Update

September 2015 Debt Update

October 2015 Debt Update  


How has your debt repayment been going?


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Six Things To Do If You Have Down Time At Work

Six Things To Do IfI saw a post on YAM a few weeks ago that discussed things that you can do at work if you’re bored. They had some great ideas such as getting ahead on your work or asking for more work.

Depending on the job that you have you can do those things and eventually still become bored. Today, I have a post discussing six things that you can do if you have down time at work.

Cross Train

The first thing that you can do at work if you have down time is to ask your manager if they would allow you to cross train with another department. I know this isn’t possible at every job or company, but it never hurts to ask.

Work On Blog Related Things

The second thing that you can do at work if you have down time is to work on blog related things. I’ve read that several bloggers who still work a regular job use some of their downtime to write and edit posts. Heck, the 1st draft of this article was written while I was at work. Something else that bloggers including myself do is read other blogs and leave comments during this time.

Listen to Podcasts

The third thing that you can do if you have down time is to listen to podcasts. I love music as much as the next person, but I can only listen to so much 2pac or Jeezy. I think I’m better off listening to these podcasts that motivate me to do better. Below are 5 podcasts that I listen to from time to time:

Smart Passive Income

His and Hers Money

Eventual Millionaire


Shop My Closet

When you get a chance, check them out. I’m sure you will enjoy them as well.

Work on Side Hustles

Number four on the list is to work on side hustles. If you have a family, your job (during down time) may be the place to work on them until your family is asleep at night.  Depending on what your side hustle is you may be able to get quite a few things accomplished.

Enter Giveaways

This is another item on the list that I’ve done. The fifth thing on the list is to enter giveaways. I’ve taken 30-45 minutes a few times to enter a few of them (still didn’t win finally won one last week :)). Most of the ones that I’ve entered only ask for your name and e-mail address.

Apply For Other Jobs

The sixth and final thing on my list is that you can apply for other jobs. Some people enjoy having down time at work while others absolutely hate it. Some people would rather have constant work all the time. If you’re one of those people or you’d just rather do something else this is the perfect time to start applying for other gigs. Over the years, I’ve known many people to apply for jobs during their work hours. All I can say is that if you’re in that situation you might as well use your time productively.

To summarize, the six things to do if you’re bored at work are to cross train, work on blog related things, listen to podcasts, work on side hustles, enter giveaways and apply for other jobs. I do want to state ONLY do these things if you have down time at your job. I don’t want anybody to get written up or fired for doing any of these things during your peak work times.

How do you handle down time at your job? Do you just stare into space or do you find something productive to do?


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My Frontier Airlines Review

Frontier AirlinesI had the opportunity to fly with Frontier Airlines last month. I can’t lie, I was a little nervous. The reviews for Frontier were not the best, but I wanted to stay within my budget. I booked my return flight from Las Vegas to Atlanta with them. I had a layover in Denver. This post is my quick review of Frontier Airlines.

The first thing that I must say is that when booking a flight with Frontier you have to make sure you read their policies. The website explains EVERYTHING from baggage fees to info about snacks. I can guarantee that half the people that left negative reviews about Frontier on Yelp did not read the policy information on their site. I’m sure that most of their problems would not have happened if they would have took a couple extra minutes to read it. Below are the pros and cons of my trip.


On Time

As stated earlier I flew from Las Vegas to Denver then from Denver to Atlanta. Both of the flights were on time.


Both planes that I flew on were clean. I had read a couple reviews where people said there wasa little trash on the ground under the seat in front of them. I didn’t see anything like that. The bathrooms were even clean.

Flights Attendants

The flight attendants were very nice. They even explained the snack menu in detail to an older couple that were seated in front of me.


My flight cost $119. That was an excellent price for a one-way ticket. I only had to pay $20 to check my bag. That made my total charges to Frontier $139. You can’t beat that. Frontier seems to have pretty good prices for most of their destinations.


The plane had enough space for me. Reading some of the reviews, I thought people would be packed together like sardines or something. I’m glad that wasn’t the case.



One thing that could be a slight con is that the seats didn’t recline on either of the planes I was on. I know that could a big deal for some people. It really didn’t bother me, though.

No Wi-Fi

This isn’t really that big of a con, but the majority of their planes don’t have Wi-Fi. That wasn’t a big deal to me. I slept and listened to music for the majority of my flights.

I had a better than expected experience flying with Frontier Airlines. In my opinion, they are much better than Spirit Airlines. I would probably fly with Frontier again if it saved me money.

Have you ever flown with Frontier Airlines? What was your experience? If you haven’t flew with them why not?

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5 Ways Students Can Make Extra Money

5 Ways Students Can make Extra MoneyCollege students typically don’t have that much money. A lot of them remain content and continue to live the broke student lifestyle. Between classes and other activities, a lot of students may think they don’t have the time to make any money. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In this post, I go over 5 ways college students make money.


The 1st way that a student can make money is by tutoring their peers. The number of people that a student can tutor varies. The bigger the school is, the more opportunities that they can find. Also, the subject that they decide to tutor matters as well. If you’re a whiz at calculus or trigonometry you would have a better chance finding students that need tutoring than if you were offering your services to people taking English 1101.

Part time job

Getting a part time job is the 2nd way a student can make money. Some businesses such as restaurants and retail stores have flexible schedules for students. If you go to college in a large city there should be a lot of options for you. Another place that students can check for part time jobs is on their campus. Different departments may have work available throughout the year. To find out about those opportunities, a student should check their departments website or check the student resource office.

Donate Plasma

Number 3 on this list is donating plasma. As long as you pass the screening at the plasma center you should be able to donate. I’ve had friends donate plasma multiple times over the years. They made a couple hundred dollars per month doing it. For a college student, that’s pretty good. If you’re relatively healthy and not afraid of needs this may be an easy way for you to make some money.

Baby Sitting

The next way a student can make some money is to babysit. Your network comes into play huge when looking for potential clients. If you know anyone with a child they could be a future client. You can also check the wanted ads. Another way to find clients is by advertising your service on Facebook and Instagram. You can also make flyers and post them around your college town.

Online Surveys

The final way a student can make extra money is to complete online surveys. You will not get rich completing surveys online, but you could make a couple each month if you are consistent with it.  There are a lot of survey sites out there. All of them are not legit A couple sites that you can start out with are Cashcrate and Amazon Mechanical Turk. Those sites tend to have  hundreds of surveys that you can fill out. Some are easier than others. When I used to complete surveys on the regular I would look for ones that took about 5-6 minutes to complete. Those didn’t always pay the best money, but if you do a few of them over time it will add up.

Those are just a few ways that college students can make money. There is opportunity out there, but you just have to find it.

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November 2015 Life Update

November 2015Life UpdateOverall, October was a great month for me. For a moment, it seemed like I slacked off with the side hustling, but October was actually my highest month for earning side hustle money this year. I will explain that in detail shortly.

October is always a busy month for me. My birthday is in the middle of it. Also, there are numerous events that happen in Atlanta during October such as the AUC homecoming. I was on the go every weekend except for Halloween. I needed to take a break.

Being that I knew I was going to be busy, I got ahead by writing extra blog posts. I usually do most of my writing during the weekend, but my job is very slow right now so I’ve been able to write while I’ve been there.

Top posts of October:

Side Hustle Series: What Type of Camera Should You Buy?

The Pros & Cons of Riding Greyhound In 2015

Creating a Website With Bluehost

How I Traveled As a College Student!

Earlier I stated that October was my highest month in side hustle income this year. I love reading other bloggers income reports, but I don’t typically share mine for various reasons. Today I will make an exception. I made almost $340 in side hustle money last month! My eBay sales were $61.68. I also received my first Google Adsense payment. It took over two years for this happen. I have a strong feeling that it won’t take that long next time.  Finally, I had a couple of sponsored content opportunities. That extra income felt great coming in, but I know I can and will do better.

I still have plans of paying off 2 debts before January 1st. I know I will definitely be able to pay off one of them without a doubt, but the other may have to be pushed back slightly. I recently had trouble passing my cars emission test. I had to spend money to get some of the 02 sensors replaced. I ended up having to borrow some money from my emergency account to get that work done. My plan is to replenish that before I go extra hard on that 2nd debt.

How was your October? Did anything interesting happen?

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My 2015 Las Vegas Trip

My 2015 Las Vegas TripI recently had the opportunity to visit Las Vegas, Nevada for my birthday. Las Vegas is one of my favorite cities in the country. It’s live 24-7 meaning that there is always something going on.

I booked my flights to and from Vegas separate. The total price was $317 including baggage. That’s a great deal in my opinion. I flew American going and Frontier on the way back home. I have heard mixed reviews about Frontier Airlines so I decided to try them for myself. Make sure you check out my Frontier review post coming within a week.

During this trip, 3 of my friends and I stayed at the Harrah’s Casino. We booked two rooms (2 people per room). I found a deal on for 3 nights (Fri – Mon). The price for each room was $469.22. Each person paid about $235. *Note: Three of us got in town Thursday evening. I used some of my MyVegas points to get a “free” room at the Luxor hotel. Even though the hotel was free, I had to pay a $29 resort fee.

The Harrah’s was a pretty good hotel. The location was perfect. It was in the middle of the strip, almost directly across from the Mirage.


On Friday, we decided to check out The Strip for a little bit.  That night we ended up going to this club called “The Bank” which was located at the Bellagio. The reason that club was on my radar was because they were one of the few clubs on The Strip that played majority hip hop. In Las Vegas, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is the wave right now. I can’t lie, I hate that sh*t. I made it a priority to find someplace that didn’t play it. The Bank was that place.

I was expecting to pay between $30-$40 for entry into the club. Boy was I in for a surprise when I saw a club host passing out free passes right outside the club. My crew and I won. The club itself was jumping. The DJ played great music all night.


Saturday started off real slow. I didn’t fall asleep until after 6 AM, so I slept to about noon. After I got up, I linked up with the fellas at this restaurant/sports bar called Tilted Kilt. If you’ve never been to the Tilted Kilt it’s similar to Twin peaks. Tilted Kilt was a great spot. They had TV’s nearly everywhere. We ended up staying there for a while to watch some of the college football games. Once we left Tilted Kilt we checked out the shops at Caesars. I’m not big of a shopper, but they do have a Niketown. I love Nike shoes so I had to see if they had any exclusives.

Freemont Street

Freemont Street

That night we went to Freemont Street. Freemont Street is the 2nd most famous street in Las Vegas. There are casinos, bars, and restaurants in that area. We checked out two bars while we were down there. Both of them were fun. The first spot was called Commonwealth. They had a $5 cover charge. To get to the 2nd level they charged another $20, but 2 drinks were included with that deal. WIN! The DJ played top 40 and hip hop. The next spot was less than a block down the street. I can’t remember the name of the place, but it was free to enter. The DJ played everything from Prince to Lil Jon. He had the crowd rocking all night. I would recommend Freemont Street to anyone who wanted to get off the Strip for a while.


Sunday was a chill day. I ended going back to Tilted Kilt to watch some of the NFL games. After that, I grabbed a few souvenirs and went to the sports book in my hotel to finish watching the games.

1018151213Las Vegas was fun. I used Uber to get to and from the airport and to and from Freemont Street. Uber just started back up again in Vegas. They have been in and out of court with the Las Vegas taxi drivers. Technically, one of the conditions is that they aren’t supposed to take people to and from the airport because they can get ticketed.  I strongly believe in the saying where there’s a will there’s a way. With a little maneuvering, I was able to get dropped off to and from the airport. I’m not going to go into details, but if you’re interested feel free to e-mail me or contact me on twitter. Do y’all want to know the total charges for those Uber rides? *Drumrolls* the total charges were $2.46 (not including tips). I’ve been telling y’all that these free rides are a lifesaver especially if you’re frugal like myself.

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This was a great trip. I didn’t even go over budget. It’s also my last trip of the year. I have two debts that I will pay off before January 1st (Speak it into existence). The grind is real. I also am starting to prepare for what is going to be an EPIC 2016 travel year.

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? What is your favorite hotel? What is your favorite attraction there?


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